Employee Motivation

Employee Motivation. Understanding people. 2. Machinery sales and service standards clients. That art should be carefully and constantly train (sales manager), as sellers who do not pass training on sales, use their potential in the best case by 30% (so why waste 70% efficiency, or lost profits “). And those who were once, or occasionally – only 50%, as if training is not secure in the company of constant training, they are forgotten. 3. Leadership and administration. K These include: staff meetings on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. Plan and assist staff in achieving the plans (“Poking” and the motivation to exploits). Develop and maintain administrative standards, job descriptions and (rules) in the company. a reward system, organization of competitions, games for employees and customers. Performance analysis (statistics), sales staff and company whole. Very important tool to see – to whom to give the prize, someone to raise, who should be given one last chance to fix, and whom to send to the strengthening of the labor market.

Manage customer base through the creation of databases and files clients. Needed at least two bases: 1 – Patrons, or at least once bought something within the organization, and 2 – base of potential customers. 5. Management service for the whole company, building organizational structure and relationship between all departments of the company to implement the principle: no one in the company does not earn money if the client is dissatisfied. It has to do absolutely all staff, including accounting, warehouse and guards. Here, you will help develop a quality department, or at least one employee who will monitor the quality of customer service, receive feedback from them and be responsible for ensuring that the company immediately take the necessary steps to resolve the customers. Construct a system of sales management is easy, but it takes energy, time, finances and your patience to implement such a system. Speed construction depends on your approach: 1) You can do it yourself, train, and patience (sometimes it can take up to 2 years – if you have not built the system, and the best salesman in your company today – it’s you). 2) Seek professional consultants on administrative technologies that can help you build and implement the system much faster (it may take from 1 to 8 months depending on the size and activity company, part of this work can be done remotely). A good consultant can really help you to save you time, money, nerves and avoid many mistakes. You can contact us, and we recommend You the best consultants, the necessary training and literature.