African National Congress

But the CNA if keeps in protects and launches daily pay-conditions to negotiate the construction of this new South Africa, with an exception, must not have privileges of groups. In February of 1990 president F.W. of Klerk announces: the legalization of the African National Congress, the Communist Party, of the Congress Pan-American, the Joined Democratic Front, and other lesser groups but allies the great cause; the release of some prisoners politicians, amongst them Nelson Mandela, prisoner has 28 years, and plus some measures they had been made in relation to the laws of apartheid. Clearly that exactly these measures and sanctions to have been taken care of, many others where the CNA fought had not been, but has of if considering that this already is a great victory of the party. The Party Conservative (PC) of Andries Treurnicht (established in 1993) the Movement of Africnder Resistance if feels trados and threatened for the reforms of the government, these ask for resign of the president they threaten and it to use itself of the Armed Force to protect the white minority.

These negotiations with the government the CNA affirms its tactics to extend its objective to bring the power for the people, and would have to continue with them varies fronts of fights with the intention to isolate the regimen. For the CNA the transference of the power is essential for the reduction of the inaqualities and distribution of income and its main objective was an only South Africa without definition of ‘ ‘ color of pele’ ‘ democratic e, where the constitution after-apartheid, either fruit of an elect constitutional conventional for all. But the peace in the South Africa still will take some years, in June of 1993 was determined that they would have elections in April of 1994, where the great leader of the CNA Nelson Mandela arrives at the power, it extinguishes apartheid as regimen, but that unhappyly the ideology of the social segregation not country finishes in the mind of the white minority it, that permeia until the current days.