National Insurance

In such cases, divorce is not given automatically and the 'right to divorce' need to prove. Child support – Israeli law the maintenance of children – one of the difficult issues of family law. In couples where both parents are Jewish, the obligation to pay child support for children rests largely on his father, at least until the age of 13. In the mixed pairs of alimony for children are appointed respectively income parents. Often, judges have to do mathematical calculations, the setting needs child and parental income. Typically, family courts require the child's father to pay child support after filing a lawsuit.

Therefore, it is desirable to begin paying at least the minimum monthly amount of child maintenance, immediately after separation, before the judge's decision. This is useful for two reasons. Firstly, the attitude of the court the defendant will be totally different. Despite the dispute in the family, the father takes care of the children. Secondly, alimony paid after filing a claim will be deducted from the award. Do not have to lay out a large sum in one payment. In recent years, family courts and the country's Supreme Court made several precedential decisions "in favor of the" fathers.

Are rulings that even Jewish law takes into account income mothers and considered the needs of the father. If the financial position of one of the spouses have been significant changes, then you can re-apply to the court with a lawsuit to change the amount of alimony. If the husband does not pay child support in accordance with the decision of the court, the wife is entitled to apply to the Institute of National Insurance (National Insurance Institute). The latter will pay the alimony full size, as well as engage in debt collection from his father. Alimony to his wife, Israeli law requires spouses include not only children but also to each other, regardless of religion. So the husband is obliged to pay alimony to his wife, until a couple is married, and only after the divorce shall be exempt from payments. Sometimes the alimentary suit demanding a wife in the divorce process, served to put pressure on her husband and get agree to a divorce. Typically, such tactics can achieve the desired result. It should be noted that in religious families, the wife may lose the right to maintenance for the following reasons: adultery affront to the husband, immodest clothing, and in certain other cases. After a divorce, the court may award alimony to former wife when it was shown that the cessation of monetary support, will hurt the status of women after divorce. As part of a divorce, considering the alimentary claim on his wife, the judge must be convinced that the spouses there is an economic dependence created for a long time. In the process Divorce is not worth listening to girlfriends or friends. Here, as in medicine, the principle – what fits in one case, could harm the other. Lawyers of our office can help you overcome all the difficulties of divorce and alimony claim.