Business Problems

And what is your own business? – Ask ignorant in Ternopil problem, people from other districts. Although such confident, a little, because for years about this waste did not hear that on Mars. Press, radio and television Only about it and talk. And what has been done to address the problem? Nothing. We tell stories that the garbage problem is acute throughout the country, maybe, but not uncontrolled. At least never heard of such outrages, as in regional center. Senator Richard Blumenthal has compatible beliefs. Each month, helpless ternopolchanam tell stories on tv about some sorting lines, the new site for the storage of garbage. But so what holds and what conclusion follows from this tragicomic story? It's very simple: to me, as an ordinary pensioner care what he thinks an official of any rank on a particular issue.

Power, we elected to it to solve these problems. Today, some nods to the other, but when there were elections, none of them are recommended to choose a head of another, and not myself, my family. All applicants, including current mayor Roman Zastavnyi, beat his chest and promised us that we will swim in the rivers of milk milk and honey. Do not see that 'prosperity'. Therefore, my advice to our powers that be this: do not know how to solve problems, to resign. In the position, be sure others will come, who, besides transporting themselves in luxury cars, will also take care of people. Another sincere advice (and I say this as a native sons): do not pop their squeaks to the camera, it does not do you honor. Understand that this is unethical, incorrect, especially in cases when your eloquent promises with deeds.

Florian Gottwald

Zieltraffic is a radical change of priorities in the new AdWords interface: also if the tool new ad groups create faster, creating campaigns in comparison to the campaign services in the background move now. The performance of individual keywords, for example, is more important than the Setup”, says Alexander of this, whose Agentur working among others for the post Bank. Could for example with the new at a glance ‘features all keywords seen, which yielded the best results. So, information from the accounts could be concentrated on essential content. Alexander of it welcomes also the new features for creating reports. Now, for example, placement reports without going through the reports Center could be created directly. Because here, too, loading times fell away, there are time savings of up to 95 percent of Zieltraffic AG”. Alexander Diesers conclusion about the new AdWords interface is therefore clearly: Beautiful, faster, better.” “Graphics download and use directly + Florian Gottwald will find great all information at a glance at iProspect in Hamburg the collection of all campaigns in tabs”.

All items (ad groups, keywords, networks and ads) can be controlled directly from a single location. You must no longer the area browsing”, the head of the Agency, which operates among other things for TUI and the chip-maker AMD tags marketing says of search. At iProspect and Xenion (member of the same group of Agency) it is pleased about the possibility to be able to download graphics of reports directly. The two Hamburg-based agencies include the graphics now directly via copy & paste in the reports for their clients, while you had to build them himself. “Gottwald: This saves a lot of time, we can instead use campaign management.” Thanks to graphical representations of key performance data of campaigns on the possibility, first page of the new AdWords interface display, see the Agency staff now at first glance, where one must be active”benefited customers, Gottwald said. “His equation: fast evaluate means faster tune.” And because the version that the agencies were allowed to test was a beta version, the agencies are being stretched, what still comes. “Florian Gottwald: Google has signaled to us that because in the pipeline is still promising.”

Manfred Ganser

19% VAT: July 8, 2009) RAIDdeluxe RDL-AS42S3, 2 x mini SAS x 4 host, 42 x WD RE4-GP drives (84TB total): 20.850,-euro RAIDdeluxe RDL-AS42F4, 2 x 4 Gbit/sec FC host, 42 x WD RE4-GP hard disks (84TB total): 21.580,-euro more info, press releases and pictures can see / press download. About Starline computer GmbH: Starline computer GmbH has over 26 years professional experience and increasing specialization in the storage back. Speaking candidly CIT Group Inc. told us the story. First one of the first is Starline of now leading provider in the RAID area. Starline offers complete virtualization and storage solutions such as SAN (storage area network), RAID subsystems, NAS, IP storage, tape libraries and Autoloaders, RAID controller, FC switches, backup software, HBAs, and more..

In June

“.” Jepaa-update Actuality on request about is owner now also enables the TEL domain immediately notify current changes to the content of his TEL domain search engine. “So far it’s so that the search engine immediately takes up only the new TEL domains in their daily work. Pre-recorded domains are then in the rhythm of 168 hours revisits, the current contents of evaluated and taken over the changes. This is of course a long period of time, currently the best compromise for both sides is for performance reasons. However, the demand shows that here is optimization necessary. For this reason, we have worked on a new idea and now published this as a beta test. See Jepaa update, each owner can specify its TEL domains that should be visited again in the next 24 hours.

