EDF Definitions

Approaching times of definitions for the EDF 11 August 2009 next Wednesday the Committee of monetary policy by the Federal Reserve of the United States (FED), will announce its decision on the monetary policy interest rate. Certainly does not generate many expectations on interest rate decision since its maintenance at current levels is deducted. However there are two issues that are of relevance to investors and that are related with the continuity of the program of buying government debt and corporate bonds and the Fed signals above as soon as more time may observe a change in monetary policy. The rough cut of rates together with the strong liquidity injections to limit the stresses in the financial system and assist the corporate sector in trouble alerted more conservatives on the risks that these actions can have in terms of inflationary pressures and creation of bubbles in asset prices. Is for this reason that in one of the many cuts, the Fed acknowledged the urgent need to reverse the downward rate cycle once the economy began to show signs of vitality. After two years of the crisis started, it seems that this time has come. A survey by Blue Chip Economic Indicators performed among economists in the private sector in USA showed that 90% of respondents believe that in the third quarter of this year will be declared the end of the recession in the United States.

The U.S. economy is starting to provide positive signals and this close to the Fed to take a decision which, as comment on the article yesterday, can result from spoilers. But despite the promises made, the behavior in the past of the reserve Federal shows that since 1970, the Fed has waited on average 14 months since the unemployment rate touched its peak, to begin with rates ascending cycle. When the last reading of the July unemployment rate showed a slight drop to 9.4 per cent of the economically active population, since the market not been interpreted as the beginning of a reversal in the dynamics of the rate unemployment already expected that the same continues to grow until the end of the year.

Oberoi Resorts

Anantara Resort & Spa Golden Triangle, Thailand. Located in tropical jungle on a province in the North of Thailand, Anantaras Golden Triangle Hotel also performs a very important work in the conservation of elephants. Being a division of the Center for conservation of the Thai elephants, to the Government of Thailand that project it is aimed at the protection of elephants and conservation of the environment similar to the camps of traditional mahouts which supported industry ever thriving logging. Along with the unique programs for guests which consist of training by the mahouts, trekking on elephants and survival skills in the forest, the experience of conservation is truly very interactive. Amar Vilas Agra, India: Being a part of the esteemed hotels of Oberoi Resorts and Hotels chain, this luxurious hotel is located only 600 metres from the majestic Taj Mahal. In addition to its architectural design and a natural environment only Amar Vilas is engaged in philanthropic activities (including education and support to) persons physically disabled) and also carries out programmes of conservation of the environment at the local level and also to cultural heritage. Popa Mountain Resort, Bagan, Myanmar: this hotel is located in the forest on a mountain side aft, this place has been designed very sensitively so as not to do damage to the environment that surrounds it.? Guests are surrounded by a very vibrant, still quiet field, here there is a great opportunity to make hiking and visiting the mountain aft with its impressive brightness. Does using biodegradable products and adapting their practices of recycling so as to avoid damage to the environment, can this small hotel keep nature in its purest form.? Soneva Fushi Resort & Six Senses Spa, Maldives: Like all the properties of Six Senses, this hotel has a very extensive policy toward its social and environmental responsibilities. Suneva Fushi in particular support to the community of Maldives through planting trees in island Eydafushi, the preservation of the camps eyes where the natives can get one free treatment of Ophthalmology, the Cultural Centre of Malvidas sponsorship and much more.? Tanjung Sanctuary Hotel, Langkawi, Malaysia: as it says your name and slogan, this hotel is literally a? sanctuary for people who don’t like big hotels but have a passion for nature.? The Tanjung Sanctuary Hotel does a list of its policies for the care of the environment but if you design and practice the ideas of sustainable tourism.

South America

Wilders produced the short film FITNA, which showed terrifying Islamization of the West, most in New York, London and Madrid attacks perpetrated by Muslim terrorists who acted by obeying to the bottom of the letter the teachings of the Holy Quran. The right turn is not only as a matter of survival against religious fanatics. It is also a result of failed Socialist policies that have decreased the economic power of the Dutch, who must close a gap of 29 billion euros, by supporting precisely these reckless immigrants who receive education, medical services, housing, and other subsidies, without returning anything positive in return. For balanced answers to the economic crisis, and trying to deal with immigration problems with firm hand, Europeans have elected Governments of conservatism in Germany, France, Italy, England, Belgium and Denmark. And right parties they have gained strength in Great Britain, Austria, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Spain and Hungary.

Europeans are returning to traditional capitalism, to put alongside the Chinese and Russians who are gaining them hand. The thinking world doesn’t have doubts of how wealth is produced and reaches the well-being. The stunted ones who still Revere Marx and to make matters worse are considered avant-garde, are in South America. Africa still in tribalism. The slippery place where Europeans are making their first experiments, and still don’t know how to cope, is the Islamic problem. The Chinese and Russians in that regard work without much courtesy. When there is a conflict with the Muslims, they operate like them and fly them into pieces. They did in Xinjiang with the Uighurs and in Chechnya. In Latin America, always swimming against the current at the time seeking to curb the Islamic invaders, in Europe the preclear Lula, Chavez, Morales and Correa, they are opening the doors.

