Public Politics

Not necessarily this cost if translates investment carried through through emergenciais or urgent efficient public politics, time that many of these costs had been unexpected. Certainly that these numbers are indeed significant, mainly when we can critically evaluate the actions that had been developed, and its effectiveness and efficiency in the preservation, protection, promotion and recovery of the Human Rights in the Pblica.2 Security the ACTIONS OF the BRAZILIAN PUBLIC POLITICS OF SECURITY AND the PRESERVATION OF the HUMAN RIGHTS Second study carried through in 2004 (IPEA, 2011a) for researchers of the Institute of Pesquisa Econmica Aplicada (IPEA), the cost of the violence in Brazil was of R$ 92,2 billions. Moreover, the total value was equivalent 5.09% of Produto Interno Bruto (PIB) or per capita R$ 519,40. It affirms Daniel Cerqueira, one of the authors of the work of the Ipea, intitled ‘ ‘ Analysis of the Costs and Consequences of the Violence in the Brasil’ ‘ , study that objectified the identification of the more violent Brazilian cities of the country, ‘ ‘ the cost of the violence in Brazil is one of the greaters of mundo’ ‘. Still according to given of the IPEA, divulged for this study, in 2004 about one tero of the cost with the violence, that is, R$ 31,9 billion had been banked by the public sector while two teros (R$ 60,3 billion) had been arcados by the private sector. ‘ ‘ It is a number conservative, therefore some costs are not computados’ ‘ , it detaches Cerqueira. Of this sum the public sector applied massive in the maintenance of the public security (R$ 28.1 billion), more R$ 2,8 billion with prisional system and R$ 998 million with the system of health, considered element of Security Public (there enclosed aggressions and accidents of transports).