Russian Federation

The list of such evidence in this legal act is not specified, nor does it specify the method of proof of such a relationship. This list is indicated in another normative act – Guidelines for the design of inheritance rights (approved by decision of the Board Minutes of the Federal Chamber of Notaries N 02/07 27 – February 28, 2007)., 27-28, 41 clearly show the rights of a notary to produce identification heir, verification of documents proving kinship. This applies equally degree as an inheritance by will or inheritance under the law. With only one significant difference: if the legatee can not provide such documents, the notary public has the right to issue a certificate of right to legacy under a will without it the degree of kinship. And if the will does not spelled out the degree of relationship with the heir, the latter can produce documents proving this relationship and indicates in the notary certificate degree kinship. Obviously, the documents proving this relationship must be present in the genetic case as at its formation (based on preliminary analysis), and at the end. In accordance with the Rules Notary production (approved by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation of November 19, 2009 403) in preparing the finished hereditary cause for the temporary storage (p.140) (eg, when the actions of a notary appealed to the court) in case sewed several documents, including documents proving the basis of inheritance, including the documents of the degree of kinship or copies of them.

Shoenstatt Y El Socialism

Some years ago, when he was in high school in the GUE San Miguel de Piura, the school environment was disarrayed with 65 and 68 guerrillas (especially those of Ayabaca) at the end they were defeated but left us the conviction that ultimately these young rebels were good men who fought for a better world, years later in UNT met about that dream that, in essence, sought to destroy, through the revolutionary violence mode of capitalist production (with all their supports) to construct a new mode of production which would happen first for Popular democracy, then by finally reaching communism, socialism political sustenance was Marxism Leninism (Maoist for some) and its philosophical basis the dialectical materialism; thousands of young people were dazzled with this message and strive to make it reality, many purgaron prison, exile, persecution, some ofrendaron their lives to the end also we have the conviction that they were good men who fought for a world best and many still struggling entrenched in wage, labor improvements, life conditions but when insist materialism as a philosophy is wrong because today the world is looking for a system III, as says Juan Pablo II, which reject the excesses of capitalism and socialism as proposed by e. Dening (father of the Japanese miracle) combine productivity with values. THAT HAPPENED TO SOCIALISM? After leading a Socialist Government in 10 years in France, f. Miterrand acknowledged that Communism had failed, which had finished dealing with equity and justice, only misery and poverty but added that neither capitalism has triumphed; This reinforces the challenge launched by the Pope to integrate a system III; but you also have to know how science have fractured you the column to Marxist philosophy: the founders of scientific materialism used a Mater concerning meaning, according to how science defined it to late 19th century and early 20th, has now become obsolete, the new definition is based on gravitational interactions, Electromagnetic and nuclear where the non-material spirit looks snug by his union to these interactions to act within the framework of this space-time and is the base for understanding the human being as a unified whole (body and spirit) where the logic consistency as a criterion for certainty to explain spiritual reality (the principle of non-contradiction) is used.


Many people wonder what is Twitter, what is used and how they have to use it, and it is a question difficult to answer, because Twitter is used practically what you want, and depending on what you want you have to use it in a way or another. Twitter is not neither more nor less than a platform in the network, which serves to make people communicate and relate it between her through text messages of 140 characters. This, at first glance seems to be something very limited, because not you can hang pictures or videos of graphically as you can do on Facebook, but has the advantage of simplicity, plus many features that don’t have Facebook. It is something very similar to what we do in real life, when we have a conversation with someone. One of the advantages of Twitter is that he lets you follow anyone who is of interest to you, unless you know her personally and without having her follow you to you.

Similarly, anyone can follow your postings unless you have to follow it if you’re not interested. This is one of the main differences with Facebook, to follow someone you have to know it or ask for permission by adding to your friends. To explain its operation, we will give an example of how what you would do in real life. This, although Twitter doesn’t work quite the same, if it bears many similarities. Imagine that you are at a public event where there are a lot of people, an inauguration, a party, a celebration, etc.

The first thing you do is look to famous people and engage in conversation with her. You speak of topics of your interest, from what you’ve taken this morning, of the school of your children, politics, sports, etc. It is very possible that someone join your conversation, you know it or not, or that you join one because you hear that they talk about a topic that interests you.


In so far as the trade union sphere, have been made equally significant contributions to build beyond paper, collective and individual conduct of the journalist, the social Communicator with Trade Union, social and political consciousness. But beyond this there is a pending task and that the country must be rebuilt. So tragic and expectant. Where to begin? Because I imagine that by the language. To understand us between ourselves and acquire the range of Venezuelan citizens, who we are today to missteps.

