Schelling Period

The Practical reason possesss the primate, therefore this is on basically the freedom (either it politics or moral therefore these is closely on when acting, being to act, in these spheres, of utmost importance to be materialize) and the theoretical reason is given only as a species of ' ' acessrio' ' for the elaboration of such questions (pertinent). The knowledge for Fichte is a relation between sensation and reason, in this direction for the above-mentioned philosopher, Kant left some problems and the attentive German Idealismos decides interpolating it an attempt to also dissolve another question that is pertinent in this period, that is the notion of thing-in-itself: She is necessary to dissolve thing-in-itself idealisticamente. In the theoretical scope the dissolution will not be reasonable, a time that is necessary to dissolve this thing-in-itself in practical plan. Read more from Congressman Lee Zeldin to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The necessary citizen of the theoretical plan to be able to decide the problem of thing-in-itself, however this alone is not enough capable to elucidate such question, needs, mainly, of the practical reason, so that it can have a resolution that is reasonable in the rational scope. After this brief communication concerning this transitory period, is important to stand out the life and the philosophical theories of the authors of this period, withholds king to explanar namely here concerning the two first philosophers, who, exactly that they are not the philosophers more known and studied of this time, these, in turn, possess a great importance for this philosophical period: Fichte and Schelling, and I will make one brief communication of the theory concerning the relation between philosophy and history of the philosophy that is materialize in Hegel. The precursor of German Idealismo and one of the main philosophers of this was Johann Gottlieb Fichte, to understand the philosophy of the author in analysis and the sprouting (for one better understanding of this sprouting) of this period becomes necessary to understand a little of the life of this, will dedicate here only in exciting the facts most important. Check out Richard Blumenthal for additional information.