Universal Law

Dear son, you know that the way that you have chosen to live makes you lose God. You know, that all that we choose a conduct prohibited by God, we are choosing to lose the sky. And lamentably we preferred the comfort of our body; to satisfy the needs and desires with our matter, without concerning those prohibitions to us, although later we lose everything. I return to you to remember as the way prohibits God that you have chosen: 1. " You will not lie down with man like with woman, is abominacin" (Lv 18:22). 2. " If some will be joined with man like with woman, abomination did; both have to be deads, on them will be his sangre" (Lv 20:13). 3.

" You do not know that the unjust ones will not inherit the kingdom of God? You are not mistaken; neither the fornicarios, nor the idolaters, nor the adulterers, nor the made effeminate ones, nor those that lie down with men (sodomitas), nor the thieves, nor the avaricious ones, nor the drunkards, nor the maldicientes, nor the swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of Dios" (1 Co 6:9 – 10). And this is definitive, a Universal Law, independent of the fact that you create, or no, that exists God. I also by a great period of my life denied his existence, and the one of the sky, and the one of all the eternal truths. He was atheistic, of the recalcitrant atheists; and I really say to you that it was with I cheeped in hell, or rather already with both feet. And if still it were in that time, it would say to you: That well son, lives your life, as it gives the desire you, that nobody puts with you, because I am to your side; and to anybody you must render accounts than you do with your sexuality ; because in that one time it had to me without well-taken care of the prohibitions of God to the homosexual relations. But now that, by the mercy of God, I have returned to its way and I am escaping of hell; I say to you with all humility, and much authority, by my own experience: that not to obey the Laws of God, that rather are wise councils, it brings serious consequences for our own destiny and the destiny of all the planet.