Puzzles Nevyanskiy Tower

Nevyansk tower – perhaps the most famous landmark of the Urals. This is a unique architectural monument of the first half of xviii century. Nevyansk tower is known not only for its unusual history, but also, primarily, many legends associated with it. Nevyansk tower was built in the years 1721-1725 on the orders of Akinfiev Demidova, son of industrialist Tula Nikita Demidov. Consists of "chetverik and three octagonal decks, facing each on the other. At the base of the tower is 9.5 to 9.5 square meters, the height is – 57,5 meters.

The thickness of the wall varies depending on the stage – if the bottom tier is 2 meters, then at the top – only 32 cm at the top of the dome installed flagoobrazny weather vane, which depicts a kind of emblem of the Demidov, as well as a lightning rod. Historians found that Nevyansk tower is not falling, and the slope, ie deviation from the vertical axis at 1.86 meters in the south-west remains unchanged. That is why one often hears that name – "Nevyansk inclined tower" (the inhabitants of the city Nevyansk offended if you call from vista "leaning tower"). Appointment Nevyanskiy Tower – one of the contentious issues for historians and ethnographers. Whether the tower was built as a fortification, or as the city's building (the bell tower, the town clock, a fire tower, factory offices and archives). Most probably represents the fourth version, which Demidoffs Nevyanskiy built the tower as a symbol of his power – in the xviii century they had virtually unlimited power in the Urals, being autocratic and edinovlastnymi owners of many factories and serfs. In the famous tower situated Laboratory, archive, treasury office, jail, local destination, "hearing room, the town clock and lookout (patrol) area. Nevyansk tower is well known beyond the Urals – its history is shrouded by many legends, but in the tower is a set of unique engineering inventions.

First, the unusual design – Nevyansk tower is tilted, while having the shape of a curved sword. Secondly, auditory room "in which a word spoken in a whisper in one corner, clearly audible in the opposite direction, and it is completely indistinguishable in center of the room and next to the speaker. Thirdly, the English clock, mounted on a tower, repaired only three times in almost 300 years (for example, the clock on the Kremlin's Spassky Tower has repaired at least several times a year). On programmed 20-hour drum melodies and struggled, bells, including "Glory" by M. , "God Save the Tsar" and "March of Mendelssohn. In this case, and today there are hours, beating the time. Fourth, according to legend, it is here in Nevyanskiy tower Demidoffs melted gold and silver, producing coins for the silver content had better emperor. In addition to these, the most famous legends, there are many more related Nevyanskiy tower.

Plain Weave Fabric

Weave – it is one of the oldest human inventions. In ancient times, people without a loom, weaving fabric by hand. With the development of weaving people, for beautiful patterns, are joining in a single several types of fabric weaves. Quick Reference Dictionary of Weaving – is the order of overlapping warp threads weft. Weave – it is one of the key indicators of its structure.

Affordable weave in the weaving join the warp and weft and get woven fabric – fabrics and textiles. Here two interwoven strands of arranged vertically. Foundation called threads, which go along fabric weft – threads are located across, horizontally. Way to connect these threads determines the type of weave. A plain weave is the most ancient weave the fabric fibers is – plain (it is call – taffeta) interlacing. This is the simplest and most common way to weave. Plain weave produce cotton fabrics, chintz, calico, linen and platevye tissue, almost all linen tissue, and many fabrics from natural silk and chemical fiber.

Less commonly, plain weave is used to create wool fabrics. Plain weave – this is an exact alternation of major and weft yarns in a ratio of 1:1. In this case, if the first warp thread left on the surface, the second weft thread is closed, etc. Of all existing plain weave, characterized the smallest repeats: two threads in warp and two weft yarns. Each main thread interwoven with each weft thread through one. This netting provides excellent fusion of tissue structure and, consequently, most of its strength. Plain weave fabrics are characterized by flat matt surface and identical facial appearance and the wrong side. Fabric goes way, because the warp and weft are distributed equally on both sides. In plain weave the increase density on the basis leads to compression of yarns in the vertical direction, the weft – the horizontal. Because of this, the cells formed by weaving, are no longer symmetrical and elongated in one direction or another. When significant difference in linear density of basic and weft yarns in the fabric of plain weave are longitudinal or transverse ridges, appears rep effect. Thin filaments are bent around a thick and close them. Therefore, the thick filaments are located within the tissue, and thin – on its surface. This structure allows even to create a plain weave fabric surface from one system threads. If you are using yarn increased twisting, the fabric is formed crapy effect, the surface becomes 'grainy'.


