Armenian Genocide

Posted December 10th, 2011 by Bryan

The dispute, maintained for centuries, if not millennia, and by and large not argue about – that, unless someone dares to say that the Armenians 'do not' live by faith in recovery statehood for the whole of the Armenian plateau? .. Why, then, Jews in the time before the creation of Israel every year during the celebration of New Year's constantly repeated, like a prayer, 'Well, next New Year's Eve – necessarily in Jerusalem '? One – you can, and the whole world 'works' on the implementation of this idea, while others – not? This – is nonsense, Mr. Ter-Petrosyan, it would be better to admit it, whose political order he does, trying to undermine the centuries-old Armenian people faith in the liberation of their homeland. Needless to say – this figure does not only deny the need to fight for recognition of the Armenian Genocide, but also the necessity of the struggle for international recognition of NKR-Karabakh. So the speech Ter-Petrosian made the Armenian society to ask if not new, but important issues. It is clear that these anti-national views at the first 'Axa' formed until at least beginning of the Karabakh movement.

Anyway, in the first years after restoration of independence of Armenia, he confidently spoke of 'false' national ideology and actively united around the same anti-national associates. And even as early as 1989-91. about the rotten nature of Ter-Petrosian, many guessed and said out loud, if they were given a say … How many people then ditched ANM mode – for their dissent …

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