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Learn – queries – examine – everything by AUDIO Schliersee – no matter whether at school, in study or work: the learning of languages, you no longer get around. Cramming vocabulary is duty in any case. When the memorize and the iPhone app SleepAndLearn assist in the queries. It allows you to enter the own vocabulary and to talk via microphone. Additional information is available at Congressman Lee Zeldin. The app will then with their speech to a knowledge broker, which ensures even if the snooze on the sofa still own grey cells to learn.

It is in the random mode query the possibility or even a test under time pressure to undergo – rated. Briefly summarised: SleepAndLearn: app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad tutorial with the functions it easily learning, queries & test your own learning lessons finished lessons create ideal as an aid to the teaching available on your own server with voice output of all questions and answers ideal preparation for the exam price: 1.59 euros, FREE version is free link: learning in the sleep? So something? Fast! The iPhone app SleepAndLearn makes sure that learning is fun again and especially easily goes each examinee by the hand. For this purpose created app multimedia learning sets with speech output, which stored in the app, make love but also for use by all users on the Internet server. Many more sets of learning the different school subjects, also General knowledge and special areas are here already available for free retrieval. Function: Learning on the topic of “Learning in sleep” best fits the “Learning” function.

It presents the individual questions and answers from a loaded vocabulary lesson at random on the screen of the iPhone. Actually nobody must follow here the device in hand, to read the text. Via speech the app reads a question and later also own the right answer is seconds. In this way, it is easy to internalize the material just by listening. Josef Karl from the app forge SWS – software service Schliersee Lake: “on these Way, you can listen his lesson at the jogging at the dozing on the sofa, in the gym, on the train or in the bus. To read more click here: Ohio Senator. Through the acoustic repetition one characterizes a is very good knowledge. With a small FM tuner or Bluetooth can be transferred to the learning units in the car directly to the car radio.” Function: Queries in this mode the app presents a question and reads it too loudly. But here, the user has the opportunity to think alone about possible translation. Only a tap of your finger anywhere on the display means that the answer will be displayed and read aloud. In this way, one wonders off itself systematically – with amazing learning progress. Function: Test even more exciting is it when you use the function “Test”. As soon as a new question appears, the examinee has here for maximum five seconds per clue on the display indicating that the answer is known. Exceeded the period of time (adjustable), this leads to a negative rating. At the end of a pass is a grading. Important for the sustainable learning success: A not skilful question is repeated and new query until it is checked off as how to. SleepAndLearn: 1.4 (12.2 MB) is now in the AppStore SleepAndLearn immediately before in the iTunes AppStore. The app is available in the German language in the iTunes section “Education” and costs 1.59 euros. A free version permits free of charge to test the functionality of the app. App store: itunes.


Those who have applied for a scholarship mec 2012 to travel abroad and follow a course of languages (English, French, German, Italian, and others) in any of the many destinations in the balloon that is included in the offered packages, have undoubtedly in common one thing: they will move to a country where people speak a language that is not theirs and will also probably move within the territory visited at some point during your stay. I.e., that the lucky ones who enjoy a scholarship mec are arranged to travel. Additional information is available at Sen. Sherrod Brown. For some students, the scholarship mec 2012 will be even your first trip abroad or the first trip without family, for others the first transatlantic voyage, for all an exciting occasion and an adventure. Those who have already done the suitcase many times, will have clear a set of basic recommendations of the good traveler, which I will discuss, and would probably add something else (because in this, as in everything, there are opinions). Vayas donde vayas, it carries only baggage that you can handle easily by yourself. In hand (which can be a backpack) tries to bring a change of clothes full and sweet tooth or essential items: mobile phone, glasses, documentation (look at expiration dates), etc. Keep in mind the overall dimensions of packages and security measures (e.g.

on liquids, sharp objects, etc.). It carries a suitcase with heavy duty wheels and several Interior and exterior compartments that allow you to organize the content. Choose clothing based on the climate of the place of destination in the period of the trip and tries to be very practical in this regard: carries clothes that are comfortable, easy to wash and dry, and that can be easily combined among themselves. Leave some space free in your suitcase: almost always shalt back more of what they were carrying, thanks to your scholarship mec. .

Thomas Munzer

This century saw the domination of feudal lords, urban development, the birth of their new, bourgeois culture, new classes and new forms of class struggle, the great geographical discoveries, an unusually extended the mental horizon of the Europeans, and the cruel deeds of the conquistadors in the New World, political and religious battles of the Reformation, by undermining the power of the world the Catholic Church, the first steps of capitalism, marked by ruin and working people to the glory of 'primitive accumulation of capital', the bourgeois revolution in Germany and the Netherlands. But this century have left us a legacy not only the monuments of feudal violence and bigotry of the church, the people's darkness and theological-scholastic 'wisdom'. From this era came to us and poetic works in which the people embodied their genius, the magnificent Gothic cathedral, wonderful, wonderful art and non-repeatability poetic works of the Renaissance, the first successes of science and politics, gave a string of great men and great martyrs that are proud of all of humanity: the founders of utopian socialism, Thomas More and Campanella, bold thinkers of Giordano Bruno, Galileo and Copernicus, the leaders of the revolutionary masses, even a vague ideology of the communist idea Dolchino, John Ball, Thomas Munzer – all these and many other people, their lives, activities, and often martyred prepared and accelerate the progress of mankind, its imminent liberation from all darkness, oppression, violence and suffering. Thus, the Middle Ages have made their – and no small – share of the common fund material and spiritual values. Dividing the entire history of the ancient, middle, and new emerging even in XV-XVI centuries., During the Renaissance.

