Brigadier General Francisco Xavier

In 7 of August, the electoral college was convoked, having been elect lieutenant-colonel Joaquin Xavier Snows for president and the priest Vicente Blacksmith Dos Santos Lamb for vice. Xavier Snows was blocked by the imperial forces in Is Jose and the priest Vicente Lamb assumed the presidency. Farroupilhas had pursued the imperial troops for about 70 kilometers until the plain of the river Maciambu, but they had been contained by a trench of the imperial ones protected by the Mount of the Horses, that the attack blocked the Deportation, today Florianpolis. In 31 of October, one escuna and a large boat farroupilhas had captured the sumaca Elvira Owner, but the cannons of the ortaleza of the bar of had made them to Paranagu to retrocede. The large boat for being weighed was captured by a motor boat with twenty men commanded for 2 second lieutenant Manuel Antonio Days, while escudo escaped northward.

The tatters had returned to the Rio Grande Do Sul and, to retake Lages, the imperial government sent Brigadier General Francisco Xavier of the Wedge with a contingent of 1500 men of Rio De Janeiro, Curitiba, Paranagu, Antonina and Field of the Lieutenant, who had congregated itself in Black River, had camped in Ceclia Saint, in 25 of October, with the objective to retake Lages and to fight tatters in the wall the Porto Alegre. For the New Curitibanos Fields and Fields, fighting poles farroupilhas, in November, had retaken the village of Lages and a part of the column of Brigadier General Francisco Xavier of the Wedge followed for the River Pellets. The Brigadier General was informed of that the tatters if congregated in a customs rank to charge taxes on cattle and mules of Viamo for Sorocaba, in the customs warehouse in Vitria Saint, and for was directed there with two a thousand men, but was surprised by Teixeira Nunes, in 14 of December, whom the imperial troop divided, defeating it.