Separately have to worry unless the banks, or containers, as they say true conservatives, that thou shalt put prepared raw or cooked canned – the language of true conservatives, this is called a "prepack". You'll need, and metal cover to hermetically close the banks – the Conservatives say "Stoppering" or "roll", 1 – and for this we need ukuporoch limited key, it is seaming machine. This is extremely useful unit has several more or less differing versions. The first, most primitive, crimped cap with clip, which should tighten by hand, exactly which benefited not only yours, but my grandmother. This rarity, which in our time is available except on the bazaars and flea markets, I personally find most reliable device for capping, though sometimes afraid that I can crush them to bottle opening.

Its modern advanced option – semi-automatic type "snail" with the same roll, but do not require twisting. Degree in this machine is governed stopper, which makes it less dangerous – the stopper would not give you crush the bottle opening, but does not guarantee the quality of closing. Last I know of capping keys seaming machine is difficult to name. This device – clamp acting on the principle of leverage and compress the cover around the perimeter. However, in individual cases where sealing is not required, you can do without seaming machines closed banks or plastic screw cap. As you can see, the choice is quite big, and it is only for you. Commandment Two.