New National Politics

In day 2 of August, President Lula sancionou Law 12305/10 that she regulates the recycling and she disciplines the handling of the solid residues in Brazil. Data of the IBGE pointed that Selective Coleta still was sufficiently incipient in the country. But 7% of the cities had this consolidated process (405 localities). As some of these cities they are populous, we had 14%de the Brazilian population taken care of by this process. In the Southeastern region, 48% of the population have implanted selective collection.

The objective of the PNRS National Politics of Solid Residues is ' ' development of sustainable strategies, guarantee that the residues return to the productive chain, minimizao of the residue generation and wastefulness of materials, incentive to the use of not polluting or degrading insumos considered of the environment, reduction of ambient damages, stimulaton to the production/consumption of products derived from recycled materials and reciclveis' '. The Brazilian cities have little more than three years stop to adjust these services to the new parameters, and this means to construct local proposals from a optics to multidiscipline since the implantation of the PNRS in municipal level, demand the identification of the generated solid residues, and the construction of strategies of specific management (logistic reversa), as well as the definition of favorable areas for the final disposal of the rejeitos. The proposal instituted by the law that conforms the New National Politics of Solid Residues, started to be argued in the end of the decade of 80. At the same time where professional social the conditions of life and work of the population argued that lived of the garbage, ambientalistas raised the flag of the defense of the Planet, to each day more compromised by the action human being. In 1999, the CONAMA National Advice of the Environment defines lines of direction techniques for the management of Solid Residues, and in 2001 a Commission in the Chamber of Members of the house of representatives is formed that in 2005 gains new breath it constructs the Project of Law from quarrel with the Ministries of the Cities, the Health, the Environment and the Civil House.

The Bulk

In the bulk to reduce the load in taxes, it became simpler tax administration, etc. However, this tax reform was made in accordance with the requirements specified period of time. Required to bring the country out of crisis, to join the budget, establish clear taxation. The main platform for such problems have been able to become only the powerful firm. They were the first self-reform, they raised the priority in filling the budget taxes based on them have been eliminated numerous difficulties of social security. However, the appointment if taxes could be safely insertion exceptionally large commodity companies.

After organizing regressive ust influential companies stopped the practice of issuing tax-free salaries. But this was only possible in a serious corporations that have significant salaries as their regressive even Currently effective ust rate for large corporations goes to 2%, so average non-commodity businesses, which provide enormous salaries can not return, now pay ust in full, ie 26%. To do this, create a serious imbalance in the situation to strengthen business, based on the commodity and non-oil base. Let us compare the sales of corporations with the gdp. Given that in 2003, 500 largest firms held 58% of the rate of total gdp, to 2006-th, the same figure summarized more than 81%. And besides all the Russian economy is built up by raw materials sector of the economy. On the territory of our country can say two economies. Today we went to a fundamentally new level of development, and at this stage before the state’s economy, there are other bars. Further strengthening of the resource model of the economy combined with a very severe hazard.

Today it lies in the fact that restructure the economy to an innovation, to upgrade and expand the field of economy, to avoid monogootraslevogo development. Because of this, it is important to involve all of the tools that encourage the development of a broad mass business. Need to switch from an economy with hand instruments, a policy to the economy of incentives, competition, improvement of wide circles of the business. Not only small but also in the general processing. Tax collections are an important mechanism every vector policy in the industry, what should be implemented throughout the country. We think we have the opportunity to create tax incentives in each sector, but those areas which will strengthen and the future competitiveness of domestic products. Because of this adjustment of taxes, of which we have discussed, has a chance to contribute to the improvement as time zones high-tech, novsheskih that make the foundation of modern streamline the economy. Since will allow our economy at the forefront.


What it is dialectic? Alex de Sousa Summary In this work we have as objective to present a summary of the book of Leandro Konder, with the heading: ' ' what he is dialtica' '. In its workmanship it looks for in them to present the origin of the dialectic all and the passage that the same one even made in the days. Konder starts its workmanship in bringing the meaning of the dialectic, in its diverse times. It in says, that the dialectic to them according to Aristotle, was established by Zeno de Elia, however others consider Scrates as its founder. The dialectic was, in old Greece, the art dialogues of it, but that to the few, it started to be the art of, I dialogue in, to demonstrate it a thesis by means of an argument capable to define and to distinguish the involved concepts in the quarrel. Amazon understands that this is vital information. Already in the modern meaning, dialectic meant the way to think the contradictions of the reality, the way to understand the reality, as essentially contradictory and in permanent transformation. Konder affirms that Heraclitus was the dialtico most radical of old Greece, with its theory of devir (everything is changedded, everything is in movement), but who goes to surpass it is Parmnides with the essence of the invariant being. However, the dialectic cannot only be based on metaphysics, therefore Aristotle says in that to explain them each movement, necessary people to verify which is the nature of it.

