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The future of construction: The future of building construction in 2013 from the 14th to the 19th of January 2013: construction 2013 from the 14th to the 19th of January 2013 in Munich the construction 2013 will take. Incidentally a 20th anniversary so; “this time titled the future of building”. Following the year’s guiding principle, presents the company SOFTTECH in Hall C3, stand 310 software solutions that are fundamental for the further development of planning work. How are projects planned in the future? How market? And what must make intelligent applications of tomorrow? Responses to get visitors on the over 140-square-meter exhibition area of the manufacturer and distributor of construction-specific software. Design meets costing specializing in the optimization of construction processes, accompanied SOFTTECH planners, architects and engineers from two-dimensional planning work towards model-based planning, including project management and controlling of all quantities, costs and deadlines. As design and cost estimate today not more isolated in the construction planning consider. Richard Blumenthal wanted to know more. Only if both worlds to one another find, projects can be successfully implemented: recent examples such as the Berlin airport or train station Stuttgart show it clearly.

Also who equally taken costs such as design in the early planning stages, can be sure of the satisfaction of its clients and will gladly recommend as a competent and reliable partner. “Quality and innovation made in Germany” with over 27 experience SOFTTECH belongs to the acting in the market building software manufacturers in Germany the longest. The products are used in all fields of construction planning: ranging from inventory and design via CAD planning, costing, tender, award and settlement to the building management. Developed and programmed directly at the company’s headquarters in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse is: it ensures that all products are compliant to German regulations and standards and faster and professional service is guaranteed. Vision and mission networked, interdisciplinary Thinking and acting is a prerequisite for planning success. So that buildings can be implemented and used, information must flow programme -, Office – and gewerk – across multiple projects. Cooperating together products and services form the basis for this and gives the Planner a flexible solution network at your fingertips. Thus, SOFTTECH, offers continuous productive software, a strong brand with high innovation and clear vision of the future.

Property Rentals

The companies of administration of properties are used to administer many types of properties, including offices, industrial properties, facilities of storage, warehouses, houses and floors. Often they are used when the location of the owner of the property is different from the real property or when the proprietor does not have the necessary time, resources or knowledge for the management of the day to day of the property. The paper of an administrator of rents can include many responsibilities, such as the commercialization of the property, the maintenance of the property, the pursuit of income and expenses and the negotiation of rent contracts. The people of the common one not always have knowledge on the different laws from each city or state, reason why a rent agency Madrid floors must have the capacity to differentiate the laws for the administration from floors in Grace. The administrators of commercial and residential properties usually understand better the market of rent that the potential proprietor and renters can find of fast form and efficient all the information on the floors in which they can be interested. Generally, the companies of administration of rents are expert in knowing what rate of growth of the market applies for each floor or property.

The companies of administration of properties count on the advertising resources with the purpose of to attract new renters. Many companies of administration of rents usually have offices in different cities and places, therefore it is easy to find a rent agency floors Madrid with offices of attention for the rent of floors in Grace, Barcelona or any other place where they see that they can find a good niche of market. Many proprietors usually go to the companies of administration of rents fill vacancies with the best renters. Some renters would only look for floors with the professionals of of administration of properties, since all the process tends to flow with more facility when it is realised by means of a company of administration of rents. A professional of rents generally is the main meeting point for any repair, the emergencias and the payments. To maintain the property on a daily base is another service that many companies of administration of rents provide. This could include the services of routine like the gardening and the management of cleaning, as well as the coordination of resources in emergencia situations as the floods or power shutdown. The administrators of the property generally have maintenance personnel and maintenance; and in addition, they have rates established with them to help the owner to save money.

