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Chris Christie affirms that the number could increase " tens millones". It announced that there will be no concrete estimations until Tuesday. The governor asked the citizens who do not leave their houses by the flood warning. 650,000 people have remained without electricity only in this state. A fireman has been hurt in the rescue work. The governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, has foretold that the economic losses of his state after the passage of the tropical storm ' Irene' they will be of " million or tens of millones" , according to it has declared in an interview with chain NBC.

In addition, Christie has announced that the evaluations of damages have begun east Sunday, but that will not be possible to make conclusive estimations until the next Tuesday, when they lower the floods brought about by the underflow of the rivers. On the contrary, the damages in the coast " they seem to be smaller of esperado" , according to Christie has confirmed. In New Jersey 650,000 people have stopped receiving electrical provision, confirmed the governor. More than 1.500 ctivos of the National Guard were unfolded in the zone, while the chain NBC informs into which the firemen are responding " decenas" of calls of warning in Queens by trees fallen and demolished electrical posts on the homes. " They do not leave his casas" Christie asked the citizens who " not salgan" of house by the flood warning after the passage of ' Irene'. " They do not leave its houses. Still he is not safe. We have floods in all the estado" , it affirmed in a press conference from its office. The office of the governor has rectified on the information that it gave this on a fireman to whom it occurred by dead during the rescue work, but that only are wounded. The unique deceased is a woman who was catched in her vehicle in a flood. Source of the news: The governor of New Jersey waits for losses of " millones" of dollars because of ' Irene'