The truth is that there are no quick and easy ways to pump up the beautiful and sexy news! The only way to achieve any results – it is to practice hard, clear and correct (above right) to perform exercises for the abdominals, to eat (very important) and always need a regular load on the cardiovascular system. You will need to first understand that, you press the desired pump, not help nor are any trainers or vibrators or any inventions which are sold in large quantities on the Internet and on tv, but only you and your work. To get started you need a good plan is the first step. Do not be afraid or think what beautiful news happens only on the covers of fashion magazine or on tv. Beautiful press is not as difficult as it seems at first.

And do not think that if you begin to physically force you to improve it from the familiar to you lifestyle, not vice versa, you'll add it. To clean up your belly, you have to work on yourself 15-20 minutes a day three times a week. It's not so much! But we need to do it regularly, but not so "engaged in a week, others are not due to the fact that the holidays or for other reasons" .15 minutes a day, it seems quite possible to find. These small exercises must be logged in to become an integral part of your life. You have to set ourselves realistic goals and quietly go to them. When you get, put another and then another The results will certainly delight you. Protruding belly will disappear, the fat on the sides go, the press would be markedly manifest, back pain will cease (if any). Your body will be sexy and desirable, and you become more confident in themselves and in their capabilities.


Subtlety cut, elegant femininity, a hint of sexuality are key elements of brand Chanel. In the world of fashion is the name of Chanel emerged in the early twentieth century, soon becoming the actual trends in women's fashion, which will shortly has become an integral part of the female wardrobe. Gabrielle Chanel was born in 1883 in France, in a poor family. Her mother died when Gabrielle was only 12 years old, and her two sisters were sent to a shelter at a Catholic monastery. It was there she learned to sew, and after the monastery school at age 18 began working . Chanel got her nickname Coco, which soon became attached to her forever, when the evening sang songs in the restaurant. Coco Chanel often with astonishment to observe the life of society, but the robes of rich ladies seemed to her too namashestymi and overwrought. taking as basis the details man's wardrobe Chanel has decided to implement the idea of the creation of a comfortable and feminine style of clothing.

In 1912 Gabrielle Chanel in Paris has opened a shop in what she did not refuse a wealthy man, the store soon got a lot of buyers. Coco belongs to a large number of inventions. With its easy hand women have to wear trouser suits and short haircuts, cozy sweaters made from wool gentle tones combine with jewels. Becoming a part of female attractiveness and elegance "Little black dress" did not leave indifferent to thousands of fashionistas, who to this day add to their wardrobe like dresses of various styles. For Hollywood stars, Coco created a lot of dresses and suits in which able to implement his plan – to combine elements of tweed and tulle, not previously used to make black color of luxury and chic; later became black color brand Chanel.

The first fragrance brand Chanel Chanel 5 was released in 1922, immediately took the best places in the world of perfume. Exquisite fragrance bottle slender shape – all this fascinating fragrance Chanel 5, which is able to conquer the whole world, to mark such achievements can be added Chanel Chanel Allure, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, Chanel Chance, which also did not disregarded lovers of luxury fragrances and the like Chanel 5 possessed a mass of fans and admirers. After the death of Mademoiselle Coco Chanel was headed home by Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel's style worthy successor, whose vision of peace and creative approach is very similar to the vision of most of Coco Chanel. All collections of Chanel Fashion House have improved classics, examples of elegance and style.

