Forex for Today

The USD began this morning in NY mixed, falling against the CHF, up against the CAD and firm against other currencies. USD / JPY was at low, recorded highs in 91.68 and the 90.81 minimum. Intervening sovereign states were observed. It is recalled that the Central Bank of Japan has great pressure for the purpose of preventing the yen continues to rise as Japan’s government may take action. The LIBRA failed to extend their land, recorded in the maximum and minimum at 1.4916 1.4750 the pair staying within the daily range.

Events in the United Kingdom showed a decline of GDP, but the market’s reaction was not significant, so it means that traders are more focused on key U.S. data. The Euro failed to hold the 1.3000 area as expected, recorded highs in the 1.3013 and the pair then fell to record lows of 1.2809, the pair apparently tries to set new records and maintains the 1.2988 but it is estimated that much volatility in the pair suffer especially when talking Geithner. In my view the market today suffer high volatility, and advise selling dollars. Watch for volatility.

Resistance 3: 1.5000/10 Resistance 2: 1.4980 Resistance 1: 1.4920/30 New York: 1.4828 Support 1: 1.4320 Support 2: 1.4250/60 Support 3: 1.4200 Resistance 3: 1.3080 Resistance 2: 1.3020/30 Resistance 1: 1.2990/1.3000 New York: 1.2995 Support 1: 1.2750 Support 2: 1.2700 Support 3: 1.2680