Dean Austral

He was collaborator of numerous publications such as El Progreso, Altozano, Agora, Republic and the echo of the people. On October 16, 1935 the Press Association organized the Juegos Florales de Albacete, which was awarded as a poet. At the end of the war embarks on the path of exile, moved to France and from there aboard the legendary Formosa, with a large group of Spanish exiles, came at the end of December, 1939, to Buenos Aires, from where he continued travel to Chile. His pass through the Atlantic left us this remembrance: A line of foam / the impassive Green / a yawn of smoke / in the boredom of the day. / And nothing more.

Desert was a Professor of literature at the University of Chile and the newly created University Austral of Chile. In 1956 he founded the Faculty of philosophy and education at the Austral University of Chile, which would appoint him Dean for life, and co-founded with Professor Guillermo Araya philological studies magazine. He was the author of the lyrics of the anthem of the Austral University of Chile: because achieving our ideal / of a large and happy Chile / the youth of this southern land / da your generous effort belonged to the group editor of Spain free, fortnightly newspaper published in Santiago of Chile, from February to December 1942, where he worked criticism of books. He was appointed member of the Academia Chilena de la Lengua. The next morning of the pinochetazo he suffered an acute myocardial infarction, to tell his wife that her son was one of the missing in one of the first raids pinochetistas. Later the son would be found in the extermination called Valparaiso. Between 1921 and 1922 Eleazar Huerta published his first poems in the newspaper El Progreso. In 1934 he published his Cancionero mozo.

His second collection of poems, book of Alo, dated 1939, was not published until 1992 by the Diputacion Provincial de Albacete. In Chile published, among his most important works, Poetica del Mio Cid (1948), book which he dedicated to his wife with this dedication: Merecerias thou, as Ximena, the gift of a Valencia, but I just can’t offer you this essay on the poem of our great Desterrrado, and with that same love approaching and brings us closer to the hero, outline of poetry (1966), epic investigations: the epic wonder and his revealingly in Homer’s Iliad and in the poem of the Cid (1968). Among his philological studies we quote: Cervantes, life and creation, basic fiction, say spoken genres and symbolism of the hand in Becquer. And as the banished poet said: spend against Spain / ahead of Denia / and its upright mountain / cloud was lost / homeland erased / goodbye, beautiful mine, / my heart you saved. Francisco Arias Solis where freedom, dwells there is my country. For peace and freedom and Forum free Internet portal.