United States

That is, simultaneously the renewal of produced regional geography in the academic plan, also became enlarged a popular approach, with the diffusion of magazines, videos, sets of documents, sites, come back on way toward the tourism. For Haesbaert (1999) region is a concept that restricts its meaning, but that it deepens its clarifying power with necessary theories to understanding of the problematic ones as the social scales and phenomena that produce the diversity geographic of the world contemporary. The fight between a homogeneizadora face demonstrates the global processes implanted in the local scope and adapted it, at the same time where, the place if universalizou, in the measure where, if they spread out for the world definitive characteristic. Olmpio J. of Arroxelas Galvo (1998) presents justifications for the construction of new regional politics for the Brazilian growth, in the measure where the disparidades between the regions remain evidentes, generating harmful effect of order politics, social and institucional.

It is of great relevance its punctuation on developed regions, in the direction to look alternatives that they less stipulate measured for the favored regions, explicitando in percentages of demand for capital stock, as well as in the possibility of national integration, that point with respect to one? relocalizao? e? reordenamento? of the territory to correct the acute unevennesses that represent one impediment for the growth. In this bulge, Galvo (1998) pointed a trend of increase of the regional disparidades in the present time and an approach enters the average incomes of the states poor and of richest. On this aspect, it quotation that in the United States beyond the forces of the market, has a reduction of the differences with the effective participation of the government, assuming the paper and the accomplishment of the agrarian reform, the incentive agriculture, the advanced technology, the labor law and social, the investments in education and the eradication of the racial segregation. .