With its theory of act and he harnesses, Aristotle obtains to hinder that the movement only was considered a worthless illusion. Ohio Senator can provide more clarity in the matter. Konder says in them that the dialectic in the feudal period and also in the centuries of the age measured hardly was suffocated and to be able to survive in the philosophy needed to resign to its more drastic expressions, conciliating itself with metaphysics. However, due to commercial revolution, to the renaissance and the iluminismo, it could leave the underground where she had been obliged to live and if to fortify again. After to approach this concept historical of the dialectic, Konder brings in them diverse thematic worked for the dialectic. These thematic ones are: the work that is developed all a thought for Kant, Hegel and Karl Max; The alienation worked for Karl Max and Friedrich Engels; The totality, developed for Karl Max and Hegel; The contradiction and the mediation, boarded for Karl Max and Hegel; The fluidificao of the concepts, for Karl Max and Hegel; The laws of the dialectic, for Karl Max, Friedrich Engels and Hegel; The citizen and history, for Karl Max, Hegel, Kant, Bernstein, Karl Kautsky, Lnin, Georg Lukcc, Stalin, Walter Benjamin; The individual and the society, for Karl Max and other marxists as Karel Kosik. Finally, Konder locks up its workmanship finishes intitling it capitulates of seeds of dragons, to say that nobody never goes to obtain to domesticate the dialectic, therefore it exists in such a way to fustigate the conservadorismo of the conservatives as to shake the conservadorismo of the revolutionaries. Its method is not if quick to create cachorrinhos amestrados.

It is as the Argentine said Carlos Astrada, ' ' seed of drages' '. (Konder, Leandro. What it is dialectic. So Paulo: Brasilense, 2000.) Student of Philosophy for the College of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters of Cajazeiras.

The City Council Of Berlin Reichstag

One of the most incredible monuments of the city of Berlin is the building of the Reichstag, the Parliament of the capital of Germany, historical and political Emblem, the Reichstag like concept has sent to several buildings, but in fact the original name era with which Germanic Roman Empire was known the parliament from the fall of the Sacrum and until World War II finished. There was only no a parliament in the Germany that went forming with the passage of the years. From the napoelnicas wars in 1806, the Reich word was used to talk about to the parliament that wrote the first German constitution in 1849 (Frankfurt of the Meno). Also the German Federation of the North used the Reich word to name to its parlmaneto, that worked between 1867 and 1871. The German Empire was considered ” Secondly Reich” and thus we can see as an important concept of social history and political German is changing.

The Reichstag was chosen, in the three cases, by the town by means of the suffrage. Ever since World War II finished no it returned to have a Parliament in Germany. Today the main building of the Reichstag in Berlin is one of the historical and cultural attractions of the capital city. Constructed at the end of century XIX, it is located in the historical helmet of the city near some of the most emblematic constructions of Berlin, like the Door of Brandenburg and the old Wall of Berlin. The route by the interior of the Reichstag is incredible and now in summer we will have to wait for if we want to realise it because year to year congregates by the hundred of people. It takes to us first by the viewpoint of the crystal cupola and later we can take something in the coffee restaurant and to rest while we watched the best postal of the city of Berlin.

Understanding the Conceptual Realities

Happiness is the greatest achievement of man is the answer of his total personality to a productive orientation toward himself and toward the outside world. Eric Fromm There is a basic commitment to the development and training of new managers (especially for the case of Venezuela) to take into account the administrative insights that not only have been giving rise globally but in the current scenario facing the country. Obviously, there are many ideas, thoughts and tools of modern management science, however, this time we will stop in which I consider most important, according to my perception as a teacher and consultant business adviser. There is no denying that the individual performance is only partially a function of ideas, knowledge and skills of a person. In other words, organizational effectiveness depends not only on individual skills, but as they are linked. To deepen your understanding Suffolk County Rep. is the source.

