Social Service

The social assistant has that to be prepared to deal with unexpected situations, cannot be a cold person and nor at the same time sentimental, it has that to know to dose both in the certain measure. In isolated regions as the Amaznia, for example, a social assistant can see itself ahead of two great challenges: Performance in aboriginal areas the Amaznia is surrounded of aboriginal peoples, has many tribes who had never had contact with the white man. For a professional formed in Social Service it would be a great challenge to act in this area. It would be a true shock of cultures. However, the professional cannot join the staff. The person would have that to know to respect the traditions and the customs of this people, being known to act ahead with delicacy of the imposed situations, and trying to help in the best possible way. Using the knowledge acquired in its studies. He has tribes, where she does not know yourself to say an only word in Portuguese, then the professional would have that to study and to learn at least a little on the language of them, to be able to communicate itself.

Moreover, he would have that to conquer confidence, to be able to know which the existing problems, and that initiatives would have that to take to help in the resolution of the same ones. However to the end of its work it would have that to have the dignity to take the claims to the competent agencies, so that they took the resolutions cabveis. Performance in marginal communities In the Amaznia exists innumerable isolated communities, where the marginal calls live, people of humble origin, generally illiterate and that remove its sustenance of roa and of fish, the supermarket of them and the forest, of where they remove the necessary item its subsistence.