General Fight

Disciple of Savigny complemented the thinking of the school above all with its conclusions on the personification of the volksgeist in something other than the sum of the consciences of the people you write the people. Thus the spirit of the people, paradoxically takes shape and becomes something concrete, measurable and understandable as a whole objetivizado. RUDOLFF VON IHERING (1818-1892). Precursor of the school of the jurisprudence of interests is considered and always presents as a brilliant exponent of the dogmatic. In theory finalist created by him should not be considered a legal order positive as a deductive enunciation of an idea or a plan, but as a result of the needs of social life no law or no code can be sufficiently understood without knowledge of effective social conditions of the people and of the era in which it was issued (sic) the real right is not the one formulated in abstract terms by General legal norms, but which lives in a real way by the people, and that applies in the judgments and resolutions 9. He believes that peace is the aim of the right and the means to achieve it is the fight. Finally, on the other hand, is the creator of everything right and the fight must be in the right: every right in the world should be acquired by the fight; those principles of law which are now in force, has been indispensable to impose them by the fight who do not accept them, so all right, the right of a people as an individual, assume that they are the people and the individual willing to defend it right is work tirelessly, and not only the work of public authorities but that of all the people 10 * sociological school. Law is a social product or the manifestation of social life. The right was manifested at the beginning by undifferentiated rules of moral character, religious or social and its fulfilment was insured by the same social group.

Recent History Photographs

The world of amateur level photography has changed a lot in a few years. Until not too long ago, there were only the analog cameras, which functioned with reel. They used to have a limited capacity of photographs, being the most common of 24 or 36 pictures. The user of the camera was going on vacation or where would be, and he was shooting pictures. You could not see how it had been, or delete them if you did not like.

You had to wait to finish the spool, take them to a shop of revealed, and then comprobabas you had gone out. Now, everything is much easier. With a camera with a memory card you can make thousands of photos (depends on the resolution you choose), go see what have been, and delete those that go wrong. There is no possibility of error. In addition, then stored on a CD or on your computer, and already, you forget to go to the store. I do all this prologue to break a spear to the traditional method. Of course, it seems that all are disadvantages, with a but: eventually, you had photos on paper, printed. It can be a nostalgic point of view, but I think that it is a better way to preserve memories, that finally, after all, is what are made the photographs, at least at the level of average user, which uses them for holidays, or to have photographs with your family, etc.

Therefore, I will not say what reuse reel cameras, of course. It is much better to see instantly what this has come out a photo, and repeat if necessary. But yes, I advocate the option of revealing photos. Go to any store revealed online, and reveal at least the photos that more you like. A few photographs on CD or computer may end up losing or damaging, in the case of the CD; or deleting, in the case of the computer. But a photo album, with its photos inside, will never be lost. In summary, I believe that it is advisable to make an online photo processing and the best way to make sure you keep the memories.

Complex Positioning With Layers

Probably to read the title of the post you’ve revived the greater of your nightmares as a web designer. The day that it occurred to someone that should leave layout with tables, more than one left the profession. Accessibility what is it? Jokes aside, we all know that our designs have to be accessible for many reasons, including positioning of our content, so one way and another we decided to follow these guidelines (more information on this website). There are several rules to follow, but perhaps the most tedious is the replace the layout of tables for layout of layers, something that seems almost impossible when it comes to making complex compositions of elements. I guess that many of you you have fought repeatedly with the proverbial float the div attribute.

The truth is that after much use it and fight with him, never convinced me really. Although much used mostly compositions by pages in 2-3 columns layout, begins to be very complicated to use when it is not so easy you have to layout in XHTML. Thanks to God and the professional CSS book (Wrox Anaya Multimedia), totally recommended 100%, di another solution which I think much more useful, allowing that your designs are total and truly cross-browser. The combined use of relative and absolute positioning. For a sample button. I have to lay out a 3 3 grid elements, typically a table, but with the use of layers (divs) and CSS only. While with floats, this seems far less complicated, you will see how with the use of relative and absolute positioning it simplifies greatly both the CSS as the number of layers is decreased to use, only 9 cells involved and a container layer.

