Professional Qualification

To act in Urban Projovem is an only experience. Beyond the exercise of the practical professor, the program provided important paper in my formation, as much of the professional side how much for the formation human being, for the fact to live deeply and to share new experiences parallel bars to the prxis teaching. Being thus, a time engaged in the related project, we are conditional to develop our critical spirit and responsible, of form that, gradually they go if constructing values, as commitment and envolvement, to the time that in the aid to enxergar a reality that goes well more beyond the limits of the docncia, I mention myself here, to the personal formation and citizen of the individual, which is one of the detached main focos in the project. Of the more general point of view, the Program brings a sistmica boarding it ours to make education, a time that points significant reflections, to rethink education, the formation of the citizen (), the politician-pedagogical aspect, the education of some sciences and the society in change, new technologies (computer science), the Professional Qualification and the Participation Citizen. In this direction, Projovem made Urban me to have a vision of bigger world, for the fact to not only teach, but yes of being able to learn also the pupils together with, therefore to each day new experiences and new learnings in the daily one of the lessons, the debates, the worked texts, the lessons of P.O, the envolvement of the worked subjects, as it said the saudoso Pink Guimares that ' ' master is not only that one that teaches, but that suddenly aprende' '. Important that the pupils if had shown entirely, not only in its cognitivos knowledge, but they had been able to share its to know and you live deeply daily keeping a respect relation, from the differences, of the problems and the proper knowledge.