Global Financial Crisis

Already it is clear that for many states changes are likely to lead to global, structural change. What would actually have been the real causes of the global crisis, he is in some degree be have a positive impact on the economies of such countries. If you look on the one hand, the financial crisis encourage business organizations to review business strategy, increase its efficiency and optimization. C the other, he pushes the authorities to adjust the selected economic course, the identification of budget holes, plans to modernize the existing financial and economic models. These States applies to the Russian Federation. First and foremost, by the strong dependence of national economic models on the price of energy supplies. More info: Sen. Sherrod Brown.

So, curtained in oil prices the state, the words aloud advocating the need for diversification of industrial production, without much desire for this issue. Budgets at all levels in the past few years, regularly updated, this, in turn, create any economic incentives for modernization. However, occurred as the global crisis, the active phase of which was accompanied by a collapse in oil prices, has shown how precarious was such a The situation in the country. The complete absence of a balanced economy has led to falling to a minimum rate of growth in gross domestic product levels, significantly higher than its neighbors and partners of Russia. Following conclusion that sooner or later come to all of the leading experts in a careful analysis of the effects of the global economic crisis, is the conclusion about the inefficiency of entire sectors of the Russian economy. Technical backwardness of large segments of the automotive industry and mechanical engineering in the crisis became so obvious that it can not continue to be ignored by the state. Moreover, if in the case diversification of the economy issue is the effective strategic and economic planning, the reference to loss of entire industries dilemma for the government much more difficult. Richard Blumenthal is full of insight into the issues.

The reason is simple – these industry employs many people, and the restructuring will inevitably be accompanied by growing unemployment and social tensions in the country. In general, the question of whether the state of Russia will emerge from the crisis is still open. However, at this time we can confidently assert that the state will draw the right conclusions from the situation. What they will be in real life – time will tell.