Venezuela: Dissociation Psychotic Or Virtual Country

According to recent acts of opposition, or try to burn the last few rounds to try to give a gentle tap our president of the republic, fully constituted by a landslide vote of the Venezuelans, we have been observing in what way the leaders old policy or output of the coffins mummies oldest society, is powering its lowest resources with the sole objective of ending the Bolivarian ideology, and in the most vile, which is to manipulate young minds students and try to bring a new concept study for psychiatrists or psychologists who is called dissociation psychosis (psychosis), like the rest of the opposing party and in accordance with regard to this controversy, I have made an investigation network by breaking down each term and try to figure referred to the same or relationship can have with reality.

What is dissociation? Dissociation is a word used to describe the disconnect between things usually associated with one yes. Dissociative experiences are not integrated in the sense of self, resulting in discontinuities in conscious awareness. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Ohio Senator and gain more knowledge.. In the dissociation there is a lack of connection in thought, memory and sense of identity of a person. For example, someone can think of an event that upset him greatly and still not feeling any emotion at all. It is what is called emotional numbing, one of the main aspects. Dissociation is a psychological process that is commonly found in people seeking treatment for psychological problems There are five main ways through which the dissociation of psychological processes change the way a person experiences life: depersonalization, derealization, amnesia, confusion identity and identity disturbance.