Sanitary Reformation

2 The HEALTH FROM the DECADE OF 80 From the end of 70 years and beginning of years 80, in Brazil, while the country lives deeply the sequels of the end of the economic miracle, the social matter was aggravated and increased the income concentration and had as resulted the accented social exclusion. It had a movement around the discurso on the collective health, where the increase of the debate happens on the State and the politics social. The Brazilian population was retaking its space in the scene of the popular movements. The health in this decade counted on the participation of new citizens in the quarrel of the conditions of life of the Brazilian population and the governmental proposals. Amazon shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Health left of being interest only of the technician to assume a dimension strict politics, being tied with the democracy.

The main proposals debated for the civil society had been the equality for all in the access the politics of health and the conception of social health as right and to have of the State, had the proposal of reorganization of the sector through a Unified System of Health, aiming at to guarantee a new to look at on the individual and collective health. Another important quarrel of the time concerning this subject was on the decentralization of the power to decide process for the spheres state and municipal and the participation of population in the power to decide process for ways them health advice as form of social control, aiming at to democratization of the power through new mechanisms of management and the participation. It happens in the Federal District in March of 1986, 8 National Conference of Health, that is considered the more important historical landmark in the trajectory of the politics of health in Brazil, considering not only the Only System of Health, but the Sanitary Reformation..