Vladimir Vladimirovich

It was an average of 12 rubles per hour, and is 32 rubles per hour. You favor the development of Internet, its availability and lower prices. So take any action against a rise in prices on the internet that company-monopolist. Internet access is unavailable to many. Nikolay, 49, Krasnodar, 06/30/2006 – 3072 votes Transport and Roads, Vladimir Vladimirovich! Why do not you give the citizens of Russia to ride a normal car? There is a huge fee, which can be several times the cost of the car. For what? If support for our car industry, so let officials peresyadut for domestic. And how can it support? People fed only government officials and oligarchs paying high fees for normal cars. give the russians Motor transport, options tools.

Eliminate duties! Constantine, 30, Moscow, 30.06.2006 – 4348 votes Hello, please tell me, do you know about the situation with the roads (or lack thereof) in , officials bought SUVs instead of repairing roads, even the center is broken One of the main bridges falling apart and soon collapses mended only 300 meters near the main square. Why is there no control? ps Do not listen to reports from officials Ask the truth from the people. Nicholas, 20, , 07/01/2006 – 1963 votes in a terrible state of Russian roads, and the bandwidth. Because of this high cost of maintaining the car. As a consequence – increase in prices of virtually all goods, difficulties with the content of his car.