Election Of Mayor

Moscow authorities have promised to stop all illegal actions, scheduled for October 21, 2010. in connection with the vote on the candidacy of the Moscow City Duma deputies Sergei Sobyanin proposed by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to the post of mayor capital. The press office of the Legislative Assembly of the city. 'The inhabitants of the city the right to transfer their mandates and requests the candidate for mayor Sergei Sobyanin through reception of the Moscow City Duma. All received documents will be sent to him without fail. After the adoption of the Moscow City Duma decision to confer the powers of the candidate mayor appeals of citizens can be transmitted through the appropriate service of the government of Moscow '- noted in the metropolitan parliament. Recall last week, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev made the candidacy of Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Sobyanin to the Moscow City Duma for giving him the authority of Moscow Mayor.

Earlier, the party United Russia Dmitry Medvedev presented a list of four candidates for mayor of the capital. It includes Transport Minister Igor Levitin, the Deputy Prime Minister and Government Chief of Staff of the Russian Federation Sergey Sobyanin Governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region, a former vice-mayor Valery Shantsev and Acting First Deputy Mayor Lyudmila Shvetsova. Former Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov, September 28 2010. was removed from office by decree Dmitry Medvedev with the phrase first used 'in connection with the loss of confidence in the president. " Until the new mayor of the city administration in-Charge of the First Deputy Mayor performs Vladimir Resin.

Sergei Sobyanin born June 21, 1958 in the village Nyaksimvol Berezovsky District, Tyumen Region. In 1975 he moved to Chelyabinsk. He worked at Rolling Plant and studied by correspondence at the mechanical department of Kostroma Technological Institute. In 1980 he graduated, he headed a team of turners, became shop foreman. In 1982 he moved to the Leninsky Komsomol district committee.

Democratic Republic

Elections for governors in the of Congo were held on January 27, 2007, with a runoff scheduled for January 30 was not finally carried out. At first elections were held on January 16. The elections were held only in eleven provinces of the country.
Governors and deputy were elected through an indirect election by members of the provincial assemblies Atrade was the result of the difficulties in choosing the traditional leaders to be addressed to the reserved seats in the Provincial Assemblies ..

Council Loan

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