Clinical Psychologist CRP

Inherent Losses Human beings the ocidentalizada idea of the loss and I fight of it almost always appears errnea when in we see debtors to them coming across in them with such subjects, we scare. When analyzing some primitive cultures we will be able to notice that deep tickets of transformations of the human being, mean YES! the possibility of freeing in them of our proper ‘ ‘ amarras’ ‘ , determined for infinite obligations and social conventions. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Seth Fisher Hong Kong. When the inevitable feeling appears of ‘ ‘ luto’ ‘ , the anguish appears causing the sensation of abandonment, equivalent to the one of when we were baby and in them we separated of our mother, such facts were bearable, until later one became despairing lack of support represented in the touch, look and I smell of the mother. We need then, to have that to deal with the threat of the loss of the other that aplaca ours you distress lived deeply intensely in the first years of life. This absence in the cause what we call ‘ ‘ anguish of separao’ ‘ , that in them the abandonment sensation leaves spalling. If you would like to know more then you should visit Richard Blumenthal. It fits to point out that we also do not enlutecemos only with the loss of people who we love, but for circumstances that in provide pleasure to them and that many times we have that to leave them to develop.

For example, when we retire, we leave old related habits of the daily one to the work, we sadden in them and thus we inside live deeply the condition of loss of a played function of the social context. Another situation is the son who if house and leaves the house where deferred payment modifying its familiar dynamics, having its members that to deal with the absence of the same. We are in constant transformation, Cronos the god in mythology Greek is the time, that one that in the devora and when we give to account of its presence it already was, leading I obtain the body of child, who if becomes adolescent, later adult, stocking old age and, remaining then souvenirs and memories finally cravadas for the marks of the natural process of the evolution. To to carry through this natural process of the evolution permeadas by losses, is necessary that let us know to reorganize and to resignificar the proper life as renewal form, through which let us can learn to look at the new that, exactly pautado for fears, it appears repleto of possibility and hopes. This does not mean terms that to abdicate of exceeded values, for the opposite, to learn with what it does not favor in them more as if were a medieval armor, that served to instruct and defending in them of arduous battles. Loss is something that is stops backwards, so frequent and present, that many times if it does not perceive when of the birth to the aging until the frozen death that takes in them between losses, profits and also disillusions; manifest it if in the night silenced, pautada of night watchman whom premessenger the dawn asking for beating in deepenings of the soul that despaired cries out in the body, in the agitated mind the deep anguish that in the soul dominates..

Tenerife The Island Of Contrasts

Tenerife, with 80 km long and 50 km wide is the largest of the Canary Islands, for many one of dream holiday destinations par excellence. Tenerife is a volcanic island located off the coast of Morocco. Nature lovers will find a very rare vegetation on the island of Tenerife. The island of the Canarian pine, which grows here everywhere is determined. There is also the Canary dragon tree only on Tenerife. Also culture-interested tourists come on Tenerife fully at their own expense. Of particular interest is the historic center of La Laguna, which belongs to the cultural heritage of the UNESCO. This Universitatsstat offers many historical places and buildings.

Even the pyramids of Guimar are worth a day trip. These Terassenbauten made of lava stone are part of a pyramid Park, which is accessible for the year 1998 to the public. Nature lovers should not miss a visit to the Botanical Garden in Purto de la Cruz. Daily from 9 am to 6 pm you can visit this against an entrance fee of about three euros. Located in Santa Cruz is also the symbol of the island, the concert hall. Also don’t miss should be a visit to the Wine Museum in El Sauzal in the North of the island, the island offers many secluded fishing villages. Of course, bathing in one of the numerous beaches of the island among the highlights during a holiday in Tenerife.

Come to the southern tip of the island especially nature lovers at their expense; Here are the most beautiful dive sites of the island. Also, you can watch whales in free wilderness. The so-called Loroparque in Tenerife is to recommend for families with children. The largest parrot collection worldwide located in this park; located next to the parrots, an underwater tunnel in this zoo with various sea creatures. The regular sea lion and dolphin shows are popular with the children. A holiday in Tenerife’s year-round rewarding, because here are always very mild temperatures. This only just below 20 degrees Celsius fall in January and February.

