State Statistics Committee

It is worth recalling that these duties with her has not been removed, and for his work Opposition MPs are still receiving taxpayer money. But judging by the dead silence in the opposition camp, there thinking about something else. Part of the situation explains the fact that some opposition leaders today or are behind bars or out of the walls of the prosecutor's office. But it still does not justify their silence. Where Mr. Yatsenyuk with his party, which many just promise before the election? Where's Our Ukraine? Surely in the BYT No one, except for the Yulia Tymoshenko is not able to lead the political opposition? As Human Rights Watch report says about the stability of positive developments in Ukraine. But if "stability" implies the possibility of freely destroy and ravage the country, in this case should not be surprised massive popular protests that occur in response to the proposed "stability".

The role of the current government to continue pressing for human rights and disregard for democratic principles no one denies, but the opposition's inability or unwillingness to perform his duties necessarily promotes these destructive tendencies. In this situation, confusion reigning in Ukrainian society is understandable. Ukrainians are rapidly impoverished As a result of the economic reforms of the current government and ill-conceived actions of its predecessors, the level of income continues to plummet. In particular, the State Statistics Committee, as of January this year, the number of unemployed increased to 585 thousand people, but only the first month of 2011 the unemployment rate rose by 7,5%.

The Organizers

Better certainly familiar rules of filling in advance so as not to waste time as the correct fill. After getting acquainted with the rules issued by the examination materials (KIMy and forms EGE). The first party to cse must complete the registration field blank use. Once all completed registration field blank, officially announced the beginning of the exam with the time it ends. After all the organizational aspects transgress participants to perform tasks Kimov. You will be allowed to go out audience for a good reason (in the toilet, medical room) only when accompanied by one of the organizers or hostess, after passing the blanks use responsible organizer of the audience, which puts in registration form labeled "Fact out of the audience." Participants use prematurely have completed examination paper may submit it to the organizers, not waiting for the end of the exam, but no later than 15 minutes to its official end.

If a participant use on objective reasons can not complete the examination paper, it can prematurely retire from the exam. Brief instructions for completing the forms. How to fill out When filling out forms, forms cse must accurately follow the rules, as the information entered in forms ege, scanned and processed using special technical equipment and facilities computing. Forms ct filled with black ink. Use only helium, capillary or fountain pens. When using a ball point pen (in the absence of helium, capillary or pen), it is necessary for 2-3 times gently trace the outline of each character to avoid "glimpses." Do not use for filling out the forms colored ink instead of black, a pencil (even for the rough recordings forms), tools to fix introduced in forms of information ("putty", etc.).

Small Chinese Doors

Tambour door guard rest for several families – some none at all, but the collective, so the doors are usually set up a purse. In addition to added protection from professional attacks, tambour door is convenient for many other reasons. Firstly, it creates additional insulation, which is important for our cold climate. Our Approach – a concrete pit, where the drafts are inevitable. Secondly – tambour door creates more and more space, which tenants can use for commercial purposes. In the winter – it's a good replacement cellar in a private house. You can not leave perishable foods, potatoes and other vegetables, for example.

Young mothers can leave at "Vestibule" strollers. Children will be there to hold bicycles, scooters and that for Moscow the most convenient form of transport, among other things. Small Chinese mokik can easily pick up in the elevator, but for what it drag in apartment? Let the stands at the door. For its size, metal doors, of course, greater than conventional steel door to the apartment. Need to weld additional side panel. But due to the fact that its production is not need to let expensive finishing materials, the price tambour door is readily available, that would be a few families could afford to put it. Special requirements for the design of tambour doors are usually not impose, the only thing you need to pay attention – this castle.

Locking tambour doors can be opened several times more than the usual lock the door, therefore it is necessary to choose the lock approach seriously. Typically, firms engaged in installation of iron doors, know this, and will offer residents the appropriate locks. Incidentally, he can be one-sided, only the input for the tenants so much more convenient. With regard to legal and judicial aspects of the issue. Special causes of the legislation, preventing the installation of additional door on the landing there, although the area around the apartment and is not owned by residents. In most cases, workers are not opposed to the organization vestibule. Their employees, retractable staircase, will be just less work to restore purity.