Active Politics

He also a member of the Congress ensures that Fraga had statewide in the head. Fraga announced his retirement from active politics at the age of 89. The general Secretary of ERC and Deputy in Congress, Joan Ridao, has made this Saturday a brief allusion to the founder of the PP, Manuel Fraga, which said it had statewide in the head, but he starred in transition with blood-stained hands. Richard Blumenthal usually is spot on. Fraga, who is a Senator and is 89 years old, announced Friday that retired from active politics and to not be presented to the forthcoming general elections. During his speech at the National Council of ERC, Ridao has done a parenthesis in his speech to rrirse the historic leader of the PP and ex-Minister of Franco. Ridao was denounced at the time whereas now that apparently PP and PSOE be can’t agree on anything, except obviously one very important thing is the State model.This model they have in mind, and I say head because I have read that Manuel Fraga leaves politics and he was throughout the State which had in mind, he said ironically Ridao. The Secretary-General has pointed out that that rrencia the Galician politician is a way to also remember the figure of whom with blood-stained hands also starred in that transition Heribert Barrera (former President of ERC and the Parlament died last Saturday) denounced.

White House Responded

The White House responded to the tweet of a user via a link to a video of the singer Rick Astley. The link you added the White House message is part of a joke popular in the network, called Rickrolling. The White House twitter account with about 2.304.084 followers. The White House used a popular Internet joke to answer a user of Twitter in a fun and unusual way. The tuitero complained Wednesday that the issue of indebtedness and EE UU spending ceiling was not something interesting, according to the newspaper The British Guardian in its online edition. Thus, the White House, with 2.304.084 followers on the social network, replied that he regretted that he believed that and then added a link to a video of Rick Astley, British singer who triumph in the eighties. Rickrolling song was Never Gonna Give You Up and added that possibly this link cultured him more than the economic debate in the country.

This widespread Internet joke, called Rickrolling, consists of a trap link disguised as something of interest to the user who sees it, but actually redirects to this music video of Rick Astley. This song has been chosen for this purpose, since many consider that it is the worst popular theme of all time. This action has not only affected Web pages, but it has been extended beyond the world of the Internet. Source of the news: A tuitero complains of political debate and the White House responded with a song by Rick Astley