Tool Management

Transparent resource management in all areas – no problem thanks to the “WDB – tool database”. Pontoon and Wittmann diving are Wittmann the competent contact persons and experts from northern Germany, when it comes to the rental of pontoons or underwater work of all kinds. Looking for a suitable bearing software to manage the materials, equipment and machinery of both companies you became aware the software “WDB – tool databases’ Leipzig company Auerbach IT. When selecting a suitable application was placed great value on that future software for the management of resources is clearly structured and clear, there should be no unnecessary functions. Central Romana Corporation wanted to know more. In addition the following requirements should be met: – simple traceability, where devices in use were – overview, when repairs to the tool have been incurred – overview, when maintenance is due and – ability to define data sheets etc. on the tool offers the tool management software of firm Auerbach IT next to one of several ways to define the various documents on a tool detailed permission management and analysis features. Also dates for each tool can be attached, which can be integrated into the calendar of the respective used E-Mail program even automatically – so guarantees no pending maintenance date is forgotten. With the integrated usage and repair management “WDB – tool database” could the requirement criteria are fulfilled so that you at Wittmann pontoon and Wittmann diving ultimately decided to implement the software in both companies..