Liberalism And Democracy

just half. We are in century XIX, the century that produced different vises of world, each one of them fell as a glove for the multiples> social segments that ascended at this time. The bourgeoisie who started to conquer the power if grasped to liberalism. The rising middle class, or middle classes as they prefer to say the historians (small bourgeois, they would say others) preferred the democracy, that was more inclusive obtains. Already the grumbler and proletariats, excluded first with as, if defended between chains anarco-syndicalists and the socialist ones.

Established some conquests of liberalism, the democracy will denounce its restrictive aspect, and will fight for its magnifying. We will see then where points we find these divergences. Two ideas will be detached: freedom and equality. Flags defended for the French Revolution and that they will gain different directions according to point of view of the liberal one and of the democrat. When we speak in freedom, a liberal one of century XIX would say that it is an available right to all, since that reaches the prerequisite ones, economic and educational, necessary.

Different of this, the democracy would speak that the freedom is an inalienable right, enclosing to all, independent of income and education. A good form to compare the two vises is when we speak of the right to the vote. It does not have nothing contrary to liberalism to defend the tax vote. For the opposite. The vote must be available to all that they will have capacity for such. From there to abstain itself, for example, the slaves and women. How these can be free to vote if they are imprisoned to its owners and husbands? He will not be rare those that will also defend the exclusion of the laborers. These are not dependents of its masters, say the liberal ones.

Political Term of Office

It is possible that the Student inquires of exit: it is adjusted that a school of term of office is developed by a public agency? More it would not be adjusted than the civil society and agencies public it did not carry through this initiative? Which the reason of the area of the Term of office to consider a school of social managers? This leads to strengthen a tuteladora conception? Perhaps mesmo’ ‘ pelega’ ‘ of the paper of the social managers? The opening of this publication that tells to the experience of the metodolgica construction and implantation of the school of social managers if considers to weave some consideraes on the questions above and to introduce the student in the debate on the democratic relation between State and civil Society, mainly for that they live in great metropolises. This relation, to be directed in the democratic direction, needs: of the reform of the Management of the State, providing dialogue cordial enters the interested people in this project, transparency, respect to the rights social public, human beings and, public decisions and publicizadas, as well as, of the magnifying of conditions of social control of the State for the civil society, with domain of argumentativa capacity to debate collective questions and public ece of fishes for decision and popular hearing..

Democratic Republic

Diverse reasons had taken Africa to this situation of misery and discouragement. The form that the European colonizadores if had appropriated of the continent was main causer of mazelas African. The administration of the colonies through the exploration of the mineral resources, of the removal of the native population of its administrative functions e, mainly, of the disrespect to the separation of the tribal territories brought serious consequences for the continent. According to Richter 2005 ' ' the African descolonizao if gave during the period of the cold war, the continent suffered innumerable originated conflicts from the dispute between socialist capitalists and for the new countries that if freed of the domain colonial.' ' Because of this past of domination and exploration, which can be added the obligatory transference of African populations for America, esteem between 10 and 15 the million people, at the time of the colonialismo, Africa arrives at century XXI as the respected continent poor and less. It mainly has wealth in Africa natural wealth according to Paganucci 2009: In Africa it has many mineral wealth as diamonds, gold, has covered among others, Uranian. The Zmbia, Democratic Republic of the Congo and the South Africa are the exporting greaters of copper in the world-wide market.

In Africa and the Zone of the old Soviet Union the world-wide mineral reserves meet for some industries of which U.S.A. is entirely dependents. Half of cobalto of the planet is in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; 98% of the world-wide chromium reserves are in the Zimbbue and the South Africa, that also 90% of the metal reserves of the group of platinum concentrate. The African continent corresponds 2% deals of it basically world-wide because its raw material vendesse the low prices. Because of the poverty, violence and hunger. The exploration of Africa for the rich countries, and the lack of one politics that has controlled these wealth makes with that the people the African does not obtain to benefit itself of its proper wealth. Another problem is the capitalism, that cause the social inaquality where few are benefited of the wealth, the wealth is distributed at the hands of few, while the majority comes in an extreme poverty.

Brazil And The Party Of The Democracy

The Brazilian people in the month of passed October, was protagonist of a great party, when thousand of people of the most diverse and distant cantos of the country, had been the ballot boxes to choose the governors of its states, its state deputies and federal e, senators and its bigger governor the President of the Republic; for this position voting two times: in first and according to turn, eight states had also voted to choose its governors in as the turn and the federal District: AP, GO, PB, Par, PI, RO, RR, AL and DF; the too much Brazilian states had chosen its governors in first turn. In Brazil, as the turn it happens, because in the effective electoral legislation the candidate consists that only he is considered elect in the states and the cities where the number of voters is superior 200 a thousand, when the Mayor, governor or President of the Republic obtains to get 50% plus one of the valid votes, that is, the half plus one, and this nor always happens in first turn, as in some states and federal district b in as in the election for President of the Republic, this requirement was not filled, from there, the turn as necessity, that happened of spontaneous and very expressive form. Although the vote in Brazil to be obligator, for who has above of 18 years and minor of 70 and of terms registered an abstention of approximately 30 million voters, the party was pretty and full of emotions and patriotism and this we cannot deny, therefore, in the streets, the assemblies and the walks the people showed its will to participate, making to be valid its vote, valuing its participation in the democratic process; showing to its flags and its colors and its disposal to participate of the lawsuit. I want to leave registered a fact that took off a little the brightness of the party of the Brazilian democracy in this election and to affirm that exactly thus, this party never will be forgotten by having been a moment where the people was to the streets in mass to show that if he interests for the future of our country, exactly that for distinct reasons, but if perceived the will of a great part of the population to express its right to opt to its parties, its candidates or its ideologies.