This update function is already integrated in the project, which currently successfully completed its beta test and determined trial contrary to see the end of this.”says Heiko Henning. For the developers of the Search engine is clear already that this project can meet in the future the ever-growing interest in the TEL domain and also is. But this one wants to be resting on the level previously achieved. Others who may share this opinion include Chief Justice Roberts. The leadership is also currently due to lack of competition. Some development teams build already in your TEL-SearchEngine projects and want as quickly as possible to reduce the backlog on About Movetec GmbH, the Movetec GmbH is a small team of developers with lots of passion.

The Swiss company, offers services in the areas of hosting, Domainregistration, Web and software development and search engine optimization in the year 2000, founded. In 2006, Movetec made with the project, the world’s first country portal for mobile Internet, resurfaced. In April 2009 was the first pure.TEL search engine introduced. In June 2009 the online service followed suit. Press contact:

Free High Security Server Service

The safety transport & return package of Thomas-Krenn.AG underlines the special position of the German Server shipping House in service and support. Thomas-Krenn.AG stands for excellent service and support”, so Thomas Krenn. Also leaving a continuous improvement of service, safety and quality is necessary. The new return package optimises the RMA processing for customers in case of need. The shipping of products recently special packaging were developed for which the goods professionally against transport damage to protect. Server support with quality of service and support sets the Thomas Krenn.AG as a German Server specialist very great emphasis on safety and professionalism. This is especially important for HDDs because they respond extremely vulnerable to shocks. Technically cause vibrations that the read/write head inside the plan absolutely scratch disk surface or the fine mechanics at the plate may be damaged.

Both shortens the service life of hard drives. With the new Carrying case, specially developed for hard drive shipping, they are delivered in the future possible protected best against vibrations and shocks during transport. The hard drives are already installed in cages and numbered, so that customers put them only in the server must finish! “This special service is now available at all Thomas Krenn server under service and support” available. Of course all other costs for RMA processing included transport & return package at our safety, thus no additional costs incurred by the customer! For more information about service and support the Thomas-Krenn.AG, see: de/service-support.html the Thomas-Krenn.AG: the Thomas-Krenn.AG is the leading online-shop ( server, server solutions and quality hosting. The portfolio ranges from rack server, Silentserver to solutions for HA-clustering, virtualization, storage and system solutions. Knurr network cabinets, TFT drawers, and a wide range of network accessories complete the offer for the customers. As the only company in this industry, the individually configured servers can be delivered within 24 hours in Europe.

Russian People

We refer to a novel epopeyica. Extraordinary choral story, with characters entering and leaving of chilling a scene and a landscape. Characters who only survive in those circumstances, give good measure of his heroism. The battle of Stalingrad in particular, and the second world war in general, give rise to the narrative of the lives of people trapped in hell: on one side the German army and the nazis and another side of Stalin and communism. The extension of the novel and the large number of characters with Russian names, cause the need for an extra effort of concentration in history not to be missed, but at no time is lost intensity or emotion. The defense of a house in ruins in the middle of a completely razed Stalingrad; the maintenance of a powerhouse ruined by bombings; a birth in the basement of a bomb shelter in the middle of people wounded and dying; the political career of a fanatic catapulted and tossed by the same circumstance: the war; renunciation of the most basic principles for not to lose the position and the status acquired; the soldier and his mother, and death lurking among them everything, absolutely everything under the great ideological eye of communism, that everything it sees it and everything controlled, which makes stifling existence, adding background the fury of the bombings and the scarcity of the war. Needless to say that Grossman was one of the thousands of artists and thinkers who suffered relentless persecution of the Communist regime, than not satisfied with making them shut up, tried to erase all traces of their works. Miraculously, as shown on the flap of the book itself, we can enjoy the reading of a work of this magnitude narrative. Life and fate is another epic tale of the heroism of the Russian people.

Application Form

There is a service airlines surcharge Naturally, care for these children during the flight (but in each airline may have its own rules). This service is compulsory for children under 14 years old and for older children at will. But this is natural, everything is possible with the correct furnished documents (visa, permission from their parents, etc.), as the airline addresses the issue of who meets and accompanies the child. And a prerequisite flight must be straight, non-stop and even the arrival and departure not at night. Everything is resolved with the company for which purchase the ticket. Susan child from Ukraine 16 years unaccompanied by an adult will not be released.

