Plaster Window

Thin plastic has a flat smooth surface, but that its positive characteristics as a material for finishing the end of slopes. Some companies offer a quick and cheap to issue the space around the window, stuck on the plastic lined with cement-sand mortar slopes. Visually it looks quite well, but without the insulation of such slopes will freeze, resulting in delamination of plastic inevitable. The second option quick assembly – "put" on the mounting plastic foam, thereby solving two problems: the organization of thermal insulation and decorative finishes. In this case, foam, of course, play a role, preventing the freezing slopes, but she also spoil the look of the whole structure. Under the influence of gradually expanding the interlayer plastic will warp and go waves.

Worth I say that the savings on finishing slopes money will not cover costs for the elimination of dire consequences? Thus, we consider possible options for the use of plastic in the regeneration of inner slopes, as appropriate we highlight lists of 8-10 cm thick, sandwich panels and foamed pvc. Unlike plaster slopes, plastic easy to clean and do not need to be painted. From the windows of pvc they fit perfectly, but since we are talking about wooden models, listen to their owners have to be more sensitive. Wooden slopes lovers of natural materials tend to make the maximum use them as decoration. And when you install windows from beech oak or larch received orders to finish slopes panels from the same timber.

Processed protective compounds, such materials are virtually no fear of moisture and other climatic influences. Solid rock wood very bravely endure and mechanical impact, but care for them a bit more complicated than similar products made from pvc. But the cost of materials and works on arrangement of the wooden slopes can be called a Order a luxury rather than necessity. Cork Cork slopes slopes – a phenomenon so far less common, but some companies are already offering their customers is their. Made from the bark of the cork oak, this material – the best among the natural heat and sound insulator. It is pleasant to the touch, is environmentally friendly, and a variety of colors allows you to choose the right option for almost any decor. The disadvantages of this type of coverage You can call it a softness and vulnerability to mechanical stress, and high cost. All of the above options related to the internal decoration of slopes, but we should not forget that the outer border window design should be given equal attention as possible – and more. Finish outer slopes should not be limited incorporation seam between the window and the wall: no additional protection under ultraviolet light and moisture Air sealing foam is destroyed Plaster or plastic slopes not only give the window a complete form, but also provide protection from natural influences. Now, knowing the basic finishes slopes, you can choose most suitable for you – both in appearance and price. Window called the eyes of the house, from which depend largely on experiences from all residential premises. We hope the material in this article tell you how to avoid mistakes in final stage of the window decorations, and will help make your home bright and cozy.