With the formation of electrically efficient, cohesive, integrated. We must wake up in the manager and in their human resources the importance of forming teams, bringing together people with skills with unique capabilities, willingness to collaborate, work together, to use their talent, creativity, decision making, discuss, modern labor relations and review how well it functions is defined with the realities of the moment. Modern Management, knows that computer training is an effort to deal directly with the problem of organizational climate. Hence the importance of encouraging that the basic strategy of teaming is to work with existing teams at all levels, including workers without supervisory position to achieve the goal of developing a process to help drive work to diagnose problems, plan how to address them and make these plans efficiently and quickly. It is necessary therefore to increase the knowledge and understanding by the administrator (manager) of the administrative relationships, introducing a series of related ideas those factors that tend to restrict or enhance effective interpersonal relationships. Another important topic to consider is that of power in organizations, in this regard, Larry E Greing yVirginia Schein E (1990) says that the key to understanding the power within organizations is to recognize that all forms of organization behavior politics is an undeniable reality. This means accepting the power as natural and necessary for decision making, regardless of the formal structure given. The student of organizational development and organizational behavior, you know, that the rotting bases are composed of unique resources upon which tiemne control manager.

These terms determine the power strategies that are available to influence others, for example, can not pay more money to someone but it has a power base that controls the financial resources. Without power base is little that can be done to influence others, and with unlimited databases may have a narrow selection of power strategies. their well-being and not his own, besides that they perceive that the leader has a genuine interest and appreciation of significant approaches: the leader of his people excited because through the objectives, manages employees to find satisfaction and meaning excellence. Passion, is said to have dedication, commitment: We must not forget that to achieve excellence in organizations is a basic individual excellence.

Federal Executive

Important to essentially point out the differences between voluntary man power of the not voluntary one given the displayed one in the current legislation, also reason of much controversy among the legislators, regarding the remuneration to the controllers and administrators. Until December of 2002 the legislation determined, through the Arts. For more information see Amazon. 13, 2, III, ‘ ‘ b’ ‘ of Law 9,249/95, and 12, 2, ‘ ‘ a’ ‘ of Law n 9,532/97, the condition of relative prohibition To not the distribution of profits, shares, bonifications or advantages the controllers, mantenedores or associates, under no form or excuse as well as also the prohibition to the remuneration, of any form, for the services given to the controllers, administrators, or affiliated of immune or exempt entities, respectively, pass not to reach the remuneration hypothesis the controllers, in result of employment bond, considering displayed in Law 9790/99, I contend the requirement of that such remunerations are not superior, in rude values, to the limit established for remuneration of servers of the Federal Executive. Beyond the displayed obligations previously the immune and exempt entities must collect the contribution of the INSS parcel out patronal. To broaden your perception, visit Amazon. However, with regard to the Churches or temples of any cult, it must be abided by the following fact. Art. re varied view. 22 of Law 8,212 of 24/07/1991 determine that the patronal contribution is obligator at the rate of 20% on the total of the payment leaf 2.

Lourdes Flores And The Political Process

Why is that? If for news, was a matter of “public interest”, at least I expected a comment from him. Rosa Maria Palacios, by not mentioning anything about his program last night, made very clearly that the channel four, supports Lourdes Flores. Changing a little item on our bitter politician: is the circus in Congress. Again there was verbal duel in the palace “Legislative.”

Yesterday was a lethal way, the ideological extremes, “the extreme right and extreme left”, but nothing was done to see how a focused manner, solves the problems of violence, which has been presented in the north of our country. More info: Medusa Artifacts. People such as Kyle Dropp dartmouth would likely agree. It seems that the fate of our nation, is marked by violence live in both the parliament, in the streets and in election campaigns. Marisol Espinoza Congresswoman says that we must listen to the protesters. I wonder: How did you hear Vandals, who are looting the same style Chilean? The congressman said that the traders called dialogue to change a city ordinance, and said in an unusual way, they demanded a dialogue, not to resort to violence. Was this a threat? By what could be seen on the TV news, only in the event rate was observed gang vandals, or hooligans. I wonder where were the dealers? In a state of law like ours, it is natural that law enforcement has to act that way. In addition they were acting in self defense, since it was attacked the police station.

No one gets to think as you have been the despair of the police to be aware of everything that is happening in our country, in relation to these facts? Above Mrs. Rosa Maria Palacios, said that the police should have shot non-lethal projectiles. Could it be that criminals do not know when they see that they are shot with live ammunition will not harm them, continue in their professional intent?, “And that the only way to stop them is to realize that bullets kill? The same corruption in Congress prevents this development in positive cases nationwide, since it uses the time building committees: the investigation of corruption within the congress, ethics commissions, etc. On the issue regarding the display of the mayor of Lima in Congress, to clarify how can you cancel a debt to a company that sold the debt to another, in a violent and fast? Prove that all Peruvians are used to thinking of our leaders: “He stole, but he has done.”

