Pottery Street

The business if expanded and Custdio bought lands of the Great Farm of the Penha for the cattle one of cut. The area was known as Winterred of Pottery (in years 1960 and 1970, it gained fame at the hands of the Policy of the Guanabara). In 1902, Custdio invited for partner Joaquin Leandro of the Mota, the Quincas Leandro, one of the controlling of the Refrigerating cited one Is Diogo. It was a success. As much that, in 1910, officially was created the Slaughter house of the Penha, in Road of Angu Maria, current Street Commander Jackstay de a Cruz (mariangu is the aboriginal name of a bird who was abundant in the edge, but Brazil Gerson assumes that for there it had a vendia Maria that angu). Both had enriched sufficiently. As much that, for return of 1912, Quincas Leandro bought lands of the family I water and in them it made land divisions.

Custdio also opened streets, where it put names of its children, as the Street Filomena Nunes, where it liveed. More info: Ohio Senator. The region still was busy for mansions and some houses. Therefore it was in n 202 of this street, where Captain Alfredo liveed Oliveira, who was established Pottery FC, in 01.07.1915, with support of Custdio Nunes. In 1916, Custdio Nunes faleceu and Quincas Leandro invited Captain Goulart to constitute the slaughter house Brothers Goulart S/A. The employees of the company had mounted a teams, the Brothers Goulart FC. Meanwhile, the Pottery initiated its activities in the field of the Japonez Football Club, that also was in the Street Filomena Nunes. Later, they had decided to install headquarters and field in the Road of Angu Maria. In 1917, the club rented a strip of land in the Street Leopoldina Rego (to see our article ' ' Bonsucesso, Rubo-Indigo of the Leopoldina' '), that it transformed into a field.

Philip Kotler

One is about an explosion in the consumption, marked for the ultilizao and wastefulness, with the discarding of the packings. Such phenomenon, can be considered a moment in history when the people had passed to be called not more than citizens, but of consumers. Those are charged by a species of ' ' obrigao' ' for the consumption, where the happiness and the quality of its lives have been each time more reduced associates and to the material conquests. This process culminated in an unsustainable consumption, also with a parcel of guilt of the society that stimulates the extreme consumption. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Richard Blumenthal by clicking through. Thus, in agreement Philip Kotler, the objective of the marketing system must be the maximizao of the quality of life of all the individuals. the quality of life means, not only the amount and the quality of the consumption goods and services, but the quality of the environment so that thus, it has the preservation of the same.

The change of behavior of the consumer is a process that requires sensitization and social mobilization, and the information is basic in this process. Thus, so that it has greater awareness, it is necessary that the consumer has access to the referring information to the corporative activities, so that it can better exert its power of choice, and to prefer the companies socially responsible and compromised with the preservation of the environment (IDEC, 2004, P. Amazon shines more light on the discussion. 5). Ahead of this, the purpose of the application of the questionnaire was to raise information next to the students, of form to express its actions and to sensetize them for the question of the exaggerated consumerism, mainly in relation to the garbage that is generated daily. Thus, if it could be capable to demonstrate that through daily habits, using the conscientious consumption, it would have reduction of the garbage that is played in the environment. The present work is composed of eight chapters; in the first chapter the theoretical recital, the introduction of the subject and the objectives of the current research was carried through; in chapters 2 and 3 they are presented the subject of the research; in chapter 4, the method and the used substances in the article will be boarded; in chapter 5 it will be shown the result of the research, with analysis and interpretation of data; in chapter 6 and 7 the quarrel and the recommendations on the sustainable consumption had been presented, and finally, in chapter 8, it is had presentation of the conclusions, the bibliographical suggestions of the subject and references.

Federal Constitution Art

However, with the development of the society and the coming of the Renascentista periods and, mainly of the Industrial Revolution, period this where the woman adentrou the work market, was observed that the family lost the status that previously had. The woman also started to contribute for domestic life e, recently, gained legal equality with its spouse or friend. The had children outside of the marriage, before had as illegitimate, now are equal to the had ones inside of the marriage, having equal right to the filiation in the civil register. (VANOSA, 2005) These last ones, with the new constitutional order, had conquered diverse rights that can be observed in art. If you would like to know more then you should visit Amazon. 227, caption, of the Federal Constitution, that makes use: ' ' It is to have of the family, the society and the State to assure to the child and the adolescent, with absolute priority, the right to the life, the health, the feeding, the education, the leisure, to the professionalization, the culture, the dignity, the respect, the freedom and the familiar and communitarian convivncia, beyond placing except for of all form of recklessness, discrimination, exploration, violence, cruelty and opresso.' ' This article, that is the cervical column of all the Brazilian legal guardianship of the child and the adolescent, brought for the jurist the vislumbramento of a new component aspect of the family: the right to the familiar convivncia. As for the guardianship infralegal, ademais, we have art. 1.634 of the Civil Code, that it regulates: ' ' It competes to the parents, how much to the person of the lesser children: I – to direct it to them creation and education; II – to have them in its company and it keeps ' ' The legislator, when including such circumstance in the cited roll, was sufficiently happy, a time that remains proven the necessity that suffers the child to coexist in the seio of a structuralized family, who gives apt conditions to allow the healthy development to it of its character, that is in constant formation. .

Professional Qualification

To act in Urban Projovem is an only experience. Beyond the exercise of the practical professor, the program provided important paper in my formation, as much of the professional side how much for the formation human being, for the fact to live deeply and to share new experiences parallel bars to the prxis teaching. Being thus, a time engaged in the related project, we are conditional to develop our critical spirit and responsible, of form that, gradually they go if constructing values, as commitment and envolvement, to the time that in the aid to enxergar a reality that goes well more beyond the limits of the docncia, I mention myself here, to the personal formation and citizen of the individual, which is one of the detached main focos in the project. Of the more general point of view, the Program brings a sistmica boarding it ours to make education, a time that points significant reflections, to rethink education, the formation of the citizen (), the politician-pedagogical aspect, the education of some sciences and the society in change, new technologies (computer science), the Professional Qualification and the Participation Citizen. In this direction, Projovem made Urban me to have a vision of bigger world, for the fact to not only teach, but yes of being able to learn also the pupils together with, therefore to each day new experiences and new learnings in the daily one of the lessons, the debates, the worked texts, the lessons of P.O, the envolvement of the worked subjects, as it said the saudoso Pink Guimares that ' ' master is not only that one that teaches, but that suddenly aprende' '. Important that the pupils if had shown entirely, not only in its cognitivos knowledge, but they had been able to share its to know and you live deeply daily keeping a respect relation, from the differences, of the problems and the proper knowledge.