The attribute position: absolute, positioning an element absolutely on its container, that if we do not establish any, would be the browser window, with problems between various resolutions that we may result. The key is to establish a container layer of our layout and put the attribute position: absolute, but not fix the vertical position (top) or left (left). This way will manage all elements that are positioned within such a layer, you can do relative to this. To do this, simply, in the inner layers must establish position:relative (a container), and set the coordinates (top) x (left) from which to be painted. Of course also have to fix at least its width and height. You can see a complete example, I’ve prepared this HTML file with information from relevant styles, so reviseis the code source and you see clean it that the code, as well as how easy that is to position the elements is. I leave commented out (variable width) liquid version so you can try it. I hope that you find it useful. Original author and source of the article.

Why Argentina

The human shields inevitably multiply the innocent civilian victims, but in no way these can be caratuladas simple collateral damage, as happened yesterday with the attack against the three schools of the UN, totally condemnable Act and outside of all logic and humanitarian spirit. Therefore, and against this recurring tragedy, the immediate objective of the international community is very clear. It must be the cease-fire. Why Argentina, says the editorial, should unreservedly support the efforts that, in that sense, is making the President of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, supported by Nicolas Sarkozy. The proposed mediation should not take; through it, a peacekeeping force formed perhaps with input from moderate Arab countries should be responsible for security throughout Gaza urgently.

Their tasks they should aim to prevent that from that territory continue launching missiles toward Israel, but the normal flow of humanitarian aid into Gaza must also be guaranteed. There is a second mandatory stop. The suffering Palestinian population should get out of the prolonged economic blockade has been subjected to that, which has caused a deep humanitarian crisis and fed hatreds and resentments that lead to despair. Responsible for this also include Palestinian leaders themselves, who have consented and used their own people as hostage. Definitely international agencies should arrogate to find solutions, she knows alternatives of intervention that may lead to favorable results, as the meeting of the the UN Security Council remains gathered at an extraordinary session in order to find a solution to the Middle East conflict, amid Palestinian to immediate action claims are being sought. The meeting discusses a proposal for a resolution tabled by the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, and supported by the League of Arab States. The text seeks a halt to immediate ceasefire, in addition to the constant opening of border crossings for the access of humanitarian assistance, action which already this Tuesday was given response through israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

Food For Dogs

The animals there are to many years as a man, but the man always convivio more with dogs. Today dogs are known as man’s best friend. Dogs are appreciated by the man by his intelligence. The canine intelligence is the ability of a dog to learn, think and solve problems. Dogs trainers, masters and researchers not they agree on a method for testing canine intelligence as it exists for humans, while the same is traditionally evaluated through the resolution of mazes. Why must have a boa feeding the dog food not recommended for dogs * milk: some dogs as some people have lactose intolerance.

Therefore it should be given with caution and at the first adverse reaction vomiting, diarrhoea immediately cease. ** The chocolate: contains a substance called theobromine that causes intoxication in the body of the dog and can be fatal in large doses. * Treats: such as fried foods, sweets, biscuits; they tend to form Tartar on the teeth of the dog. In addition the sugars make them prone to diabetes. There are sweets special for them including protecting the formation of tartar.

* Cooked bones: especially those of chicken. To be crushed by the dog jaw can form chips with very sharp edges, which can easily puncture the esophagus, small intestine or rectum causing internal bleeding, infection, and consequently much pain. * Food or household rubbish: very spicy foods should be avoided since the dogs are especially sensitive to salt, pepper and chile. Similarly, foods with excess fat should be avoided. Waste or leftover food, normally little frescoes should be eliminated. You should not be allowed to eat remains found on the street, since it could be infectious gastroenteritis. * Tomato: Tomato can affect the digestive system of the dog, so it is not recommended. The best foods for dogs the vast amount of options that have the owners Pet when they buy food sometimes makes the decision of which product to buy. It is important to consider the place to buy, purchasing power and conveniences, tastes and extent of digestion desired. While the product provide 100% complete and balanced nutrition, the class and category of food is just a matter of preference of the owner. Frederico.marketingpublicidad@gmail .com original author and source of the article