Humanists, the first representatives of an increasingly growing and growing class – city bourgeoisie begin the selection of his era as a "new", comparing it with ancient and at the same time oppose its immediately preceding her age, which they give the name 'Middle Ages', 'Middle Ages' (medium aevum). If modernity seemed humanists XV-XVI centuries. 'Revival' of ancient culture, the 'middle age' appeared to them since the fall of culture, a rough time of feudal barbarism is deeply hostile to any culture. Arose in the Renaissance a new tripartite periodization was further developed in the xviii century. historians and publicists 'Enlightenment'. Gradually gaining universal acceptance, it became the basis of all teaching history. As the events that determine the chronological framework of 'Middle Ages', it was assumed for the beginning of the era triumph of Christianity in the iv. or fall of the Roman Empire in the West, dating from 476 ad are usually, but for the rest of her – or the fall of Constantinople in 1453, or the discovery of America in 1492, or, finally, the beginning of the Reformation in Germany – in 1517 subsequent to the "Middle Ages" period is considered to be "new time", from this era stood still since French bourgeois revolution of 1789 as the 'newest' history.

Church People

Although this appeal is mainly concerned that part of the people who tried to go against the current government, however, the people for a long time had to endure poverty and deprivation in order to according to the teachings of the Church to get into the kingdom of heaven. Today, of course, have already passed times of absolute trust religious leaders, but despite this, the current authorities in many countries even today is trying to return to the antiquated form of intimidation. Authorities also are trying to speculate man's fear of disease, old age and death, despite the fact that the authorities periodically themselves are afraid of what awaits them in the near future, knowing that does not depend on the aging process person from the position which the person has made in society, from its holdings of big capital. Today many people understand the idea of failure of the left in a society without a sufficiently powerful ideological mechanism for the implementation. The man, preaching leftist ideas in the first place itself should conform to the moral norms and principles as he tries to communicate to society, he must himself become a role model for others. But so not happening, if only because that is not among the preachers of leftist ideas of the poor. After all, for a person to become a high-level politician, he must be quite an educated person, and educated people aspiring to power, there are virtually no poor. Advocates for the poor – it's usually people from the intelligentsia, but from that of a poor side, which does not want to put up with life among the poor, which Bolsheviks in his time called themselves "rotten intelligentsia".

Juan Marinello Vidaurreta

Juan Marinello Vidaurreta (1898-1977) "I've seen, comrades, take to the streets throughout a large city, Mexico before the arrival of five hundred Spanish children, victims of fascist barbarism, who went there to find love culture and. For more information see Connecticut Senator. J. Speech Marinello. Second Congress of Writers. Time in Spain.

THE VOICE OF THE CHAIRMAN OF THE DELEGATION HISPANOAMERICANO Vidaurreta Juan Marinello was part of the Cuban delegation, along with Nicolas Guillen and Alejo Carpentier, who attended the Second Congress of Writers convened by the International Alliance of Antifascist Intellectuals, which met in Valencia in July 1937, Jose Bergamin, Corpus Barga, Antonio Machado, Pablo Neruda, Fernando de los Rios, Ramon J. Sender, Vicente Huidobro, Carlos Pellicer, Jose Mancisidor, Octavio Paz, Elena Garro, Rafael Gonzalez Tunon, Ilya Ehrenburg, Bertolt Brecht, Anna Seghers, Ernest Hemingway, Heinrich Mann, Andre Malraux, Louis Aragon, Cesar Vallejo, Rafael Dieste, Rafael Alberti , John dos Passos, Julien Benda, Martin Andersen-Nexo, Se-U, Stephen Spender, Tristan Tzara, Emilio Prados, Maria Teresa Leon, Arturo Serrano Plaja, Juan Gil-Albert, Henry Peter, Lorenzo Varela, Miguel Hernandez, Ramon Gaya, Pascual Pla y Beltran Ludwig Reen, Andre Chamson, Jef Last, Malcolm Cowley, Feedor Kelyin, etc. "The Latin American delegations in this Congress I have done," said Juan Marinello in his speech "by one of those generous mistakes, so our people, their responsibility to this House. They say with my mouth that they understand and measure the size of its commitment and accept it. " In this fiery speech words movingly dedicated friend and fellow writer, who died in the battle of Majadahonda of the Spanish war to defend freedom, "I promise, fixed in the memory of a man who by writer, Spanish, and Latin American hero , deserves and demands our best word and our most committed decision, in a Cuban whose name engraved on the walls of this room is the pride and duty: Pablo de la Torriente Brau, Comrade unmatched in the best days of struggle, Comrade copy now in his presence without moving, at the dawn Comrade guiding points already …