Puerto Rico

What does it matter who when accused of developing or buying weapons and threatens to invade? a shit. What history, name, intelligence, nationality, can be imported into you if each of these things is a problem for them, a nationalist stupidity to resolve, or better said, a trifle to destroy? a Where is the logic intelligence, statistics, which eventually may be invoked to arouse the justice? a What good is knowing that you're right if the final die also bombed? A is not the reason in the service of life, could, in the case, said the philosopher. a Oeyo'm an idiot, you're an idiot, they piensana a And in the case of Latin America and the Caribbean, can not this country (USA) to exert more derogatory cinismo.a there no one can be intelligent or have a history , let alone the statistics, nor logic, nor have heroes or moral, no country, to refute nada.a a A a patio traseroa and point to that currently fit you their latest inventions irrefutable: a drugs and militarismo.a Venezuela is supposedly nuclear-weapon (say it like that) and the rest from other countries and contributes to drug trafficking or are narcotraficantes.a A Bolivar, Marti, Sandino, Guevara, are only historical-nationalist objections that would prevent flourishing of cultural domination and civilization, or at best for them, labels overlap after which the subversion and terrorism. What they say must be the truth and hear what others must be true, the rest of any consideration is estupido.a I'm an idiot, you're an idiot, they piensana We militarists and narco-traffickers, period, greatly the latter charge, they seem providentially reserved for our paises.a can not make sense a " or merecea" who will destruido.a As if that was the slogan of his machinations, his political imperial.a Consider the sarcasm about this drug: For the purposes of which can serve to expose someone to Puerto Rico, for example, is dominated by them in sea, land and air, and that country is a haven for drug trafficking, someone alleges that they used drug money to finance wars, as the Iran-Contra for Nicaragua; that they are the largest producer of marijuana and the largest consumer of cocaine in the world and that drug production is increasing where they allegedly set ayudara a with its DEA, that the Plan Colombia accelerated rates of drug production, they only certify and penalize a " a putting them on lists negrasa a " who only produce and not uncommonly eaters, like them, to compel other countries invaded (for reasons of drug trafficking) to exercise impunity towards them, as the case of Colombia, where his troops have a kind of droit de seigneur on the female population, who can break without penalizing the state? There is only one answer: for nothing, just to see the young gentlemen of the north do not give a reed your intelligence and your convicciones.a Was not that, of course, that Obama came to the summits of our countries, for a Own mocking face of our presidents and have a profound contempt for the state? a Looks like there, incidentally, be institutionalized contempt under discussion.

Much Simplified

Many people nowadays are the owner of the car. If you look back, you will understand – the car was a real luxury. Not everyone could afford to make such a purchase. But one thing is for sure – is to sell your car profitable at all times. Time passed, and all around me and, of course, the changes could not relate to the automotive industry. New models and new technology, new materials and inventions. Ultimately, older models are sold at a lower price and, consequently, have more people could afford to buy cars with mileage.

Today, new models appear much more frequently than before and all this thanks to progress. In addition, the dealers seemed to have what you need to change something, they simplified the sale of the car, which attracted more buyers. That is, now, if you do not have enough money for a car, you may well take the credit and not only in the bank and the various offices, but also in the showroom. Car dealerships in Moscow for the most part provide such services. Practice has proved that it met the expectations of innovation – the machines sold more than before. What's more, you can buy on credit not only to new cars, but with the mileage. Fashion in these days is very capricious lady, you can see how their clothes and on cars. Sometimes this rate is so fleeting that hard to keep up with novelties.

Then look at the forefront of big SUVs, but something quite small and neat cars. Of course, to dictate to someone their taste would be foolish, very much depends on the preferences of the buyer. If it is a family men, naturally, is not worth it to prove that the two-seater is all the rage, it will still need to buy a family car. It is impossible not to stop their attention to new materials that are as participate in the transformation of both external and internal appearance of four-horse, so parts are more durable and lighter. We can say that today lack the choice is simply not available, anyone can pick up a model of taste and possibilities.

Harmful Food

We get great pleasure from food, but do not think what harm it brings the "wrong" foods. Before you eat another packet of crisps or a can of fizzy drink think about the benefits of these products. To feel and look good, you need to eat right and we should start with the most commonly used products. With proper nutrition is necessary to stop using salt or to minimize it in their food. Worth abandon pickled mushrooms, cucumbers and tomatoes. Also abstain from sugar and foods containing sugar such as cakes and pies.

Do not drink sugary drinks and nectars, replace them with fresh juice or water. Sugar can be replaced with honey or fructose, but these products also should not be abused. Canned foods are harmful to your health. You should not eat canned fish and meat, they contain many preservatives and salt. Canned fruit and vegetable purees can be used only in rare cases, if there is no fresh fruktov.Pri nutrition should not be used a lot of spices and seasonings, eliminate from your diet vinegar, mayonnaise, ketchup, different sauces. Various flavor enhancers contribute to greater consumption of food. Eat more fruits and vegetables, they are very helpful. Meat and fish dishes is better to boil, simmer or bake.