Catalan Autonomous Government

In November of 2009 it was named coordinating of the PPCV and since then it has been gaining weight in the party. Camps announces its resignation like president of the Valencian Catalan Autonomous Government. ‘ Grtel’ operation;: chronology of the investigation by presumed corruption. Alberto Fabra, present mayor of Castelln and coordinator of the Popular Party of the Valencian Comunitat, will be the next president of the Valencian Catalan Autonomous Government and the new leader of ‘ populares’ Valencian. Thus Wednesday proposed it east Francisco Camps, after his resignation to front of both positions, to Board of directors Regional, that approved by aclamation the option of Alberto Fabra, that does not have any familiar relation with Carlos Fabra, ex-president of the Delegation of Castelln.

The favorites at first were Rita Barber, mayoress of Valencia, and Paula Sanchez of Leon, vice-president of the Consell. Nevertheless, neither one nor the other will stand out to the resigned Camps. Barber, the leader of the Valencian PP with greater popularity, is 63 years old, against the 47 of Fabra, a leader with crossed major politician. On the other hand, Sanchez of Leon is a policy of the maximum confidence of Francisco Camps, which helped to be designated vice-president him, but also options have reduced him to be the successor now who Camps was in a situation of extreme political weakness. The Valencian Comunitat will have for the first time in the history of the democracy to a of Castellon de la Plana one to the front of the Catalan Autonomous Government.

Alberto Fabra (Castelln, 1964) is delegated autonomic from 2007 and councilman of the City council of Castelln from 1991, as well as mayor of this city from 2005. In November of 2009, with one of the crises of Grtel, it was named coordinating regional of the PPCV, which shot its options like possible successor of Francisco Camps. In fact, Alberto Fabra counted to its favor with the support of the Secretary General of the PP and president of the Meeting of Castilla-La Mancha, Maria Dolores de Cospedal, who before the repeated one refusal of Rita Barber – the option that initially prra Rajoy- to choose to stand out to Camps drilled the option of the mayor of Castelln. Solution of consensus Alberto Fabra can be considered a solution of consensus between different sensitivities from the PP of the Valencian Comunitat. Not in vain, she is a person who always has maintained loyalty towards Francisco Camps, who has been giving to him greater to be able internal. Also it counts on the support of the provincial direction of the PP of Castelln. Even, well it is seen by still the provincial president of the PP of Alicante, the zaplanista Joaquin Ripoll. Also a good option by Alfonso Rus is considered, provincial baron of the PP of Valencia, that despite always is prrido a president of the Catalan Autonomous Government of Valencia, or outside Rita Barber or Sanchez of Leon.