Social Movements

The Social Movements and its Origins the category is ample and can congregate, depending on the criteria of analysis used, organizations directed toward the promotion of moral, ethical and legal interests. Although the social movements to be fruit of definitive historical and social contexts, two classic conceptual definitions can be found that they are: The first one of them is of control of historical action of Alain Touraine, that it prefers to study the new social movements, that, in the tripping of new paradigmas of the call globalization strengthen identities and intervene with agendas politics of the society, and resalta the movements feminists, racial, partner-ambient, sexual and for-religious that through them social minorities had become forces politics and object of social sciences and human beings. second of Manuel Castells, that resalta the social movements as practical contradictory systems social in accordance with agricultural the urban social order/, whose nature is to transform the structure of the system in which he is inserted, either through revolutionary actions or not, in a class representative correlation and last instance, the state power. We live in a country where it continues in vigor an official explanation that does not have the Brazilian people as subject of its construction. Although to have innumerable social groups Brazil continues to be understood by the logic of the conqueror. Etnocntricas and authoritarian conceptions find, for incredible that it can seem, points of contact with the thought of progressive intellectuals, and with this it appeared some chains in some areas of the thought, that had searched ' ' resgatar' ' the originary peoples. The meeting of the gold, metal, only happened in the end of century XVII, and for the sedentary ones still it took advantage to the form of traditional sobrevimento and the manual one. While the Spaniard had appealed the desorganizao of the economic activities, the Portuguese, without conditions to carry through an ownership accomplish, had walked gradually for the submission of native societies to its designs and with this caused the commerce of wood-Brazil, had searched to complement this fished activity with the convivncia with the agricultural system of small pepper productions, maize, cassava, fruits and of originria extration.