President Laura Chinchilla

Carlos Mora Vanegas man will not be wise until you resolve all kinds of conflicts with weapons of the mind, not physical ones. Werner Braun interesting once again on the international stage, is the current conflict that the greatest of all has emerged among the Central American countries Nicaragua and Costa Rica, which has no army, all for sovereignty of lands, which are presumed to be were defined, that for years is has been fanning in international organizations in order to make clear the sovereignty of them. Currently the problem again arise because two weeks ago, the Government of President Laura Chinchilla denounced that Nicaraguan troops had entered its territory in the area of the border river San Juan. But Managua immediately denied the accusation and says that it only performs dredging of a river that belongs and Costa Rica knows that this is true. San Jose decided to send heavily armed elite police to the area in which the Nicaraguan troops are found.

Then Managua It strengthened its military presence with more troops, arguing operating against drug trafficking as relates it very well slices of reality, the Government of Costa Rica has asked the OAS to convene a meeting of Foreign Ministers to try to resolve the border dispute with Nicaragua. The mediation of the body is something that irritates Managua, to disqualify him for his political stance. In fact, Ortega threatened directly to withdraw his country from the OAS. It was last Friday that the Permanent Council of that body adopted a resolution that calls upon both countries away soldiers and border policemen and soon begin a bilateral dialogue. Since then, interestingly, given to the mechanism used by Costa Rica to seek solution in an organism that is not suitable for these disputes, agency that will not provide you answer effective one to fund problem, simply, as it has shown will be an intermediary seeking to justify their involvement as mediator, inviting the two Governments to reach an agreement based on dialogues, and prevent the conflict from worsening, leaving both Governments to resolve it and that giving the OAS in the eyes of the world, in countries that integrate it when prompted for your collaboration, seeking solutions in this way.

High Court

Nicolas Langdon, father of the deceased child, ensures that family is living with much sadness and much pain, the loss of her daughter, but said that his faith helps them to do it with serenity and peace. You have to accept it, he says. November 5 the holder of the magistrate of number 51 of Madrid Court ordered national police seal the Madrid Arena until further order. According to the High Court of Justice of Madrid, Eduardo Lopez Palop magistrate wants to maintain the facilities closed to the possibility that are necessary new evidence that clarify what happened last Thursday November 1. November 6 the judge Lopez Palop receives the police report about the cause and gathers reports of injured in the incident. Judge asks security forces that maintain indefinitely the canopy seal until you perform a Visual inspection of the place, which still has no date.

At the moment, there is not charged nor arrested by the event. That same Tuesday made it public that the Mayor of Madrid Ana Botella departed pleasure trip to Portugal Thursday 1, Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 November, just hours after the death of young women in the Madrid Arena, and in crisis over the safety of the building. His Vice-Mayor, Miguel Angel Villanueva, was who ran to the street. November 7 police investigation estimated that some 19,600 tickets were sold and 3,000 others got sneak into the concert, according to police sources listed at 20 minutes. It is going to do in new reports according to advance research, they clarify the same sources. All systems is being investigated and little tricks that there was to sell tickets above the seating capacity allowed, even duplicate entries and mixed tickets for three people, ensure. In total, the police estimated that there were about 23,000 people in the Madrid Arena, more than triple the amount (7,000) that originally reported the Diviertt company to the City Council of Madrid and more than twice as many entries that the firm declared having sold, 9,600 during Halloween night.

Pied Piper

The Queen of cups symbolizes better than any other arcane power of intuition, with the exception perhaps of the Priestess. When this letter is revealed in the tarot of love tells us that the consultant shall enjoy a special intuitive capacity that will allow you to make the wisest decisions. The Queen of cups is the sheer force of water, and is in direct relation with the unconscious of the individual. This mystery is as a kind of mirror that reflects the more unconscious person’s motivations. As a general rule, this arcane refers a person or a situation. In the case of referring to a person, it’s someone with an extraordinary vision on the behavior and motivations of others.

It is that type of person to which all come by Council, who will offer his shoulder to comfort who need it most. This person has an unrivaled beauty. It may not be a physical or sensual beauty, but it is the kind of beauty that arises when a person is pure of spirit. Even when it is not physically attractive, Queen of drinks continues to attract others, as the Pied Piper of Hamelin, with their dreams and their hopes, as it is one person purely dreamer with wonderful fantasies and a vivid imagination. Hence the negative aspect of this letter. Too many fantasies can cause the person to lose the notion of what is real and what not.

