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Accounting, billing and project management software fairly complete online, specifically designed to keep the simplicity of these tasks and thinking of online billing. The basic package is free and is purchased making an inscription that takes less than a minute. Allows you to add products, services, project management and tracking, creation of quotes and even the import of databases. (Similarly see: Sen. Sherrod Brown). For small and medium-sized enterprises, have a specialized program of accounting and billing can be an investment of considerable cost, but thanks to the resources offered by the network, applications like this, which offers a free solution or appear low cost to meet the needs of such companies. Today I want to share with you the information I’ve collected these days about project management tools (for van de guays, project management). Is that in my team has emerged the need to manage once and damn, if only by above, what we intended to do and deadlines and priorities with those who are going to do every thing. Come on, that kind of schedules that are common sense, but in the Spanish companies only made as obligation, and often with the sole intention of offering dates of delivery to the commercial, but not because it is aware of how important that is.

In this new website you can know in depth all the features and functionalities of this medical management software specially developed for companies who manage works or develop projects in different phases, for example: consulting firms, engineering companies, development companies put also at your disposal download in .pdf of all the specific characteristics of management system as well as a product file. The Software for the management of CRM projects, includes the management and control of work, planning of human and material resources, the possibility of knowing in time real the deviation arising from the execution of works, the control of the working parties of the different resources that form part, know the costs and benefits associated with the project, and may carry out budgets adjusted without deviations and being able to check a source among other features. You have the possibility of displaying several different languages, among which are the Spanish, and its use is very simple, since you customize several functions, with AIDS and examples to the specific adjustments required by each company. However, for packages with more functionality versions exist you pay with different rates, depending on the needs that are required to meet.

President Eduardo Duhalde

In 1995 he joined the National Senate representing Santa Cruz. In 1997 he entered the Chamber of Deputies and in 2001 is once again elected Senator, always by the same province. Upon assuming the Presidency her husband on May 25, 2003, held, in addition, the role of first lady, giving it a special significance to their political participation. For the legislative elections of 23 October 2005 was elected Senator, but this time by the province of Buenos Aires, representing the Frente para la Victoria, a spin-off of the Peronist party. Connect with other leaders such as Sen. Sherrod Brown here. He won by a difference of 26 percentage points to Gonzalez Hilda de Duhalde, wife of former President Eduardo Duhalde. It maintains an active human rights defender profile both in Argentina and in Latin America.

In 2009, Fernandez de Kirchner was considered by Forbes magazine as the Eleventh among the one hundred most powerful women in the world. It rose two positions from the previous year Haiti, has had in Ertah Pascal Trouillot the first and only woman who holds the Office of President of Haiti. In 1990, he received the provisional mandate from the hands of the Commander in Chief of the armed forces. He held power for nearly a year Pascal-Trouillot is Chief Justice of the Haitian Supreme Court when he became President on March 13, 1990, following a military coup military in general Herard Abraham, who overthrew the Government of then and immediately agree to abandon power. In January 1991, his Government was overthrown in a military coup nearly. In February 1991 he gave the Office of President as elections have been held and Jean-Bertrand Aristide vowed.


Carlos Mora Vanegas will conclude the Summit and obtained results that will be taken into account, in addition to the representatives of the twelve South American countries signed the constitutive treaty of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur), and resolved to study a Brazilian proposal of creating a Council of defence. The Summit adopted the Constitutive Act of the Unasur, which defines the legal framework of the South American union already defined by diplomatic representatives of the Member countries during a meeting in Caracas at the beginning of May. Remember, that Unasur is formed by Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela. Points out, that the Treaty must still be approved by national congresses to come into force, sets the objective of strengthening political dialogue and form a space of concertation to reinforce integration in the region. It aims to build an identity and citizenship South America, welcomes among its guiding principles democracy and the unconditional respect for the sovereignty, integrity and territorial inviolability of States.

The first Presidency pro tempore corresponded to the President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, once the Colombian alvaro Uribe did not accept. The President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, gave the baton to Brazilian host Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, and then Bachelet assumed that responsibility. Checking article sources yields Ohio Senator as a relevant resource throughout. It is interesting to take into account as indicated by, that other Latin American and the Caribbean countries may participate of Unasur, initially as associate members. The Unasur will define in five years if they can be Member States.

Why Argentina

The human shields inevitably multiply the innocent civilian victims, but in no way these can be caratuladas simple collateral damage, as happened yesterday with the attack against the three schools of the UN, totally condemnable Act and outside of all logic and humanitarian spirit. Therefore, and against this recurring tragedy, the immediate objective of the international community is very clear. It must be the cease-fire. Why Argentina, says the editorial, should unreservedly support the efforts that, in that sense, is making the President of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, supported by Nicolas Sarkozy. The proposed mediation should not take; through it, a peacekeeping force formed perhaps with input from moderate Arab countries should be responsible for security throughout Gaza urgently.

Their tasks they should aim to prevent that from that territory continue launching missiles toward Israel, but the normal flow of humanitarian aid into Gaza must also be guaranteed. There is a second mandatory stop. The suffering Palestinian population should get out of the prolonged economic blockade has been subjected to that, which has caused a deep humanitarian crisis and fed hatreds and resentments that lead to despair. Responsible for this also include Palestinian leaders themselves, who have consented and used their own people as hostage. Definitely international agencies should arrogate to find solutions, she knows alternatives of intervention that may lead to favorable results, as the meeting of the the UN Security Council remains gathered at an extraordinary session in order to find a solution to the Middle East conflict, amid Palestinian to immediate action claims are being sought. The meeting discusses a proposal for a resolution tabled by the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, and supported by the League of Arab States. The text seeks a halt to immediate ceasefire, in addition to the constant opening of border crossings for the access of humanitarian assistance, action which already this Tuesday was given response through israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

Internal Time

Be careful with the artists of the screwdriver, whose inappropriate step by screws strip the fine finish of elegant shotguns of Eibar origin. Rifles, the cleaning and revision process is similar, taking utmost care in cleaning the barrel, to remove the metal remains of bales without damaging the internal spline. If locks and monotiros the task will be easier, the semi-automatic may require the visit to the gunsmith, who in turn cast a look at the set. Not complicated in excess returns to the maximum here hunting for second-hand clothes. FINISH for the final finish, every time there is in the market most excellent conservation, cleaning and maintenance products for metals and woods that will take care of our shotguns and rifles.

A drop of oil, not a bath, in the areas of friction, as the sides of the crimping of guns with the scale in the overlapping, and pass a cloth soaked in oil will give longer life to the shotgun, which can be saved in any Briefcase plastic or similar to avoid problems with sleeves of fabric or canvas that may not be completely dry. For safety, better to leave some fundamental piece away from the shotgun, safe home elsewhere, so it can not be used by themselves and less by strangers. Rifles will continue to live in their Armory approved mandatory, where better if accompanied by them shotguns for preventing risks with friends of the alien. Although ideally, from time to time, practice with the shotgun or rifle in the increasingly less shooting ranges that we have, with the appropriate license. And so safe that the veda is less long.