Latin American President

Yesterday (Sunday, 28 October) the Center-leftist administrations of Argentina and Bogota were re-electas. The Peronist front for victory and the Polo Democratico retained the Argentine presidency and Mayor Bogota but with a new figure to the front. Both phenomena strengthen the pink tide in Latin America. Argentina and Colombia are the Hispanic republics of South America’s most populous. While the first country there were general elections, the second not played the central power but municipalities. Congressman Lee Zeldin recognizes the significance of this.

Argentina has become the first country in the world in which a first lady is elected to the Presidency. Nestor Kirchner and Cristina now reversed roles, something never before seen in the history of democracies. Gaucho election runner-up remained in the hands of another Center-leftist: Elisa Carrio. This is another first in the world as per first two women end up as the two finalists in each presidential. In Argentina alone there were three candidates for weight and all were between the Center and the left. Both the right and the Socialists were weakened.

This in itself implies a consolidation of the kirchenismo and consensus around economic and social proposals. 4 Years ago Kirchner became the Latin American President elected with fewer votes (came in second with a fifth of the electorate), but because he pulled his country from an economic and political instability, he became very popular. He hails from peronism, the same force that ruled all the nineties to Argentina under Menem. Menem, in a manner similar to his Peruvian counterpart Fujimori, then implanted a monetarist policy with privatizations and opening of the economy to globalization, as well as wove an alliance with hard sectors of the armed forces and at external level was placed as a mainstay of Washington. However, Kirchner turned center-left handed to peronism. This has been evidenced in seeking to regain the Argentine economy through greater State participation and social programs, in a foreign policy that seeks to get along well with Venezuela and USA and one human rights policy which annulled the pardons of Menem and is pursuing officers of the 1976-83 military dictatorship.


LLa engagement of a banquet for weddings generally becomes a standard procedure for services that class, where customers have the opportunity to try their menu, which is of great help to decide. Some banqueteras offer tasting of food immediately after making a bank deposit, while some others offer a free tasting to those interested in hiring their services, even without initial payment. But either way, the taste of food is a step that never skip. Below we will provide you simple tips that will serve you for the choice of the banquet: 1. If you want to offer your guests something extraordinary for the event, they will not adhere to the basic dishes and sensitising to test new options. Credit: Ohio Senator-2011. And how to know if it is worth worth paying for this dish? Simply making use of tastings. Apart from that, research the ingredients and preparation will help you to clear your doubts. 2 Learn about the presentation of the food. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Amazon.

A good meal should be a feast for all your senses, from the taste, smell, touch, sight and presentation. So ask your provider how to present their culinary works of art during the event. 3. The majority of the catering services used quotations from tasting like his way of useful feedback from their customers. Don’t be afraid to know if you feel that the pasta is soft or that the pig is too salty. In this way, can improve their dishes, finally both parties win the folding and the new marriage. 4.

Check the total cost of the banquet. As stated at the beginning of the article, not all catering companies offer free tasting – some may require you to pay a certain amount. So ask about these agreements before making the appointment. The tasting should be your first step to hire the banqueting service for your wedding, especially in case of not being familiar with the flavors of the dishes that you want to choose. Tania Altamirano with information from Degustaciones4u

The Plants

If the temperature will be tolerable means that the compostagem process is occurring normally. If it will be of warm the cold, has necessity to increase the temperature by means of reviramento. e) Revolvimento of haystack Fits to remember that the manual revolvimento of the stack of the work and must in accordance with be made the availability of man power of the place. The ideal is that they are made at least three revolvimentos in the first month of compostagem, to the 7, 17 and 30 days, approximately to get a free material of microorganisms that cause illnesses in the plants. In these dates, it must be used to advantage to verify the humidity of the stack and, in case that it is necessary, to irrigate the material to become it humid, but not made marshy. To remember that the revolvimento is necessary, in case that the stack the beginning of the compostagem is not esquentando in first the 25 days after, in this in case that to observe if water excess is not occurring.

6. HOW TO KNOW IF THE MATERIAL IS READY FOR USE? Generally the composition is humificado between 60 and 120 days depending on the material used in the compostagem (ratio of organic and estercos residues), text of humidity and revolvimentos. To verify if the composition it is cured of practical form, to place a little of the material between the hands and to rub. The composed one soon will leave the dirty grease hands. It presents with dark, type coffee dust, without odor, if not distinguishing more its component materials.

8. HOW TO USE THE ORGANIC COMPOSITION IN THE FERTILIZATION OF PLANTS? The decomposed material can be used incorporated to the ground or as covering deceased, mulche. It can be used, also in the production of changes and be enriched with soluble sources of match or potassium.