British Cabinet

Recently Gordon Brown (Brown in English) arrived in the British Cabinet and Samuel Moreno for Bogota Mayor. Both express a left by moving to the Center. While the first represents the attempt of the labour stay in power by copying conservative prescriptions, the second seeks to move power to Uribe and take first left to the Government. Both want to take Brown mud on the previous sermons red wanting to do nationalizations. They argue that it must adapt to several monetarist recipes that have made take-off to their respective economies. Brown believes that to blend with the tories will prevent these removed from power, although he will turning your agent and preparing to make them appear as the most consistent. Moreno wants to demonstrate to the establishment that he can make a Government type Chile and Uruguay which guarantees true social cohesion to continue the free market and be able to lessen violence co-opting the guerrillas within the system.

World Rooms

Does accomodation? These cays are a destination which is expanding but that already have excellent hotel options in categories 3, 4 and 5 stars, including three of the best hotels in the country. In the design and construction of all hotels have followed rigorous planning guidelines to not affect the natural environment and integrate them into the landscape in the best possible way. -Cayo Witches: here there is the Villa Las Brujas, recognized as one of the most beautiful hotels in the country, 24 bungalows of category 3 * very well integrated into the landscape. -Cayo Ensenachos the: the Western Royal Hideway Los Ensenachos hotel is the absolute owner of the Cay, with an island theme, a hotel favours the conservation of nature in this small Eden island. The hotel is category 5 star deluxe (member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World), has a capacity of 506 rooms of high comfort 440 standard, 20 duplex suites and 46 suites located in 23 villas with Concierge services and other custom in-room – 270 rooms are distributed in 14 two heights, Caribbean colonial style bungalowsbuilt around a central courtyard. The list of available services is long, passing through Center of nautical sports, spa, swimming pools, jacuzzi, gym, classrooms and a theater, several restaurants, including a la carte and specialized. Hotel only accepts adults and is all-inclusive.

To say of many visitors this resort is one of the places where you can eat better in Cuba. -Cayo Santa Maria: much more animated the previous Marathon has 3 Hotels in operation:? Melia Santa Maria, 5 star, all inclusive and with 361 rooms (two of which are suites), has a fullness of services and activities including swimming pool, tennis court, diving center, several restaurants, gym. Specially designed for couples and families, it has activities program for children. Melia Las Dunas, category 5 stars, everything included and 925 rooms (19 of them suites), nautical sports, court tennis, diving, gym, swimming pool, facilities for snorkeling Center, has magnificent culinary facilities which include 2 restaurants buffet and 4 specialized restaurants, several bars and a nightclub.

The Company

It is surprising to see plants planted more than 30 years, with just 2 metres and 2.5 metres in height. See especially these totally full of fruit plants, a conservative calculation we did gives a figure of 500 to 600 fruits per tree. Unlike the Creole zapote, that occurs in the cacao plantations and coffee plantations in the country, and that they outweigh the 20 and 40 metres in height, these varieties cultivated in Navarrete, are harvested by hand, only need to slightly stretch the arms to reach fruits and in some cases, using the ladder.The company that began with about 70 tasks (4.37 acres), currently has around 250-300 tasks (15. 6_ 18.7 hectares), destined for this fruity. Lately he has dabbled with avocado and currently exports to e.

u., zapote, as fresh fruit as concentrate, also exports avocado, papaya, concentrated mangoes, guanabanas, pineapple, etc.. To meet overseas orders, the company is buying the fruit growers of the country, Creole zapote, mangoes, avocado, pineapple, papaya, soursop and other fruit trees. These fruit are processed at the plant that have the same plantation and hence are shipped in boxcars frozen towards Florida, e. U… El zapote is a fruit, that unlike other tropical fruits, has a high protein content. It has between 1.8% and 2.6% protein, in addition to vitamins and minerals. Usually the fruits of different fruit plants, do not reach 1% of proteins, averaging 0.6% and 0.8% of this important compound nutritious, which is the basis of human nutrition and animal.

El zapote in Rep. Dominican, can be planted from sea level, up to 1,400 meters., in a great variability of soils. Clayey grounds, to those of very loose consistency as the sandy, can develop commercially this fruity. What is important in this aspect, is that the ground has a moderate permeability, allowing for drainage and air circulation and water in normal way.