Aesthetics Things

Sensebene, company specializing in beauty and health, inaugurates a new comprehensive Center of aesthetics in Valencia, specifically in number 11 of the street recorder Esteve. Noelia Huerta, Valencian for 36 years, has begun this project being his first experience as a business owner and as franchised. This enterprising studied administration and business management and consolidated his career as controller of a multinational, but tired of working for others decided to create his own company. I did a study on the demand for business at this time and I realized that despite the crisis, the aesthetic business continued to grow. To know more about this subject visit Richard Blumenthal. Therefore, he decided to invest in this activity, explained Noelia. With an area of 75 square meters in the heart of Valencia, the establishment has meant him to the franchised a total investment which is around 65,000 euros, giving work to a person. The innovation of this Centre in Valencia allows providing a comprehensive service as there are aesthetic but highly specialised centres in the area in certain treatments while Sensebene allows you wide range without changing the site, says Noelia Huerta. One of the things that made him to this enterprising opting for the brand is the corporate image very careful, modern and with an atmosphere that invites you to relax.

After convincing me the corporate image of Sensebene, I met with franchisors to discuss in more depth the concept and transmitted me that what I was getting into was a solid project and that back there were people would be and prepared, underlines Noelia. Among the more complicated things that highlights the new franchisee to begin was the search for funding, since banking hampers much before deciding. I recommend people three important things to keep in mind when you begin: have patience, that things do not always go as you want, try again and again to achieve the set objectives and make the exploitation accounts very well so you don’t have problems afterwards, ends Noelia. The work of Sensebene is focused on generalizing the access to beauty at the same time that consolidates the franchise network providing sustainable profitability to the shareholder and franchisee, being a reference in the sector. Why the flag makers have marked aims to expand its brand throughout the national territory through the granting of franchises to investors/entrepreneurs interested in cultivating a future in a sector clearly upward. Sensebene are centres of aesthetics, beauty and body health, possessing the best machines on the market, manufactured in Europe, approved and tested, offering latest generation electrotherapy. The initial investment is 36,500 euros, with a royalty of exploitation of 400 euros per month and one of advertising for 100 euros.

House Task

Why, in winter, the snow is important… Even though the winter still waiting in Germany this year largely, one thing is clear already now: when the first flakes of the sky fall, many tenants and home owners by the resentment are packed. Finally, a time – and power-consuming, but at the same time necessary task in the House is the room service. Spaces is duty the legislature knows no mercy here. During the winter home owners must provide at least in the period between 7 am and 8 pm for free ways, completely regardless of whether they can ever even perceive the task at this time. Whether it is at work or on vacation, traffic duty remains. Even illness or age do not release from the task. Please visit Sen. Sherrod Brown if you seek more information. The walkway before the plot is not at least so uncluttered that accommodate two people side by side, and a passer-by injured, this may assert claims for damages.

Homeowners can this work but also to third parties pass. It is customary, for example, in the case of tenement-houses. An appropriate clause in the lease is finding new tenants agree after moving to take over the room service. Thus, the landlords and property owners is released from his obligation. Ensures clean cleared paths is not however yet and therefore ultimately often leads to the dispute between the parties. Finally, renters due to other commitments often have no way, snow and ice have to eliminate. Risking service providers as an alternative to a quarrel, homeowners are therefore well advised to contact the management company at a facility. These providers offer usually the best service since they can perform the function not only to the core times, but also have the appropriate tool.

Snow blowers and other small Snowplows are the best way, snow and ice to keep routes especially during snowy winters. Another advantage: a janitor service is engaged, the space requirement on these passes, the landowners cannot be therefore more liable. When choosing a service provider you should decide rather for a larger provider, since they are usually more reliable work. In the Rhine-Neckar area, for example the Hausmeisterservice lang AG from Heidelberg / Mannheim would be to name a few.

