By Editson Romero angle journalist and educator Podria to say is the interpretative marrow, with which we see the world, its phenomena, we analyze the origin and causes of these phenomena and therefore this worldview helps human beings to reinterpret it. The worldview is the instrument with which I chop the elements of the universe, I find their causes, descubro priority and which aspects are secondary aspects in a process. Society arises from action reciprocal human beings, conflicts among members of the communities are developed from the use of the worldviews. This allows the emergence of conflict that manifests itself in practical reality; and the practice of human beings is restricted based on four orders that eventually drive worldviews. 1. the reality of the matter: the biochemistry and physics demonstrate us experimentally the reality of matter, because they have been discovering verifiable laws in all physical realm. Examples of these are Newton’s laws (law of inertia, principle fundamental dynamics, principle of action and reaction) this ends up producing a materialistic worldview: generally the scientists glimpsed the elements that compose the natural or social world as an intimately adjusted tangible agglomeration.

In such a case the objective reality determines the subjective action which then translates into practice IE in social conflict and its resolution expressions. 2. life manifestation real this second reality in the human construct produces effect a worldview, the greatness of life is incomplete, for the preparation of their thesis, the vital impulses produce human relationships, conflict and pragmatic resolution that make human. 3. the spiritual reality cognitive circle in the reality of human construct. It is judged together in relation to the most hidden substance of reality.

It envisions a spiritual base, which judges of continuous all cognitions and all reality. Allowing this social construction according to a predetermined plan for the spiritual reality that dominates human endeavor. 4. the manifestation of the individual man, as being unique and unrepeatable, manifests itself in human construction, as a being possessing individually an interpretation world. Always different, never in congruence with others in its entirety and then conflict is natural in construction and so what comes out is the imposition of individuals over collective subject. In this framework, every human being even without awareness of their worldview acts accordingly of the same, the philosophers seek to discover which is the dominant worldview in a society. And that is taking place. Allowing to observe the reactions of the other worldviews that produce social mobility original author and source of the article regardless of its consciousness

Guasu Asuncion

Hugua Hu (Atyra – Cordillera), which refers to black or dark color, in this case caused by a thick or dense vegetation should be noted that in some cases, the formula is reversed, ie, the word becomes Hugua Second, and in such cases, often exchanged for Rugua, eg Rugua Correa (San Pedro del Ykuamandyju – San Pedro), which refers to a family name, and you also have to clarify that in this case, the translation ( Rugua Correa) would be equivalent to "the background or the border property of the Belt" 2.2. Place names with "Nu" in this case the word means gnu field, bare ground (without or with little vegetation) and usually flat. As examples, I cite below some place names in different parts of Paraguay constructed with the word GNU. 1. Missions nu: refers to the broad field that extends from Villa Floria to San Juan Bautista Mission inclusive. The area is characterized by livestock. 2.

San Jose nu: refers to the field that stretches from San Jose de los Arroyos almost to Coronel Oviedo. Also this sector is recognized as the seat of several rooms devoted to livestock. 3. nu Guasu: refers to the field that borders the Silvio Pettirossi Airport in Luque. Remarkably, wildebeest Guasu Asuncion side took the same name but in Castilian: Campo Grande. 2.3. Place names with "Ka'aguy" contrary to wildebeest, Ka'aguy the word refers to a wooded area, or any vegetation. Literally ka'a guy (ka'a + guy) means "under the hill." Following are some examples of place names with the word Ka'aguy built.

Purchasing What You Need for a Business

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The Country

Whether these processes are inevitable? Hard to say, perhaps, the answer to the question can be the experience of modern China, which, in spite of the active transition to a market economy, due to the active work of the government, has been retained economic potential. Especially in the world quite a lot of other examples of "revival" of countries, but only for countries that have adhered to at all times market economy principles. Japanese islands, too far from "shine" in minerals, especially on the territory of a disproportionately smaller and, yet, were able to "feed" 130 million people. In the postwar period, loans were purchased by the latest technology, the development of modern industry and continual innovation, mass production and sale of competitive products within the country and the world market, together with reasonable terms of volume, but stringent restrictions enforceable import of goods from other countries, that is maintaining and even increasing jobs, as population growth. In our the country has played a major role "human factor". The average life span nature reasonably restricted. When the bulk of Russia's population was fairly religious, low living standards, particularly related all with the natural features of the Russian position on the ground, the general population, in "anticipation" of paradise on the "other world", were considered quite humbly, many generations of our countrymen live in poverty and injustice. Under socialism, when the bulk of the population was already literate, mass belief in God was gone, and the Soviet ideologues in every way "screened" from the minds of the population comparisons of their living from the West.

Social Service

The social assistant has that to be prepared to deal with unexpected situations, cannot be a cold person and nor at the same time sentimental, it has that to know to dose both in the certain measure. In isolated regions as the Amaznia, for example, a social assistant can see itself ahead of two great challenges: Performance in aboriginal areas the Amaznia is surrounded of aboriginal peoples, has many tribes who had never had contact with the white man. For a professional formed in Social Service it would be a great challenge to act in this area. It would be a true shock of cultures. However, the professional cannot join the staff. The person would have that to know to respect the traditions and the customs of this people, being known to act ahead with delicacy of the imposed situations, and trying to help in the best possible way. Using the knowledge acquired in its studies. He has tribes, where she does not know yourself to say an only word in Portuguese, then the professional would have that to study and to learn at least a little on the language of them, to be able to communicate itself.

Moreover, he would have that to conquer confidence, to be able to know which the existing problems, and that initiatives would have that to take to help in the resolution of the same ones. However to the end of its work it would have that to have the dignity to take the claims to the competent agencies, so that they took the resolutions cabveis. Performance in marginal communities In the Amaznia exists innumerable isolated communities, where the marginal calls live, people of humble origin, generally illiterate and that remove its sustenance of roa and of fish, the supermarket of them and the forest, of where they remove the necessary item its subsistence.

Estocolmo Development

However, in a discovery recent, if compared with the age of the planet, the human being understood that the water, air, the ground, the fauna and the flora consist of finite resources in amount and quality. It was thinking about this problem that appeared the idea of a consumption system and sustainable development, represented for the use conciente of the natural resources in the satisfaction of our necessities, preventing the comprometimento of the survival of the future generations. The sustainable development spread out for the world with corresponding speed to the necessity human being to preserve the environment, and soon it passed to be argued as requisite for the existence of the human being in the planet. The Conference of Estocolmo and the Conference of United Nations on Environment and the Development – ECHO 92, represents a landmark in the implantation of programs of sustainable development for the world. From these two meetings, the subject not only passed to be argued as a future project, but as a necessary and desired reality in such a way for groups militant of protection to the nature, but for leaders world-wide politicians, great companies and all the society.

As it could not leave of being, the sustainable development became white of world-wide the legal system, when diverse laws regulating the subject had been instituted, with special importance to Agenda 21. The first step of the Brazilian legislation, in this direction occurred with the creation of Agenda 21 Brazilian, from there, diverse norms had been created. According to article 02, of the Law of the SNUC, the sustainable use consists of: ‘ ‘ (…) exploration of the way environment to guarantee the perenidade of the environmental resources you renewed and the ecological processes, keeping ecological biodiversity and the too much attributes, of form socially economically viable joust and; ‘ ‘ Thus, diverse programs had appeared of national, state implantation and municipal of the sustainable development they had been appearing. Refletetindo clearly the application of the old popular jargon: to know to use for never to lack. this does not demand a great effort, only more attention with what it is to our redor, in our environment. It is enough to make a small reflection on as we act and as we must act. Bibliographical references ANTUNES, Pablo de Bessa.

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