Develop Databases

This is to develop databases for internal model to be developed financial institutions within the new capital agreement (Basel II). To identify elements of credit risk probabilistic; adapting widely accepted models. Therefore the credit institutions should establish efficient schemes of administration and control of credit risk which are exposed in the development of the business, resonance at its own risk profile, market segmentation, based on the characteristics of the markets in which it operates and the products offered; It is therefore necessary that each entity develops its own scheme of work that ensure the quality of their portfolios and also allow to identify, measure, monitor / mitigate and monitor the counterparty risk exposures and expected losses, in order to maintain adequate coverage of provisions or technical patrimony. The methodology for the management and control of credit risk phases: identification, measurement, control and monitoring of the risk are essential to mitigate the risks: (see – management and control of business risks by Felix Campoverde) the criterion for the granting of conservative or liberal credit policy formulation; must not depend on whims or agency managers, but also many circumstances and situations: the credit rating by types of customers, products, profiles of the prospectus of credit, endogenous and exogenous factors (market) of the lender, since granting a credit entails the need to find a balance between the imperative to invest in customer (commercial vision) andother side, the increase in financial needs and their costs (economic view). Depending on the situation at each moment and situation, the entity must establish conditions or other credit-granting policies. For example, in inter-annual periods, depending on the seasonality of the product, or depending on each situation in the environment economical. (If you remember the topic exposed in management and control of business risks analysis of credit continues to be quantitative and qualitative). The symptoms and signs of the behavior of the loan portfolio are essential factors for the classification of current and future customers, so the methodologies and analytical techniques based on the historical behavior of the operations of credit and quotas, for determining the expected loss on the basis of the likelihood of non-compliance, the level of exposure and the severity of the loss, for the calculation of these components must have database a minimum of three years immediately preceding, containing sufficient for the calculation of losses expected.

Internal Time

Be careful with the artists of the screwdriver, whose inappropriate step by screws strip the fine finish of elegant shotguns of Eibar origin. Rifles, the cleaning and revision process is similar, taking utmost care in cleaning the barrel, to remove the metal remains of bales without damaging the internal spline. If locks and monotiros the task will be easier, the semi-automatic may require the visit to the gunsmith, who in turn cast a look at the set. Not complicated in excess returns to the maximum here hunting for second-hand clothes. FINISH for the final finish, every time there is in the market most excellent conservation, cleaning and maintenance products for metals and woods that will take care of our shotguns and rifles.

A drop of oil, not a bath, in the areas of friction, as the sides of the crimping of guns with the scale in the overlapping, and pass a cloth soaked in oil will give longer life to the shotgun, which can be saved in any Briefcase plastic or similar to avoid problems with sleeves of fabric or canvas that may not be completely dry. For safety, better to leave some fundamental piece away from the shotgun, safe home elsewhere, so it can not be used by themselves and less by strangers. Rifles will continue to live in their Armory approved mandatory, where better if accompanied by them shotguns for preventing risks with friends of the alien. Although ideally, from time to time, practice with the shotgun or rifle in the increasingly less shooting ranges that we have, with the appropriate license. And so safe that the veda is less long.

Performance Screen

High frequency vibrating screen (vibrating screen) is mainly used for the pre-grading and inspection grading of the second stage grinding of the magnetite mines and the second stage grinding minerals and it can also constitute a closed-circuit with the second stage grinding operations, which is also widely used in coal, chemicals, building materials and other industries.The features of the high frequency vibrating screen:1. No moving parts, so there is no need to add lubricants; 2. Simple structure, easy maintenance, durable, low failure rate; 3. The application of the principle of resonance of vibrator makes the double-plastid work in resonance state, whose required power is small. Starting it up without large start-up current and low noise; 4.

After the start of the vibrator of the vibrating screen, the amplitude can instantaneously reach the working stable value. When it stops, its amplitude can disappear immediately. The direct starting and stop is allowed under the at the rated voltage, current, and amplitude; 5 The excitation or amplitude of the vibrating body is adjustable. The particle size of the products can be controlled by changing the force, which is very beneficial to guarantee the exciting taste of different grain size of ore concentrate; 6. While vibrating body is working, the screen bars also vibrate and the gap between the screen pieces is not easy to be plugged.

The performance of high frequency vibrating screen:1. When the high frequency vibrating screen (vibrating screen) works, its screen surface vibrate but the screen box does not move; 2. screen surface of the high frequency vibration screen vibrates with high-frequency, which can reach 8 to 10 times of the gravitational acceleration and 2 to 3 times of the strength of overall vibration sieve. The self-cleaning capability of the sieve surface and the screening efficiency is high and handling capacity is large, which is very suitable for the screening and dewatering of fine-coarse-grained material powder; 3. it is convenient to adjust the mounting angle of the screening machine at any time; 4. Low power consumption; It is the kind of products of energy conservation; 5. screen box does not move and it can be easily added with a dust cover, sealed discharge chute and hopper to realize closed operations, reducing environmental pollution. The screening machine is environmental friendly.