Trajectory Politics

The film brings a boarding regarding history of Brazil, with regard to the JK elections, the birth of Brasilia, the great success of Jnio Pictures that soon resign. The cinematographic production worked by Helium Pablo Ferraz, initially looks for to detach problematic and the lived context at the time; promoting one soon presentation of the crisis politics, the military blow, and the disability of the rights politicians of Juscelino Kubitschek. The focus properly said and the trajectory politics of Juscelino Kubitschek, that one known as ' ' president bossa nova' ' , popular he enters the great numbers of artists, who objective the aceleramento in the development of the Country route the modernity and the occupation of prominence you harness between them world-wide. We can notice that the film works the trajectory of Juscelino, but does not leave to make an analysis of the society at the time as relation to the economic one, politician, social and cultural; a movement of direct confrontation between distinct groups that the control searchs of to be able. The film is a bibliographical referencial that not only works the trajectory of Juscelino, also detaching all the historical processes that if it initiates before of years 50 and that they remain as a great landmark until today in the contemporaneidade. After all, we can affirm that the great movement politician and Populist of Juscelino Kubitscheck changed the route and the structures of Brazilian history..