A long time ago that you went to the hairdresser modified to fix you and dedicate time to feel better. Every woman need to do this once in a while, not only to make you feel better but also to increase confidence in itself when it is in conformity with the new hair cut. Why it is so important that only professional stylists will allow you to have that new hairstyle you are looking for. Many women who are going through a difficult emotional time tend to go to a beauty salon for a haircut. All say that a new hairstyle makes them feel better and helps them get rid of the person who were formerly. The change of mood that can cause the hairstyles in this type of situations is impressive. The see different gives many energies to start over again and forget about the past. Another way of seeing what could be the phenomenon out of the armor.

People who are accustomed to be treated in a way, because it was too long, try rebelling to this treatment to change the way they look. It is a form of escape from the stereotype that they have both been suffering. They say that change happens instantly once the rest of the sees people bringing a different look. The only way that the change in appearance will help you to feel better is when the final work looks good. If you’re still not sure what kind of hairstyle is going better with you, you can start studying how is your facial structure. The way in which your face is going to help much to determine what options to take into account and what not. A Council which I think is very important to have in mind is that the time to speak with the Barber you show hairstyles that you have in mind so that you can give your professional advice and help you find the best. I can not say the good thing is that you mimes a bit of time in time going to recognized beauty salons.

Not always choose the cheapest option is to choose the most appropriate. This is a job that has to be done by qualified persons, and which is worth paying a little more. Much worse would end up dissatisfied with results and having to live with that every day. There is much information on the Internet about different hair cuts that are fashionable at the moment.

Licensing Activities In The Czech Republic .

Legal entity (LE) or a private entrepreneur, registered in the Czech Republic are obliged, after registration, obtain a permit to operate – the license (s), whose presence (s) allows the territory Czech Republic, one or more activities. License Czech Republic – a document issued by a state licensing boards (ivnostensky uad). It regulates the type of activity and determines the start date of this activity, which coincides with the date of issuance of the license Luik or private entrepreneurs, who (th) can use this document for the conduct of its business. When you register le to the Czech Republic, at the time of preparing the main document charter company (notasky zapis) at the point of "activities" shall include all permitted activities in the Czech Republic. At the time of this writing 267. This item should be given special attention and require performer who is engaged in registration of your legal entity entering into the document is not selected, and all activities for legal persons. This requirement is necessary to present the Czech notary public or lawyer responsible for the registration. In the future availability of these activities in the charter company will allow for the implementation of procedures for issuance of a license (see below) to obtain a permit (license) to any type of activity for business in all sectors (services, trade, manufacturing, etc.) The procedure for registration of license in the Czech Republic for a legal person requires the following documents and actions: 1.Ustav le (notasky zapis) 2.Registratsionny leaf le – a fresh extract (No more than 3 months from the date of receipt) of the Municipal Court of the Czech Republic 3.Pasport Director (editel) or passport 4.Doverennost trustee, if the interests of providing trustee 5.Zayavlenie (adost) established licensing Committee (ivnostensky uad) format 6.Oplaty state fee for receiving and processing.

Rococo Clothes – In The Rococo Style Dress

Dresses from the Rococo period are something of Rococo was without any doubt a very interesting and delightful epoch, that is probably long no doubt, alone if you look at, what major events took place during this time and what celebrities lived. The Rococo was also fashionable but without any doubt a very important time, and even today one can find many influences of this period in the evening wear, which are simply beautiful and worth seeing. Swarmed by offers, Sen. Sherrod Brown is currently assessing future choices. Some dresses be worn on special occasions now also complete Rococo, which were made in the style of this special time and exhibit the appropriate cuts and materials. These are of course modern Rococo dresses of their processing here, what is the quality and also in regard to the convenience of much better, as you it from the models from ancient times not only known, so to in the modern Rococo spend a great evening models without further ADO, the super will look, but also all around probably can feel in his skin. The appropriate details and accessories, with which one outfit can make really perfect the Rococo and through which it ensures that a harmonious overall impression can arise are what look but of course not to be missed for the perfect Rococo. Tact is needed here, some really so really really can be combined everything, if you but a little time for the search takes dress the suitable Rococo, you can master this task certainly with flying colors.

Basically it’s primarily, to combine things that fit well here by the style and, of course the colors tone on tone work, everything else is more or less well alone, making no great work more. Hair and make up are just a trifle and by every lady is easy to master. Rococo clothes went through but not only a change of the cuts in the course of its history, the colors and materials have changed over the years. It was initially the delicate pastel tones, the a Rococo adorned dress, red or blue it later strong, bright colors we were. Used as materials for the Rococo clothes were of course always very high quality materials. Silk, Brocade fabrics and taffeta were preferred there.