Securely Exchange Egold

There is a crook who wants to cheat more Runet users, and this lad a little versed in html, and psychology. He buys a domain and hosting (and sometimes costs and free). Creates high-quality (sometimes not) English-language site with unpretentious dizaynom.Na this resource (the 'profitable exchanger'), this crook is the official overseas company and offers to make the exchange usd E-Gold to WMZ; often there are other areas of exchanges, but they either 'temporarily unavailable' or to commit them 'insufficient reserves' then this makes a novice crook sleek Russian-language page on the free hosting service, where the extent of his eloquence, or long and detail the lurid charms a comfortable life, or throwing the phrase: 'A new method for make money online from $ 100 per day Really works! ', Immediately begins to the point but the fact is that if a person has visited this page, exchange wmz at usd E-Gold in one of the online e-money exchanger in the future he could exchange them back into the super-duper unique and drop dead foreign exchanger for sky-favorable rate (approximately 1 wmz to 1.1 E-Gold), and then, making these uncomplicated exchange operations several times a day, he will become a billionaire is about to then our man puts links to their pseudo instructions for easy enrichment of postmen, catalogs, and of course the same forums and starts wait for his e-gold account is not received your hard-earned money. Also, periodically, he does not forget to 'launder' received uiny (in exchange Liberty Reserve, for example), so as not to lose the means chosen by blocking e-gold scheta.Teper Let us consider the characteristic features which can protect yourself from losing money: 1) Account in E gold is usually new to learn you can look at the first numbers they begin with 51, 52, 53, etc.