Uniformity Of Soil

The presence of holes, ruts, local elevations of more than 50 mm from the surface of a mark at this point is not allowed. The surface of the upper layer of an earthen structure or layer, after which the device should be technological break more than 3-5 days should have a cross slope 20-40 with a tolerance of -10 for cars without an automatic system of job grading marks and 5 – for machines with automatic assignment of planning marks. When excavation necessary to make sure that the bottom and slopes of reserves and seizures had slopes that provide the water flow from the working face with a mandatory release it into the lower parts area. The quality of soil compaction controlled in the construction of earthen structures and devices for foundation and other engineering works (road embankments, etc.) when building code or design documentation provides certain requirements on the density of soil. An evaluation of the compaction of soil structures produced by the value of the coefficient of compaction or density of dry soil according to gost 5180 with subsequent determination of the required indicators of soil density in accordance with gost 22733. In production conditions the coefficient of compaction (density of dry soil) can define a previously established experimentally grading dependencies between these parameters for the samples tested in accordance with gost 5180 and gost 22733, and circumstantial characteristics degree of compaction of the soil (resistivity of penetration, the conditional dynamic resistance, etc.) established by testing the same samples by accelerated methods.

Calibration dependence, used in control, must be received as a result of the test soils, which are used in the construction of earthworks. In constructing the calibration curves for silty-clay soils should be considered a possible change in their moisture. Calibration dependence can be used to determine coefficient of soil compaction earthworks, if it gives a relative error of less than 0.015. The rules for determining the error, and examples for constructing the calibration dependence are given in Appendix J. In Control soil compaction may be used generalized correlations were obtained for the type and kind of soil, provided the mandatory testing of their suitability for each lot to be used for construction of earthen structures.

In accordance with this Manual degree of soil compaction earthworks define accelerated following methods: – a dynamic sensing (dynamic or Density driving penetrometer) – Static Penetration (cone penetration with a conical tip) – seismic (seismic and ultrasonic devices) – weighing in water (unit Kovalev). When choosing expedited evaluation methods Compaction earthworks should take into account the depth of the monitored area, type of soil, as well as real support for building the organization devices. Quality control seal earthen building number and location of sites (dots) measurements assigned in accordance with the regulations or the project. Number of parallel measurements in place (point) tests taken at least two. The difference between parallel determinations should not exceed values. If the difference exceeds the permissible number of definitions should be increased to three.