Acting Minister

In 2003 he had about 4,000 hectares cultivated, today exceeds the 400,000. According to the Ministry of agriculture, livestock and fisheries, soy spread throughout the country, replacing lands that were dedicated to livestock, dairy and other crops. Many Argentines have been in Uruguayan land an investment opportunity, and it is for this reason, such which mentioned them for almost a month in increase Argentine fields in Uruguay, have increased in the last time the number of fields in the hands of Argentines. Although the surge of investment from Argentina has generated benefits in the Uruguayan field, contributing to the modernization of fresh for the sector, capital and technologies your lobster type behavior, represents a threat to the future of the Uruguayan countryside. The main concern comes by the side of the soybean, since currently short leases are made and the companies want to get the highest returns in the shortest time, and that wears the Earth. In that regard, since the Ministry of livestock, agriculture, and fisheries of Uruguay It was announced that it will force producers to explain their methodologies and to rotate crops, since this is the best way of soil conservation.In Uruguay, the concern that exists by the Government increased from the wave of Argentine producers who came to Uruguay to plant soy, escaping the withholding his Government applied. The Acting Minister of livestock, agriculture, and fisheries of Uruguay, Andres Berterreche, said the Uruguayan daily El Espectador: the State is the guarantor of the natural resources which, although they may be in usufruct, in essence are social property, because the soil resources of the country, regardless of the ground to have an owner by cadastre.It is likely that greater control by the Uruguayan Government brake a little boom soybean in Uruguay, or limit unless the profitability that can be obtained (because it will be closely controlled planting methods used).

Prix Prince Photographer

While HidroAysen, Daniel Fernandez, Executive Vice President was visiting on Tuesday and from this Thursday – Cochrane zone with journalists from national media in order to show them the territory where the company intends to build its five dams, the prestigious British newspaper The Guardian published Wednesday a photographic sequence with the beautiful landscapes that would be operated by these projectsunder the title Chilean Patagonia and the style of life threatened by dams. The Chronicle, picked up this afternoon in the section Top Secret of the evening the second slogan that the Aysen Region in the Chilean Patagonia is threatened by a project that seeks to build five dams on the rivers Easter and Baker, two of the most pristine on the planet. Adds that the Rapid Assessment Visual Expedition (fast delivery of Visual evaluation or RAVE for its acronym in English), the International League of conservation photographers, was created to deal with the challenges of the modern conservation, and visited the area in February this year to assess the impact of the dams would have on the surroundings and in their way of life. It points out that the expedition team included the winner of the Pulitzer Prize and photographer at the magazine National Geographic Jack Dykinga, the twice winner of the World Press Award and the Prix Prince s Rainforest Project Daniel Beltra, award-winning filmmaker and photographer Jeff Foott and the renowned photographer Bridget Besaw. The relevance that the English medium gives the areas that would be flooded or intervened by construction of the dams and tended and high tension towers contrasts with what Daniel Fernandez said on this territory: If you are travelling between Coyhaique and Cochrane, for example, do not know where is the Patagonia not intervened. You have villages, burned forests, livestock productive activities, lines of power La Carretera Austral is an intervention, and very large pointed out a few weeks ago to the newspaper The Clinic..

London Summit

The British Government predicted that the Summit will respond to the levels of expectation and ambition of the people and will send a clear message of unity that allow to recover confidence in the economy. World leaders have to declare the end of capitalism without restrictions at the G-20 Summit after France and Germany were asked to act fast to prevent recurrence of the worst economic crisis since the 1930s. The truth, which came the anticipated moment of the holding of the Group of 20 in London, city that has been very busy in the last day, with much security, especially to the arrival of the Presidents of the United States Barack Obama, in addition to many protests and even originated a death ‘ result. After a day full of protests against the G-20 Summit, settled with a dead man in the Centre of London, the start day is becoming scene of new demonstrations. The Coordinator G20 Meltdwon, one of the groups responsible for the protests, has called for this noon one March in tribute to the man who died during the riots and to demand answers Coordinator G20 Meltdwon, one of the groups responsible for the protests, has called for this noon a March in tribute to the man who died during the riots yesterday and to demand answers, according to the group in a message on the Twitter platform.

The March will go from the Bishopsgate Street until the Bank of England. Remarkably, there convened another March by the youth employment as it passes through the city up to the Convention Center, and when you finish the meeting the neighborhood of Westminster predictably will stage of concentration Stop The War (stop the war). According to the latest data, 86 people have been arrested in the last 36 hours in relation to the protests by the G-20. This morning there have been two arrests more when a small group of protesters dressed in hats and ties has brought closer to the bag of London and has represented a giant Monopoly.


The Summit of the Caribbean in Maicao few times the University of La Guajira in its headquarters in Maicao had hosted so many and such illustrious visitors in a single day. That February 19, the people had the opportunity to closely view characters whose faces were only family members by what they had heard tell of them, or photos of newspapers or by his appearances on television. Senators, Governors, constitutionalists, judges and experts in the field, spent a whole day talking about the Caribbean and about the possibilities of becoming an autonomous region in the light of article 306 of the Constitution. In their respective speeches the President of Congress, Javier Caceres and the Governor of the Atlantic, Eduardo Verano De la Rosa, explained that it has been a very difficult road, as during the 19 years of validity of the Magna Carta, the initiative has shipwrecked 18 times due to various circumstances, which is equal almost to that has been a missteps each year. However, the antecedent, away from Schuco whom have seen in the autonomy a departure to the backwardness of the region, encourages them to continue in a fight whose next step is incarnate in the inquiry without binding effect that will take place on 14 March, on the same date of elections to elect representatives to the House and Senators of the Republic.

The site chosen for the Summit was Maicao, cosmopolitan city but deep indigenous roots. By what Maicao?, asked someone and rightly so, because in the Caribbean there are eight departmental capitals (Maicao is not) and most populated cities and probably with better conditions for hosting an event of this category. The reason is simple: Maicao has a geographical position strategic po9r its proximity to the border and the North and West from the Guajira Peninsula seas, but also so it represents to be the first point of the Colombian Caribbean in its North-Eastern area.