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Learn – queries – examine – everything by AUDIO Schliersee – no matter whether at school, in study or work: the learning of languages, you no longer get around. Cramming vocabulary is duty in any case. When the memorize and the iPhone app SleepAndLearn assist in the queries. It allows you to enter the own vocabulary and to talk via microphone. Additional information is available at Congressman Lee Zeldin. The app will then with their speech to a knowledge broker, which ensures even if the snooze on the sofa still own grey cells to learn.

It is in the random mode query the possibility or even a test under time pressure to undergo – rated. Briefly summarised: SleepAndLearn: app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad tutorial with the functions it easily learning, queries & test your own learning lessons finished lessons create ideal as an aid to the teaching available on your own server with voice output of all questions and answers ideal preparation for the exam price: 1.59 euros, FREE version is free link: learning in the sleep? So something? Fast! The iPhone app SleepAndLearn makes sure that learning is fun again and especially easily goes each examinee by the hand. For this purpose created app multimedia learning sets with speech output, which stored in the app, make love but also for use by all users on the Internet server. Many more sets of learning the different school subjects, also General knowledge and special areas are here already available for free retrieval. Function: Learning on the topic of “Learning in sleep” best fits the “Learning” function.

It presents the individual questions and answers from a loaded vocabulary lesson at random on the screen of the iPhone. Actually nobody must follow here the device in hand, to read the text. Via speech the app reads a question and later also own the right answer is seconds. In this way, it is easy to internalize the material just by listening. Josef Karl from the app forge SWS – software service Schliersee Lake: “on these Way, you can listen his lesson at the jogging at the dozing on the sofa, in the gym, on the train or in the bus. To read more click here: Ohio Senator. Through the acoustic repetition one characterizes a is very good knowledge. With a small FM tuner or Bluetooth can be transferred to the learning units in the car directly to the car radio.” Function: Queries in this mode the app presents a question and reads it too loudly. But here, the user has the opportunity to think alone about possible translation. Only a tap of your finger anywhere on the display means that the answer will be displayed and read aloud. In this way, one wonders off itself systematically – with amazing learning progress. Function: Test even more exciting is it when you use the function “Test”. As soon as a new question appears, the examinee has here for maximum five seconds per clue on the display indicating that the answer is known. Exceeded the period of time (adjustable), this leads to a negative rating. At the end of a pass is a grading. Important for the sustainable learning success: A not skilful question is repeated and new query until it is checked off as how to. SleepAndLearn: 1.4 (12.2 MB) is now in the AppStore SleepAndLearn immediately before in the iTunes AppStore. The app is available in the German language in the iTunes section “Education” and costs 1.59 euros. A free version permits free of charge to test the functionality of the app. App store: itunes.