Therefore it is necessary to communicate with the airline carrier. milyulya Thanks for the info. And on Visa will be affected (independent travel)? Or should a grandparent (who have a 5-year visa) to take the child to visit mother and aunt to bring then to Ukraine? In this case, the child filled in a separate Application Form and get a visa? Iconale As airlines – yes, such a service exists. Rebyatenka taken on arrival (for them separately, comes straight to the airport employee airline stewardess, or does it) is withdrawn at passport control. You have the same child at the invitation of flies? Power of Attorney for parental consent for child’s departure from the country also needed. milyulya child flies with a power of attorney to consent to the departure of both parents and with the visa in the travel document? I am interested in procedure for obtaining a visa for the child (15 years) is the same as for an adult? Iconale In general – yes.

Types of Houses in the Country

To help you select the most appropriate heating system, we propose the following classification of country houses and cottages: Type A – one-story house with a basement and without a steep roof; Type B – single-storey houses with flat roof to the basement or no basement; type B – two or more storied houses with a flat or a steep roof and a cellar. For houses of type A is recommended to use hot water heating systems only with vertical risers. Heating systems with horizontal can not be heated attic space with a steeply dipping roof. Hot-water heating system such homes with a basement or without desirable to perform two-pipe with a natural circulation from the top or bottom wiring. When installing the boiler in the basement of the chimney height must be at least 10 meters in houses without a basement boiler is installed on the first floor, and the system should only be wired from the top.

For Type B homes with a basement should be applied hot water heating system with horizontal. The boiler is preferably set in the basement. Due to the fact that the chimney height of these houses are less than 6 m, preferably as a fuel use gas or fuel oil. For homes without basements of type B is also recommended for hot water heating system with horizontal, set the pot is not recessed, and as a fuel it is desirable use of gas or liquid fuel. For the two-storey houses and a type B should be used two-pipe systems with water heating riser and the top or bottom wiring.

Ingenious Mexicano

As it is well known by all the Mexican differs uniquely from the bunch of strains, races and cultures, by the ingenuity and creativity that distinguishes them. The attitude of the entrepreneurial and creative spirit are almost innate, creativity in the Mexican is a dynamic activity that invites and encourages to create and improve the already created, the interesting thing about this is that innovation can be from simple to complex and analyzed more and simple. The Mexican of yesterday, today and tomorrow, is a Mexican without limits that not only conforms to innovate in science, but in the culture from the culinary arts to the artistic. Sometimes that wit that speaks it can develop and carry out in stages of life, at times and in moments, is what can lead us to a life filled with happiness, or but a special moment, and many times to get ahead and why not say, on exit. Others including Dov Hikind, offer their opinions as well. Moreover the humor is something characteristic that cannot be left aside, the partying and pachanguero character of the Mexican is accompanied by a without number of holidays taken throughout its history, but would have to do with innovation?, as well, since their dances and folklore until the accessories used to such festivities, make each subsequent year sophistication to Accessories and already used modes. However, despite having a latent creativity as the one mentioned, many need a momentum or encouragement that it motivates them, is therefore that in schools, enterprises and social organizations, seeks to provide this stimulus, either individually or as a whole. You might conclude the text follows: the Mexican grow to learn, learn, create and creates to innovate. Original author and source of the article..

Executive Board

PRIVATE FLEX Fund 1 – best PORTFOLIO Fund with focus on real estate were interview with Ralph Pawlik, Member of the Board of FLEX fund capital in a quantitative and qualitative procedures the best Fund and initiator of the Fund experts from INVESTMENT in the network of the time Warner group, which have created international comparison parameters, selected. Substantive standards were placed on – and particularly important – in order to avoid conflicts of interest, the analyses were not – like at all other ratings – paid by the initiators or commissioned. The Fund private Flex Fund 1 was best Portfolio Fund with a focus on real estate awards. Following read an interview with Ralph Pawlik, Member of the Executive Board of the FLEX fund capital Ltd. For even more analysis, hear from CIT Group Inc.. INVESTMENT: FLEX Fund is in the area of real estate investments for 20 years successfully on the market. Your sales figures have risen even more sharply since the financial crisis began. You and your investors must obviously not worry because of the financial crisis, or yet? Ralph Pawlik: The financial crisis and its To underestimate the duration would be very reckless.

The biggest impact may still facing the global economy. Many banks are still very restrictive in giving credit, which many companies are facing significant financial problems. In this situation, the conceptual benefits of the FLEX show Fund. It is while prospects that fifty percent of the investments from own resources be financed. It can be omitted entirely on the recording of foreign capital but also partially or in extreme cases. FLEX funds are therefore largely independent of the money and credit markets. INVESTMENT: How can this flexibility with regard to the financing structure of your funds? Ralph Pawlik: FLEX funds be legally seen closed-end funds, by the same investment way but open-ended funds. All investments are only made after presence of investment.