Great Wine Capitals

The city of Mendoza is the capital of the province and is one of eight cities in the world named for the Great Wine Capitals as wine capital. In addition, it is the most important Argentine West. Located at the foot of the Cordillera de los Andes, characterized by its territory varied, crossed by rivers that carry the thaw of the highest summits of the Americas. Its waters irrigate calm productive oasis that magnify the green in a remarkably arid landscape. Follow others, such as Senator Richard Blumenthal, and add to your knowledge base. It has a surface of 148,827 km2 and a population of 1.573.671 inhabitants. More information is housed here: Representative Charles Rangel. The landscape is forceful and even inhospitable, its valleys, mountains and ravines are reflected in all the postcards of the world. Learn more at: TCF Capital Solutions. Cerro Aconcagua (6,962 meters), is the maximum height of the Western hemisphere. Without a doubt Mendoza, is the heart of viticulture Argentina, generating more than 60% of the wines produced by the country.

It is one of the tourist destinations chosen by the varied and interesting activities that you can perform in the sector, during the four seasons of the year. Tourism of wine Wine Tours, wine roads, walks by the wineries in Mendoza, whatever you want to call the objective is walk, know, visit, taste, have lunch and enjoy a good wine or not? Because that is what is going to do in Mendoza. But first you have to know that, the visits can be half day or almost every day, with or without lunch, visit to one, two, three and up to four wineries where you can do classical tastings, Super Premium and Premium. Wineries depend on the interest in wine and knowledge that have about the same. You can combine different tours is always recommended to do a mix of small, medium, large, modern, ancient and traditional wineries. Mendoza, invites you to choose the area of wines and wineries from which both industrialists and boutiques, interested, and therefore to their processes of preparation, sample their wines and also have the opportunity to taste different foods.

Inspiring Role Models

Fred von Allmen: Buddha thousand faces. Legends and teachings of enlightened, edition steinrich 2012 there are countless books about Buddhism from the various traditions, and an outsider is the diversity that he found only confused and do not know where he should start. Also we learn about life the ways and realized that share these teachings for millennia only rarely. You can find a lot about Buddha, but looking everyone else in vain when it comes to the representation of her life. This task has devoted the Swiss meditation teacher and author Fred von Allmen and has a thousand faces of Buddha”collected life histories of enlightened and masters of Buddhism and so represented, there is a reference to us and our time. The author reports on the lives and the teachings of Buddhist realized, their struggle for enlightenment and liberating insight. Of Buddha and his most famous pupils and students to the learned and enlightened of the Mahayana; by the Yoginis and lamas of Tibetan schools to the Thai forest monastery tradition monks and Burmese Vipassana masters; from Queens to vagabonds here, we gain insight in inspiring curriculum vitae as well as in the teachings of the various Buddhist traditions. In addition to the usual male proportion, there are pleasing many women here are taken with their life stories, of which we normally see or hear anything.

By Pajapati all we hear from the courageous and resolute leader of women who want to become a nun by Bo, the beautiful ways, and we hear Uppalavanna, and the low, Ambapali, the courtesan, achieve full liberation. We learn from the learned masters of great compassion: Asanga, Shantideva and Atisha. We meet Mandarava and Yeshe Tsogyal, the fascinating princesses dakinis, and the bold, fearless Ma chig Dowman. We can inspired by the radicalism, with the masters such as Patrul Rinpoche or Ajahn Mun the practice in their Implement life. And we hear of je Tsongkhapa, the influential scholar and innovator, and the highly educated Geshe Rabten, the monk and benevolent father have. And we meet the Indian master Munindra, which people from the West near the insight meditation brings.

