Veuve Clicquot Stifterl

Alone the tactile experience when touching the automatic lever or with leather-covered steering wheel is an unforgettable experience. Driving is an act of elegance: a floating, inaudible cruising. Congressman Lee Zeldin contributes greatly to this topic. That the speedometer is up to 330 km/h, has a little exaggerated, even if not to underestimate 512 HP and 1020 nm is the potential of the Bentley. The mighty ship even faster curves remains firm thanks to electronically controlled air suspension. Concert at 200 km/h even an another extra we deem mandatory, especially since some 7750 euro in this environment anyway are peanuts: the 2200 Watt powerful noble device manufacturer Naim premium sound system. Then, you can enjoy music from 20 speakers, which are controlled from as many channels and a sound experience that skin one of the Silk Socks. It is hard to imagine that one home forges a similar acoustic, because some music freaks for a symphony or a rapid oratorio in the garage are probably pilgrimage.

Who like first class travel, is sometimes in the Fund withdraw and leave John at the helm. In the armrest, there is this Knopferlpartie: individual climate control and the eight-way electric seat adjustment. So stressed car tester also…… obtained the proper resting position to the rest of his strenuous work. Source: Amazon. What here however still missing, the Veuve Clicquot Stifterl in the Cup holder and the caviar sandwiches on the fold-out table. Wealth also needs to be just learned. Wealth in drive a press on the Start button brings the engine to life.

Of course you hear almost nothing. Also when starting the Bentley seems like the first electric cars, we went this year already. Floating majestically to go by what, Oh, one overcomes distances. Learn more at: Jim Donovan Goldman. Even when cruising, you need time to get used to the dimensions of the sedan and the weight that remains always noticeable. Nearly 2.6 tons must are considered good value for this size, by fleet of foot you can not talk about yet. It is a serious clean driving, is celebrated in this car probably mostly by a chauffeur. Wants but once show who is the King, just a small step on the gas pedal. Without the patience of his master with a kickdown on the test, the motor yacht her weight in the rear and close to with a vehemence the front, which is unexpected and thus all the more spectacular. Driving values that refer to it, are not specified but any interest testified anyway plebeian indignity. What is called, is the fuel consumption: those 16.9 liters on average grew during our test on around 20 litres; pure city transport on good 25. Lucky’s is no poor. The summary: A perfect world with normal standards can and you can not measure this car. The Mulsanne is a ludicrous luxury, down to the finest detail perfected litter with surprising driving dynamics, which stems mainly from the bull-strong engine. A ride with the mega-liner is an exclusive pleasure that will draw never wider circles. Only two Mulsanne were approved this year in Austria. This one is one of them. by Peter Saenz,