Church People

Although this appeal is mainly concerned that part of the people who tried to go against the current government, however, the people for a long time had to endure poverty and deprivation in order to according to the teachings of the Church to get into the kingdom of heaven. Today, of course, have already passed times of absolute trust religious leaders, but despite this, the current authorities in many countries even today is trying to return to the antiquated form of intimidation. Authorities also are trying to speculate man's fear of disease, old age and death, despite the fact that the authorities periodically themselves are afraid of what awaits them in the near future, knowing that does not depend on the aging process person from the position which the person has made in society, from its holdings of big capital. Today many people understand the idea of failure of the left in a society without a sufficiently powerful ideological mechanism for the implementation. The man, preaching leftist ideas in the first place itself should conform to the moral norms and principles as he tries to communicate to society, he must himself become a role model for others. But so not happening, if only because that is not among the preachers of leftist ideas of the poor. After all, for a person to become a high-level politician, he must be quite an educated person, and educated people aspiring to power, there are virtually no poor. Advocates for the poor – it's usually people from the intelligentsia, but from that of a poor side, which does not want to put up with life among the poor, which Bolsheviks in his time called themselves "rotten intelligentsia".