The media have one responsibility more than social, vital, in this collective enterprise that will last a lifetime. It is a destination without possible evasion and thus must assume it, with maturity and almost childlike creativity. Maturity which is a form of time to win losing. Advance building memory that isn’t but life passed for the benefit and sublimation. The work that comes is Titans capitalized. And we must not lose faith. The disenchantment is not a good counselor. In any case is beyond us same.

Regardless of any electoral process. By the country and its people is that we fight. So we went and we will be. So we are though. And mean it isn’t fear. It is not corner is not shore. For the memory of the tribe. The power of democracy is found in his words: to have them; in knowing how to say them; in saying that we can; in reading them wanting; in fight for them; to invent the missing; in achieving them; to write them; to dream that we wrote them; in writing that we dream them.

Balkans Act

Scenario: the war in Yugoslavia, April 14. First Act: an experienced pilot American view from an altitude of 5000 meters, a group of vehicles heading towards Djakovica, near the Albanian border. Second Act: the pilot busy because now is going to end the fuel of its F-16, quickly released a bomb and immediately returns to tank. Act III: various tractors (Yes, tractors of those of plowing the ground!) pulverized, many bodies of Albanians scattered several meters in all directions and many others moaning of pain at the loss of its members. Fourth Act: Jamie Shea, the spokesman for NATO, in world press conference, without making the minor gesture of repentance or shame, says that any conflict in history has been exempt from errors is necessary to accept the deaths of some to save a large number of humans do not I can guarantee that this type of error will not be repeated in the future feel deeply the loss of civilian lives. This terrifying drama of war in the Balkans does not seem to us important due to the remoteness of Yugoslavia and the little understandable cause of the conflict. We look at it as when children have fun front your computer with one of those games of virtual flames and luminous victims who die by emitting a strange electronic sound.

We believe that does not affect us at all. We think that it is not our war. However, there it is. You can at any time become a new world war and finally, almost, with human life. Then we remember Einstein’s response when asked how could be her third world war: I can not imagine, he said, as it will be. But the Fourth World War will be a stone and stick! And the war in the Balkans must not only why we care. It is one further demonstration of the interference of world powers in the internal affairs of the countries in development, i.e. of countries like ours: socially poor, but with an extraordinary richness in natural resources.

A cumin matter to them, developed countries, international law. They always argue humanitarian reasons, imminent attacks on their safety and clear peaceful purposes! They shares while they investigate and at the end only excuse, being generous in aid (lease fluctuating interest loans) reconstruction. International commentators make great debates around armed interventions, write lots of pages about its causes, explained their purposes in a thousand ways and crazy all over the world with its historical, political and statistical data. But the thing is simple: behind every intervention of this nature are the power and money. Colombia did not escape this horrific mechanics. There has been, even, balkanizing our country or ask the American intervention to resolve our conflict. What deluded! As if they need our respectful requests to bombard us! It is simply not yet so attractive, economically and politically American armed intervention in our country. But it will be if we neglect. And if it happens we’ll hear that terrifying phrase of pardon if we kill them. We do it for its own sake!

United States

Tax havens are again in the spotlight. From the Summit of the G-20 in London in April 2009, has redoubled pressure on offshore financial centres, so that they relax their bank secrecy and end up with the opacity in the creation of companies, trusts and private foundations. The purpose is clear: put an end to tax evasion or if this is not achieved, frighten the most fraudsters so they repatriated capital to their countries of origin, to fill with them the empty state coffers. Some Governments, such as the Italian, even try to encourage this return of money with a tax amnesty. Let’s not kid ourselves.

However much that fills our politicians mouth slogans of social justice and the fight against poverty, the movement has little to do with these noble principles. These reasons aren’t really more than a smokescreen that is winning popular support for the cause and disguise it in reality is not more than a covert war for control of the capital in the world. Nobody seems to bother you for example in United States or England, there are types of businesses that can be used by the not redientes as genuine offshore corporations, trust managers, the so-called men of straw, included. Nor that the American banks are deposited millions of dollars that are free from deductions because they belong to foreigners living outside the country, which the vast majority do not declare them at their place of residence. Finally and after is simple and interesting to take away the bread to small and helpless islands of the Caribbean, still dragged fame accumulated during decades of being destined for money-laundering centers. Anything goes in order to meet economic goals and incidentally get the applause of the critical sectors of left-wingers, who then unloaded its fury over this new common enemy, rather than rise up against the real culprits of the crisis and asking for an end of the neoliberal system.