Continuing The Constitutional Court

Proceeding from this position, it turns out that the participants in the common shared property constitute a kind of corporate organization, designed to effectively and efficiently managed in the interests of the majority of the common land. In general, I wonder how the members of the Constitutional Court‘s such a rich imagination? Want to ask yourself is whether the general membership of the Constitutional Court, which is actually a general meeting, I beg your pardon, attain the age of ex-farmers? This most of them elderly, abandoned during the collapse of the collective farm system in the lurch, without a specific land, without any knowledge of how to use it legally competent to dispose, without the entrepreneurial skills and impossible as a result of the collapse of consumer take reared on earth products, and therefore, no money, no future and, most importantly, without wanting in this regard at all to engage in farming.

Continuing The Constitutional Court points out that for the case when the general meeting of participants in share ownership did not approve of the location being in common ownership of land, intended for release in the priority land against land shares, the law, protecting the private interest of co-owner, wishing to stand out, gives him the opportunity to determine the location allocated to the account land parcel of land through the publication of media reports, which must include a description of the location of allocated land and an indication of the need to deploy written objections with respect to other co-owners of this location..