Our politicians can see no longer benefited from the achievements of the red, Nadal or Alonso, present in many talks we maintain with our environment, with which we relax and evade for a few moments. Loot, with the sponsorship of Ferrari, conditional on the signing of Alonso, shows once more, who knows like no one read the reality of our country. Knows that the Spaniards fled from our daily lives penar seeking external satisfactions such as as we have been saying, the sporting triumphs of our nationals. And there was nothing that more rabies would give the lessons, which lack the opportunity to see Alonso on the podium by not being able to access the dream team. The businessman came to give us that satisfaction.

The idea of don Emilio and his lawyers did the rest. They negotiated, drafted the contract and signed in Maranello. Whereby, Alonso today performs real exhibitions mounted in his racing car, and the Windows of all the offices of the Bank advertises the multi-million dollar sponsorship. However, avoid trivia and talk about our real problems, will always be more positive. Crisis, collective redundancies, of rampant unemployment.

It means confronting them and develop attitudes of resistance and overcoming. Analyze committed faults and remedies to future possibilities. If we avoid paying attention to what really deserves it, abstracting us with leisure activities sterile, that we will achieve will only become entrenched negative factors and there is no way of removing them. We cannot allow our country to relive the experience of Argentina, former nation of dream, and today used to live in a continual crisis. Rafael Linares. Attorney labour law and mercantilist.