l suffers from what you imagine, not by what happens really. But the reality is often not imaginarily hard. I would say that for humans too often things are truly difficult. There is nothing correct in his ideas about the facts. The unfortunate situations are a reality.

But there is one issue that is passed many times overlooked. The same real and unfortunate fact affects two people to different extent. It doesn’t matter that the interpretation made of the same fact is similar. For example, two men abandoned by their wives interpret everything what can be interpreted on the matter. However, one of them is shattered. While the other is perfectly quiet and adapted to the new situation. You can say that what happens is that one was more in love than the other. It can be no doubt that it has thus been.

And it is there where round the issue on which I would like to draw attention. People attributed to different level of importance to the same facts. And what is more, a person is able to decide what level of significance is going to be attributed to an unfortunate fact. And that is the real crux of the matter. Many people are not only miserable by the interpretation that makes a fact in particular. It is especially for the impact or importance attributed to this event. Because very often we make a tragedy of trivial situations. Overstated things that might be significant but are not so. And here goes the Council: to an annoying, quiet event that nothing has happened. Do not do a small or medium wave of misfortune, throughout a devastating tsunami. Before taking it to chest so think about all together misfortunes that you’ve already had to live and you have exceeded. Or better yet, think the worst misfortunes in this world and everything bad that could have happened and which did not happen. You don’t judge your problems in the abstract, do it as what it is, one more than everyone who has to deal with humanity. And believe me, most of the time our spiritual discomfort before a fact is no more than an exaggerated response.

Missiology 58

Continuation of missiology classes audio recordings: what are the largest groups in the Peru? Methodological impossible to find a theoretical definition, not even pragmatic of what sect, box became to get a definition or criteria. It is divided into 3 blocks. 1. Christian groups: are all Evangelical churches. Who are evangelicals?, are Protestant, or not? Or they themselves could give an answer. A Methodist will tell you that it is more Protestant than Evangelical. A Baptist can tell you that it is more evangelical than Protestant.

A Presbyterian will tell you that it is Evangelical, but Anglican branch. We are left with an idea at least in the Peru: Evangelicals, are the children of Protestants in what sense? Protestants in general definition, are those who are born in the 16th century, Lutherans, Calvinists what we call Evangelicals in general arise at the end of the 17TH century and at the beginning of the 18th, with the Methodism. But that occurs within Anglicanism, will follow a series of questions. But what we are interested is not studying the overall universe of groups that emerge from the reform, if not, basically the arriving in the Peru. When we talk about in the Peru, Evangelicals, we speak of all denominations that are more than 150 Evangelical denominations. What the Pentecostals are evangelicals? If the missionary Christian praise is Evangelical? If.

Water alive if it is more the founder pastor John, has been eminent Catholic, principal of the #3 school of the Catholic charismatic renewal, in 1983. Evangelicals, would come to be all these denominations have a self-contained pastor, but that generally meet in an institution called CONEP. (National Evangelical Council of the Peru) Are evangelicals Christians? More us, of course that they are Christians. Moreover are Christ centric. Christ, the Bible and point. What the? three fonts of the transmission of revelation? They are: Sacred Scripture, the living tradition and the Magisterium of the Church. Generally the evangelicals, they have the Bible, and do not accept the Magisterium nor tradition. They are as Christians, that do not accept another influence. Why is that they do not accept the Virgin Mary. Not because they have rejection to the Virgin, if not because say it will slightly distort the message of Christ. Because there is one mediator between God and men, and is Jesus Christ. In his preaching, a church you don’t preach. You preach Jesus Christ, and the conversion John 3-3, 1st Corinthians 5-17. Everything is the Kerygma of the primitive Christian Church. The Kerygmatic preaching, witness and proclamation part. They are basically movements of conversion. To evangelize, they are so advanced. Most of them have been Catholics for his post. They are Neo converts but his point basically is to preach the Gospel. I always say: an evangelical not evangelizing, It is Protestant, and a Protestant who has become Evangelical, not evangelizing to me the distinction of Protestant and Evangelical, is not doctrinal, but rather dynamic Church.

Pastoral Council

So after Christmas celebration, do you know this concern to the pastor. Father Luis after meditating this concern, gives shape and decides to create a unique Ministry of singing, and this decides to designate a general representative. The father decides to appoint me to that position, but perhaps without realizing that still had a sector that he felt rejection towards my person, (but that was not my intention to suggest my concern, because within the choirs at that time, there were redeemable people who could take that position with great dedication, and especially young people. Father Louis had already decided so, and so did know. I could not decline the invitation to think, and will with certainty that through him, is the same Jesus who was calling me for this service. Arrived Easter, and was attached to all the choirs for the feast, I had an absolute rejection, and only played the choir to which I belonged. Later it was agreed at Pastoral Council with our pastor at the head, draw up a general regulation for all choirs, in order to unify them, and the custom was for me.

Taking into account the reality and the existing problems in the chorus I had to used a very strict criterion. This regulation hard and severe, reflected the conflicts that wanted to banish. I think that if reality had been another, the regulation should have been different. The regulation was presented in the parish, (ECP), coordination team and decided that choruses to see and they will review it and corrected. At this point I would like to dwell a moment to express my point of view. I did not agree and discrepe of this decision, I believe that the economic situation and the problematic coral in this parish is persistent, and could not be put in the hands of people who constantly come into personal conflicts, review of something that lights hurt them in his personal act.