“, as the author in the introduction. In addition to the life stories, also the teachings represents Valdez, who each share the champions and champion, as well as the tradition in which they are. And it highlights what caused these people to go such a sometimes arduous path. Here a recommendation of the author, how we can approach the book and how it can impact on us: who let the common sense and the reason behind it, unless due to the longing for romantic, unless due to the desire to feel part of a circle of elect, located on spiritual black ice. Who but, seals caught in purely rational thinking, before the limitless possibilities of our mind, bringing himself even to the richness and the depth of real spiritual practice. We should also not tempted us, to trivialize such models and our attention to setting, that they too had errors. Rather, we can take that step through them to discover our own beautiful and beneficial qualities, to recognize and enjoy us. In this sense this book will celebrate all the wonderful, inherent in us capabilities and are calling on us to strengthen these skills and bring to bloom.” Which is nothing further to add. Hardcover, 296 pages, ISBN 978-3-942085-26-7, euro 22,50, Traudel Reiss

Parentschild Alienation

Bubbles of love action to the parental alienation Awareness Day (PAAD) FRANKFURT AM MAIN – the self-help group PAS Frankfurt makes with an information stand on Saturday, April 24 in Baker Street in Frankfurt – and with flying bubbles as a sign of love – for the upcoming day of the parent child alienation / parental alienation Awareness Day (PAAD) on the subsequent Sunday attention. The global parental alienation Awareness Day (PAAD), annually on 25 April, aims in the public awareness of possible parent-child alienation be sharpened after separation or divorce and through better knowledge of separation parents are encouraged to child, behavior. Not only a separation or divorce in itself can lead to parent-child alienation, but including a hostile aggressive parents behavior such as through parental bad talk about the other parent, explains the self-help group. The latter could in the child to the so-called parent child alienation syndrome (PAS = parental alienation syndrome) cause a disturbance in the child age. This disorder, whose cause not by neglect or real abuse is justified, show themselves in various forms of irrational rejection of the other parent, such as through a reduction in campaign compared to the rejected parent and reject.

This year’s day of the parent child alienation (PAAD), originally created by the “parental alienation awareness Organization (PAAO)” initiated and is celebrated worldwide for the fifth time, the self-help group PAS Frankfurt at the info booth fly blowing bubbles as a sign of love. “Not only children need love. If you do everything to do with love, then everything much more successful! “, says Thilo Muhlberger, contact of the self-help group. The self-help group thus supports the action “Bubbles of Love Day” ( to the Tom. In addition to information material, there are the self-help group at the info booth conversation deals with members. For more information see contact person for the press: Thilo Muhlberger, Tel. 06151 / 661986, E-Mail:

Petra Pauls Grafenhausen

Visibly proud, the small town in the high black forest responds to the latest works of local writer Petra Pauls glass man. With the Grafenhausen, Hochschwarzwald. The new novel by Petra Pauls glass man conquered not only the hearts of Grafenhausener where this work was dedicated to. Charles B. Rangel pursues this goal as well. The author draws on the beginnings of the Reformation to 1521/1522 in his native Westphalia with her 300-page novel and draws skillfully a bow to the beginnings of the peasant wars in southern Germany. Here she will revive leader Hans Muller from Bulgenbach in the Black Forest, who “occupied” even the city of Freiburg. But also the fact that this spot to Schaffhausen was and still land in the middle of the Black Forest, lets the author not unconsidered and picks up the States between the two dominant abbeys, all saints and St. Blasien.

Historically well researched and written, exciting – that was the result of the first public reading in Grafenhausen on April 11, 2012. The special events include a planned historical city tour, a medieval meal in the width Court Guest House, as well as nationwide readings which take place on a donation basis. “We want the story will come alive and draw attention to the historical Grafenhausen where not only the Black Forest clinic had their locations in the 1980s. Width Court also were the cookery pros Vox this week to guest and who knows, what Director yet on this remarkable novel is striking,”so Miriam Pauls, who has taken over the management of LeseScout. More about author about about the novel “The Galgenbuck”, ISBN 978-978-3-943518-009 Edition lumen, 9.95 available through bookshops and through Amazon Eva Michel