The Queen of cups is a champion of music, art and poetry, in addition to being a good mother. Only if you let too carried away by fantasies, their instincts of preservation can go wrong. The reality is that you it’s an individual who feels uncomfortable in the material world and lives with anguish when he is forced to abandon her fantasy world. In short, when the Queen of cups is revealed in the tarot of love, is a sign that intuition as a guide, must be used but with moderation, in order to avoid dreams to grow out of control. This deck reminds us that it is time to stop looking at things with the eyes of the heart and begin applying more rationality and the brain, in order to achieve a more realistic perception of the situation.

United States

It must be cited that, in case that if opts to incorporating armaments of American manufacture, some of them are submitted the severe operational restrictions on the part of the government of that country. To use the armament with all its potential, it would be necessary, in this in case that, authorization of the government of the United States. Being thus, the acquisition of some models of American armaments would be impracticable. The incorporation of more units of the modern aircraft of Alert Aerial Anticipated R-99A, manufactured for the Brazilian Company of Aeronutica (EMBRAER), totalizing a number of, at least twelve units, is necessary to guarantee a complete and efficient monitoring on Brazilian airspace. The capable aircraft C-130 Hrcules today in operation in the Force lack of Avionica modern. The rise of the capacities of the transport aviation is necessary so that, efficiently, if it can guarantee the necessary support to the operation of the other Forces.

The incorporation of, at least, twenty aircraft of strategical transport of similar capacity to the one of the American model C-17 Globemaster III or to the one of the Russian model Il-76 Candid would be of special value. Moreover, the acquisition of aircraft of aerial restocking capable and more modern in an amount of, at least, 15 units, would be essential. The models Il-78 Midas, of Russian manufacture, or KC-10 Extender, of American manufacture, would be most efficient and efficient in operation currently, being indicated for such mission. Capable aircraft of anti-submarine patrol also are necessary. Currently in phase of acquisition on the part of the Armed Forces, the aircraft of anti-submarine patrol P-3 Orion, of American manufacture, are efficient. However, the planned amount of acquisition leaves to desire. They would be necessary at least, an increment of sixteen units to the planned amount of nine units, totalizing twenty and five units. Thus, the security of another Amaznia, the Blue Amaznia, Exclusive Economic Zone of two hundred miles Atlantic Ocean adentro, would be assured.

Interregnum Conception

Geopolitics, geography branch, has evolved from its original conception that determined the decisive influence of the environment in the politics of a nation (geographic features, economic resources, social and cultural forces), until the deterministic conception of the study of the physical environment in the conditioning of human activities or his vision as a policy through space as geopoder understood as historical development of geographical knowledge linked with the power of the State and needs of Governing or as a simple specialty of power that transgresses the international borders, being the example more clear this so-called determination of living space (the entire territory that a country needs to achieve self-reliance and that was prevailing conception in nazi Germany). Today we are faced with a situation that attacks the very foundations of the conception of geopolitics. Crisis of the nation-State, shy hint of supranational competences in the construction of inland areas, accelerated globalization. The space is already becoming increasingly less determined by borders, trade takes precedence over the war, the distribution of the territory is supplanted by the distribution of the time. Possibly the concept of ecopolitica that replaces the old geopolitical conception. As they have leaned numerous authors it could be argued that the space no longer exists, has become a simple function of speed.

He could also speak of geoeconomics, that would be the analysis of the internal economic security concerns. Not you can, obviously, continue considering territorial space as the source of geopolitical power. Now we talk about electronic currents, virtuality, a geography which is a stream of digital images. But as we always insist, we are in a world in transition and what has been termed geostrategy, as a branch of geopolitics, it is necessary to follow considering it. Yet he cannot ignore, in this world again concept of war, overcoming of borders, the analysis of military matters relating to geographical factors, but it is necessary to go beyond, look at the hotspots on the planet and consider the geostrategy as any rational organization of actions to an end with the least possible effort and the lowest risk.

The Only Way to Be Free

Over one hundred years ago the Cuban National Hero, Jose Marti, categorically stated: “Being educated is the only way to be free.” This maxim, which maintains full force, continues to serve as a beacon to the work of the Cuban Revolution. Framing each situation in its historical moment today can not speak of education, or culture, or development if not implemented efficiently and in all spheres of society the New Technologies of Information and Communications, called tics. Today, the computerization is part of the struggle to raise the quality of life of the Cuban people and make society more and more just, equitable and inclusive. This article aims to reflect some of the achievements of the Cuban government to achieve its objectives.

In addition to the problems facing Cuba as a poor country to provide resources and services, has to fight against the great pressure the U.S. government that continues in its efforts to sink it and deprive it of the enjoyment of new technologies that exist today. This article also reflect the main measures and laws that has given the U.S. as part of its blockade policy against Cuba. INTRODUCTION Cuba, with a development project that has as pillars of social justice, popular participation, equity and solidarity, has designed and begun implementing strategies to make knowledge and information technologies and communication tools available to the progress and profound revolutionary transformations.