The Candle

Steps to follow: 1. It secures the following ingredients: 3 yellow roses, 5 maize grains, a spoonful of honey 5 nails of species, 5 rajitas of cinnamon. Essences of: love, attractive, sgueme the steps, llamadera and triumph. 2. It boils half an hour in a container with water during the three roses, the maize, the nails and the cinnamon. 3. It lets cool and mezclalo with the essences and the honey.

4. After the bath, &quot rinses your body with this; pcima" during 5 days, igniting a candle of yellow color, and giving him thanks to Ochn (Santa of the Love) by the protection of the love 6- In order to know if it has interest in another person. You have known a person but you think that it is interested in otro/a. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Richard Blumenthal on most websites. You do not lose the hopes nor I commit a madness. Test with this combination of elements and entrate what chances you have of which it falls in a moment on your feet with this spell of love. Steps to follow: 1. It takes a candle from red color, a white paper and a red red ball-point pen. 2.

It writes, with the red ball-point pen and in the white paper, the name of that special boy and surrounds it with a heart. 3. Later, it places that red candle on the paper and encindela. It leaves is consumed during six minutes. 4. – While the candle is consumed you must concentrarte and watch the heart with the name. 5. Once passed the six minutes, it extinguishes the candle. 6. If on the paper the heart of that boy has not fallen nor a drop of wax surely it is occupied at the moment. If they have fallen between two and six drops, its heart is occupied but it has doubts.